Sunday, February 17, 2013

That there be Troggy Country!

    How are ye landlubbers doin this fine day, eh? Tonight we will be continuing on our adventures! Last time we left off, we helped the Monquistans stationed at the Gold Mine! We are now headed into "Troggy Country" as one of the soldiers called it! We shall meet those devilish frogs again, seems they are not just on Skull Island. Woot!
    We are looking for a Monquistan named "Criado". He knows the way to Gortez and the "Golden Monkey". After beating up some of the wild frogs, we make our way to the Campsite the Monquistans were stationed at here. It was... err.. ransacked from the troggies! Bonnie finds a rock carved with a message on it!

    After searching the village, we head inside the nearby cavern and find a bunch of Monquistans inside! They are hiding from all of the poisonous troggies.
    This is the group of Monquistans that were sent to find Gortez and bring him back home! Sadly, they never made it to Gortez...There is a swarm of deadly bee's blocking the way to the Valley where he is located. There are a bunch of side quests here, if you would like to pick them up. Basically Ramos tells us a little about Gortez and then tells us that Criado was taken by the Troggies. We head back outside and defeat some of them to see if we can find Criado anywhere.
    Once we defeat some Troggies we level up and head back to Skull Island to learn 2 new spells from Vadima. Shadow Step - One of my favorite Witchdoctor spells! It allows your pirate to teleport to any square on the battle board! This is great for puzzles and other objective battles as well as getting away from enemies etc. Widows Touch slows the target down for 5 turns!
    What will be inside the cave? Will we find Criado? Find out!

Until next time Pirates! See you in the skyways!

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