Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ye took me gold eh?!

I'm finally here ye filthy thieves!
    Ye all should be scared of Lenny t' Leprechaun! Me army of Leprechauns have been taking over this site for the past few days, while I was attending to some business in Avalon. I want me gold back and I want it back now! No eh? Well lets make a deal then pirate? yes? I will trade ye real pirate gold and magical elixers that will make ye richer than ever before, but only if you help me find me leprechaun gold! Ah I knew ye be interested! Look below to see how we can work this out.
Find Me Gold!
So ye want to trade for some real pirate gold and magical potions? I'm not just gonna hand it over ha! You need to find me my gold this hooligan Johnny has hidden! They have me name on it! When I sense that he has hidden one, I will be sure to tell all ye through Twitter and on here. (A total of 10 coins will be hidden during different times)
Story Time!
- Hey all its Johnny here, Stuffed Lenny into a bottle, but who knows how long I have before he comes back! ;) If you would like to earn a piece of Lenny's gold to trade with him for some Pirate gold and his magical elixer, you have to either share a story OR draw a picture to show Pat o' Gold!
 If you choose to write a story, you must include the following words
 - Gold, Leprechaun, Rainbow, Pat o' Gold. If you decide to draw a picture instead, it must have the following things in it - Gold, Rainbow, Leprechaun!
Once you are finished with your entry, please send it to - (Please get your parents permission before you send if you are under the age of 13!) Thanks! [There will be 10 winners - 5 stories, and 5 drawings!] Deadline is Thursday March 14th.
Oh no Lenny got out of the trap, Ill see you pirates later! "Kan Po attack!"
    Ah! I'm back ye landlubbers, that hooligan Johnny trapped me in a bottle! So he told you he would give you me gold back if you tell that lass Pat o' Gold a story or draw a picture for her? Well get to it!! I'll be here waiting! No one crosses Lenny the Leprechaun and gets away with it! Muahahah!
(A big thanks to Friendly Necro for letting us host this contest!)

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  1. How exciting :D What exactly are the prizes if I may ask? o: