Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm!

    Its a fine day today pirates! Pirate101 had opened up Test Realm and posted the update notes! After a few minutes, Kingsisle had to take it back down for maintenance for some bugs that were not allowing people to progress to the new questline. Others also had problems entering the new Auction House. This post is just to show you all what is to be expected in this Test Realm and possible Live realm when we finish testing it! Cheers!
  • -All characters who have finished "The Great and Powerful Turtle" in Mooshu will need to visit Captain Avery in his office to continue their journey!
  • -Players will now get to level their pirates to level 65 (char and NXP) with this content update! Wow!
  • -Make sure to go visit your Class Trainer before heading off on your new adventures! They will have a variety of new talents you can learn when you level up!
  • -Tons of new gear and weapons are available as drops in both of the new worlds! The Gold cap has been increased to 200,000 gold! Woot!
  • Tons of new Companions are waiting to join your crew pirates!
  • Many of your Old Companions will have new powers and talents!
  • Some Companions can even be promoted!
  • Prepare yourself to battle with and against a host of new faces: Kurghas, Grenadiers, Anarchists, War Golems, Vultures, Manticores, Ophidians, Eagle Centurions, Ettins, Trolls, Sirens, Minotaurs, Krakens, Crokagators, and Gorgons await you!
  • Zeke is back with new exploration quests!
    Make sure you check out the new Bazaar that opened up in Skull Island!
Harvey Deuce is the keeper and will let you sell loot and buy loot! Like they say, one man's garbage may be another mans treasure! He resembles One-eyed Jack, hmm is he playing another trick on us trying to roll in the loot? ;)
    Tired of sailing back and forth between worlds and stormgates? Problem solved! Visit one of the Bey family members in each world and they will have an ancient Krokotopian Portal that will take you to any world that you have visited before by ship! Subscribers to Pirate101 will only have to pay Gold to use them. Others will have to use a small amount of crowns to use the transportation device!
New Class Trainer Powers! 
  •     Look at all of those amazing new talents and powers! Wow! Some of them are total game changers in Pvp! The Witchdoctors can learn a new talent called "Purge Magic" which allows them to remove ALL buffs off a target!
  •     Buccaneers "Reckless Frenzy" allows them to keep attacking until they miss! The catch is that they will lose -5% per swing! Life or death kinda thing I guess! Go out strong!
  •     Swashbucklers get a new "Black Fog" talent which hides them and lets them attack even stronger when revealing themselves!
  •     Musketeers can learn the "Power Monkeys Palaside" which allows them to place a powder keg on an empty battleboard space. Wonder what happens when they shoot it? ;)
    If you would like to read ALL of the update notes in Depth, please go check them out on the Main site here. I just want to give one last shout out to Kingsisle and Pirate101! This update is epic! We want to thank you for all of the hard work you guys and gals put into the game and the community!

New Aquila Concepts!

MMORPG Exclusive Pirate101 News!

    Today MMORPG has released the Full article about the new expansions in Pirate101! Below you can read what is in store for each new chapter! Happy reading!
Book 13: The Dogs of War (Marleybone)
The pirate's quest for the pieces of the Map to El Dorado takes them to Marleybone, where they must track down their old friend Catbeard. Wizard101 players adventured on the streets and rooftops of Marleybone’s capital city, but in Pirate101 we open up a whole new realm of adventure! Pirates take to the midnight skies of Westminster Skyway, where they find a war zone and come face to face with the consequences of their former actions. Marleybone is at war with the evil Clockwork Armada - a war your Pirate started, and a war Marleybone is losing! To get the next piece of the Map, player Pirates must join the Royal Navy and help turn the tide of the war. Their quest will take Pirates to the Isle of Dogs, a bustling hub of industry and shipbuilding with a criminal underworld lurking in the sewers beneath; the isle of Fetch, a vacation resort now abandoned and waiting for the imminent Armada invasion, and Beachhead, an armored battle station with enough firepower to destroy every city in Marleybone. Along the way they'll meet a rich cast of characters including Admiral Nelson, Ebenezer Scrooge, a spy named Smiley, and a special guest star from Wizard101. A host of dire enemies also wait for them: Cat criminal mastermind Captain Swing, the dreaded anarchist Guy Fox, and not one but two elite clockworks - the mysterious Bishop and Rooke, Supreme General of the Armada!
New Companions, new enemies, new equipment, and new promotion quests for Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard await. The level cap rises, giving Pirates access to new epic talents and powers. Come ready for battle, and beware - this is not your Wizard's Marleybone!
Book 14: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cyclops (Aquila)
After the dark skies of Marleybone, the Pirate journeys to the sunny skies of the Achean Way, in the ancient realm of Aquila. Based around Classical Mythology, Aquila is a realm of legendary heroes, terrible monsters, and truly epic quests. To find Argos the Cyclops, keeper of the next piece of the Map to El Dorado, the Pirate must first help the Imperial Eagles win the Trojan War against the evil Snakes if Illios, rescue the hero Theseus, and follow Ulysses home on his odyssey. This is the longest single Book yet created for Pirate101, and it is truly epic. Pirates will fight beside legendary heroes like Eagilles, Hawkules, and Zeena, queen of the Amazons.  Guided by mysterious prophecies from the Oracle of Delphos and the Immortals of Olympus, Pirates will journey to many exotic locations, including the streets of Troy, the Isle of the Sirens, ruined Knossos, and the shining city of Nova Aquila, center of the glorious Eagle Empire. New monsters stand in their way, including Manticores, Ettins, Centaurs, Cyclopses, and some of the toughest bosses Pirate101 has ever seen: Talos the Colossus, Medusa the Gorgon, the invincible Minotaur, the Hydra, and Scylla and Charybdis!
As with Marleybone, this new Book raises the level cap even higher, to level 65. Tame a Pegasus mount, win the Golden Egg in battle, promote the members of the Magnificent Seven, win fabulous treasures, brave the depths of the Labyrinth, and win the favor of Athena and Ares. This is Pirate101 at its most fantastic, full of mythic adventure and humor.

Woot! So exciting! Cant wait! Please open Test Realm KI!!!
You can read the entire article on MMORPG here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Adventures ahead!

    Word has gotten around Skull Island that pictures of Marleybone and Aquila have been spotted on MMORPG! The exact quote from the site is the following;
Adventures await you in the highly anticipated Books 13 and 14 of Pirate101! With the introduction of both the war-torn skyway of Marleybone and the legendary beauty and danger found throughout Aquila, high-level Pirates can now continue their journey against the evil Armada! This is the largest expansion to date for this family online game by KingsIsle Entertainment where young Pirates rebel against the evil Armada who are bent on destroying the Spiral. These worlds and much more are coming to the Members Only Test Realm, and will available to the Live Game soon.
    Check out some of the Cool Concept Art and screenshots of Marleybone and Aquila in Pirate101!
See you guys in the test skyways soon!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pirate101 Load Screens

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Sunday afternoon? I am guessing you are all excited about the new pictures that were released last week and are refreshing test realm hundreds of times hoping it will let you log in? Yes I thought so. =D
    Nikolaus Overdiek is a Concept Artist over at Kingsisle and has created tons of artwork for both Wizard101 and Pirate101! He released some of the other loading screens that weren't used in the game on his Blog! When you get the time, go check out his work here, its brilliant! There are a bunch of other cool things on their from Azteca, to Avalon, and much much more. Love the graphics on them so much. Epic job!
Leave him a comment!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Both Puzzles Complete!

Aquila Predictions

    Yesterday all the Pirates in the Spiral were getting excited about the new Images we saw yesterday! In todays Post I will show you all the Pirates of the Spiral Mystery Piece, and then make some predictions about the world of Aquila. I hope you all enjoy, and remember new adventures are upon us! Get your pistols and swords at the ready!
*Pirates of the Spiral Mystery Puzzle Piece #2*
 ~Aquila is the Latin and Romance word for Eagle
~ Aquila looks like its based off Greek/Roman structures. (Arches, Colloseums)
~ Quests/Storyline based off of The Odyssey, Greek Gods?
~ Hercules must make an apparence? Of course with an eagle like name? Hawkules! Lol
~ Hydra?
~ Eagle Eggs?
~ Temples?
~  Rosetta Stone?
~ Cyclops, Minotaurs, Medusa?
~ Scylla and Charybdis sea monsters?
~ Sparta? Spartan soldiers?
~ Orion?
~  Ithaca area? Home of odysseus.
Soo many possibilities! I'm curious to see if any of my predictions above will be in Aquila! Do you guys have some ideas too? Post them in the comments below! See ya soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mystery Puzzle Piece #1

