Thursday, March 28, 2013

Congratulations Pirate101!

Pirate101 has reached 20,000 Likes on their Facebook page!
As a special thanks to all of the fans, they are giving everyone who redeems this code a free Bottle of Yum housing item! Go "Like" the facebook page if  you haven't already here
Click the picture below to redeem your free Yum bottle before tomorrow night at midnight!
Pirate101 has released the Monquista Wallpaper! It will be added to soon for you to download at the size you want! But for now here is the sneak peek! I personally cannot wait for the Valencia one! =)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eggberts Magical Egg Raffle!

    Eggbert has arrived at Pirates of the Spiral! He has brought some magical eggs with him! Would you like to try your luck for one? Then go on ahead and enter the Rafflecopter! Each egg contains a random Spring Pet plus 5,000 crowns! Wow! A big thanks to One-Eyed Jack and Kingsisle for letting us give some away!
-If you win an egg (code), make sure you use it before the end of April or it will go bad! ;)
-One code can be redeemed per account.
-If you win a code from another fansite, these will not work on your account, but if you win one you can use it on another account, or give it to one of your friends! Eggbert and I wish you all good luck!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm: Open!

    Today Pirate101 has opened the Test Realm! This time around, you get to test out the new "Stitching" Option! Just like in Wizard101, Eloise Merryweather has traveled to Skull Island to stitch our pirates gear and weapons!
Please heed these important things to note about this process:
  • Both items will be removed from your backpack and replaced with the new item that will be created with the Appearance and colors of one piece, and the Stats and name of the other, as you specified.
  • The name of the item will be transferred from the Stats item, along with the bonuses.
  • The bonuses of the appearance item will completely disappear, and be overwritten by the bonuses of the stats item.
  • Once the transaction is complete, and you've purchased the item, it cannot be undone!
  • This process costs Crowns.
  • Unlike Wizard101, Eloise does not carry standard clothing patterns in her inventory.
  • Although Eloise is good at what she does, she will not stitch weapons of conflicting types to each other, e.g., you can't stitch a crossbow to a two-handed sword, but shooty weapons will stitch just fine to other shooty weapons.
  • There will be an in-game tool tip for using Stitching; however, it will be a “silent” tool tip until we can add voiceover at a later time.
To learn more about the Test Realm, check out the main site here
- This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership.
- This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.
- This Test Realm is NOT available to Free to Play Players.
If you meet these qualifications, log into the website and look for the Sneak Peek flag under the "My Account" Icon.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lenny's leaving!

    I hope all ye had a wonderful St. Pattys day! It is time me and my minions leave Pirates of the Spiral and go back to Avalon. I just wanted to thank all ye that helped me find the coins that rascle Johnny hid. I am leaving some gold and elixers for him to give away, there are a few left. Below are 2 entries that had me in them! =) Check em out! I'll hopefully se ye all again soon. It was fun taking over the site! ;) Now everyone knows not to mess with Lenny t' Leprechaun! Or else!
See ya filthy thieves later!

    Hey all! Here are the 2 entries Lenny wanted me to show you all. They were all really creative! We wanted to thank you all for entering. The codes were sent out yesterday on St Pattys Day! There are a few left over codes, I will continue to do some Trivia on Twitter. I hope you all had a great St Pattys Day yesterday!

Lenny the Leprechaun~ by Tabitha Darksword
    Pat O'Gold grabbed her things and headed toward the rainbow that would take her to the spiral.
It was that time of year again for her to go to Wizard City and set up her wares at the fountain
As she walked along the multicolored bow her mind drifted back to yesterday evening. While she was packing she heard a noise at her door.
She turned to look and saw someone had slipped a note under it. She walked over and picked it looked official it had the Wizard City crest on the front.
She opened it and began to read...

Dear Pat,

     It seems there is a leprechaun named Lenny that is running
ramped in the rainbow spiral, looking for pots of gold from the rainbow spirals.
We must stop him!. As you are heading to Wizard City
please keep a look out for him. If you see him try to follow him and find
out where he is hiding it. It will be the end of all the
rainbows if we don't stop him. The gold is what gives
the rainbows all the pretty colors.Please help!

Merle Ambrose
    "This is not good" she said out loud to no one but her self. And then and there she decided
she would keep a watchful eye out for this Lenny,and if she saw him she would find out just
what he was up to. A noise up ahead jerked her back to reality. She was almost to Wizard City.
She could see all the wizards laughing and talking waiting patiently for her to arrive at the fountain.
As she stepped off the rainbow into the shopping district she was almost ran over by a flying dragon.
"Boy that was close" she said as she hurried to her spot.
She quickly set her table up and set everything out for all the wizards to see. She could tell by the crowd this was going
to be a very long day. She stayed busy all day answering questions about this wand and that one. She was so glad she had brought her cage for the leprechaun pets this year, They just couldn't be still.Later as the day came to a close the sun was going down and all the wizards were heading back to their dorms and homes,laughing and talking about the wands they got, and how cute the leprechaun pets were.
    While she was packing up her stuff she thought to her self how glad she was she had purchased
one of the cottages. Going back over the rainbow was a long journey, to have to turn around and come back again.
As she picked up her bags and headed toward her cottage out of the corner of her eye she saw something move.
She turned in that direction but as she peered into the darkness she didn't see anything but pitch black.
So she hurried on her way. it would be good to get home and light a fire and unwind from the busy day.
    As she arrived home she was glad to see she had left the light on. She hated stumbling around in the dark looking for her key.
She set her things at the door and hurried to start a fire and some tea and biscuits.
It had been a long day and she was tired and hungry.She put the kettle on for tea, and while the biscuits were baking, she put the wands away and took the leprechaun pets out to the barn and fed them.. Then she locked the door and headed back inside. As the warmth from the fire filled the cottage, she sat down in her chair and poured her self a cup of tea and took a sip.
Just as she was taking a bite of a biscuit she heard a noise coming from outside. "what was that?" she thought. She went to her window and peered outside. There in her yard was a leprechaun. "Oh my" she said one of the pets has gotten loose.
She quickly ran to her door grabbing the cage as she went. Once outside she could see the little leprechaun dancing and jumping
all around the yard. She opened the cage then reached in her pocket.
Everyone knew the only way to catch a leprechaun is with gold, and she kept a gold piece in her pocket just for that occasion.
She set the gold piece inside the cage and stepped back into the dark to wait for the leprechaun to go inside.
then she would run up and shut the door and lock it.
    The leprechaun danced and jumped all around and then stopped. It had seen the gold and was
walking over for a closer look. Just as it went inside the cage and bent and reached for the gold coin
Pat ran up slammed the door and yelled "GOTCHA!" She took the cage inside sat it by the door and went to
finish her tea and biscuits before she took it back to the barn. She had just sat back down in her chair when she heard a voice say...
"Let me go and I will give you 3 wishes." She almost dropped her teacup.She set her cup down and turned to look around the room expecting to see someone standing there.
But instead, all she saw was the leprechaun she had caught in the cage looking at her.
"Pets don't talk" she said to her self. She got up and walked to her tiny kitchen and looked around, but no one was there.
She noticed the door to a room off the kitchen was slightly ajar. As she walked closer something caught her eye.
Laying just inside the door on the floor was something gold and shiny. She pushed the door open and reached for the light.
As the light filled the room she couldn't believe her eyes. There inside were pots and pots of gold.
"How did this get in here" she said out loud. a voice from the living room said "IT'S MINE!"

    She ran to the cage and peered inside. The little leprechaun was standing there hands on his hips and a angry look on his face.
"Your not one of my pets" she said. No I'm not! the leprechaun said. " who are you?" she asked.
"My name is Lenny and that is my gold, now let me out of here and I will be on my way!" Pat looked at Lenny and asked,
"Why are there pots of gold in my room?" "I put them there" Lenny said with a smirk. "I knew you only came once a year, so i stored it there."
"I wasn't expecting you to arrive so early, So when I saw you in the shopping district I knew I needed to get it out before you got home,but you beat me here."

    Pat knew what she had to do. she picked up the cage and headed to headmaster Ambrose house in Wizard City.
Ambrose raised his head from the book he was reading as Pat entered the room.
"Well hello young wizard" Ambrose said as he rose from behind his desk. "what brings you out this time of night?"
I caught Lenny in my pet cage" she beamed as she raised the cage for Ambrose to get a better look. "so you did" Ambrose said.
"Good job young wizard". She then proceeded to tell Ambrose she had found all the gold, and would bring it to his house in the morning. " You have done the spiral a great service" said Ambrose. The rainbow spiral has been saved!

Tabitha Darksword
Lenny the Leprechaun~ By Leesha Moone

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ye took me gold eh?!

I'm finally here ye filthy thieves!
    Ye all should be scared of Lenny t' Leprechaun! Me army of Leprechauns have been taking over this site for the past few days, while I was attending to some business in Avalon. I want me gold back and I want it back now! No eh? Well lets make a deal then pirate? yes? I will trade ye real pirate gold and magical elixers that will make ye richer than ever before, but only if you help me find me leprechaun gold! Ah I knew ye be interested! Look below to see how we can work this out.
Find Me Gold!
So ye want to trade for some real pirate gold and magical potions? I'm not just gonna hand it over ha! You need to find me my gold this hooligan Johnny has hidden! They have me name on it! When I sense that he has hidden one, I will be sure to tell all ye through Twitter and on here. (A total of 10 coins will be hidden during different times)
Story Time!
- Hey all its Johnny here, Stuffed Lenny into a bottle, but who knows how long I have before he comes back! ;) If you would like to earn a piece of Lenny's gold to trade with him for some Pirate gold and his magical elixer, you have to either share a story OR draw a picture to show Pat o' Gold!
 If you choose to write a story, you must include the following words
 - Gold, Leprechaun, Rainbow, Pat o' Gold. If you decide to draw a picture instead, it must have the following things in it - Gold, Rainbow, Leprechaun!
Once you are finished with your entry, please send it to - (Please get your parents permission before you send if you are under the age of 13!) Thanks! [There will be 10 winners - 5 stories, and 5 drawings!] Deadline is Thursday March 14th.
Oh no Lenny got out of the trap, Ill see you pirates later! "Kan Po attack!"
    Ah! I'm back ye landlubbers, that hooligan Johnny trapped me in a bottle! So he told you he would give you me gold back if you tell that lass Pat o' Gold a story or draw a picture for her? Well get to it!! I'll be here waiting! No one crosses Lenny the Leprechaun and gets away with it! Muahahah!
(A big thanks to Friendly Necro for letting us host this contest!)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Lenny the Leprechaun

    You fiends took me gold! I'm in me homeland of Avalon but I will be there soon enough! Me henchmen have already arrived at Pirates of the Spiral, and we are taking over the site! What will we do? Well that is top secret! No one takes the gold of Lenny the leprechaun and gets away with it! See you soon landlubbers!