Mystery Puzzle Pieces Surfacing!   
    Yarr! Strange pieces of a puzzle have begun to surface on Pirate101 official fansites! These two pieces will get you started on your journey (From Pirate101*). Over the next couple of days you'll want to visit all of our official fansites as together they will reveal all the pieces of this mystery. What awaits our faithful crew of fans?!

*Pirates of the Spiral Mystery Puzzle Piece #1*
Check back tomorrow for another puzzle piece! Goodluck solving the mystery! Where do you think this place is? Leave your guess in the comments! To find other pieces, check this list of official fansites! Fansites

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lucy Sterling Promotion #1

Promotion Time for Lucy Sterling!
    At level 15, she calls you to the Tavern to promote! She is the crown counterpart for Sarah Steel who only joins your pirate if you are a Swashbuckler. Since I loved Sarah so much on my Swashbuckler pirate, I bought Lucy for my Witchdoctor. For her first upgrade we get a new ability and get to pick out of a pool of epics she can learn from! Find out what my Witchdoctor picks for her abilities!
Stay tuned for more promotions and storys on our Pirate101 adventure!
Thanks for following us on our travels!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gortez the Golden Monkey!

    How is everyone today? I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday! The last time we left off on our witchdoctor adventure, we explored a cave that had Criado's footprints leading into it. It turned out that a troggy shaman and its minions wanted Criado as dinner and had him roasting above fire. We saved him and defeated Eep eep oh ark. :)
    After saving him, he tells us how to get past the swarming bee's blocking our way to find Gortez! After collecting the special ingrediants from the flowers around the camp we put it on us so the bee's will not come near us. We make it further into the forest and we meet a groovy frog. haha
    After meeting Hopper, we explore the temple ruins that the armada are searching for treasure. We meet an admiral inside and battle him. After a couple of hoodoo spells, he is toast and we explore the other end of the area with Hopper. We find 2 monkeys standing ground near a wooden gate. They wonder if you have what it takes to see Gortez, once you go back into the ruins and do what they ask, they will allow you to pass through the gate! What mysteries and adventures await inside...?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special 101 Sale!

101 Sale on the 101st Day of the Year!
To celebrate the 101st day of the year, we have a special one day only
sale on 5 mystery Crown Shop items.
We have reduced the price of 5 items in the Crown Shop to just 101 Crowns -
but you have to find out which items they are! Gear? Housing items? Head to the Crown Shop to find out which 5 items we discounted to only 101 Crowns!

To Celebrate, We're Giving Away
a FREE Gift!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pirate101 Housing

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Sunday? Today I took the time to finish up my dorm room in Pirate101! The theme I tried to create was a Pirate hideout.
    To the right of the door from avery's court is a table where we can have a nice mug of Yum while planning our next adventure or attack on another ship. Next to the chest bank, we have our ships anchor and a jawbone of a giant baracuda mounted on the wall. To the left of the entrance is a bunch of boxes containing extra weapons, gunpowder, cannonballs, and more.
    Towards the side window, we have a Skull themed double seat couch, with a huge footrest where we can just lay back and relax while we aren't out adventuring. Next to the couch is our telescope we use to see any incoming enemy ships heading towards skull island. To the corner of the room is a magical artifact. This revolving globe is based off of Skull Island at any current time. It shows all of the Pirates roaming around and where the class teachers are etc. Great for finding enemies and theives!
    On the south wall, there is an ice hydra head and the storm hydra head mounted. We are searching for a fire hydra head to complete our collection. In the middle of the room is my desk where me and my companions plan out or meet for discussions. Next to my desk, is our piles of gold and chests we have collected during our adventures. Finally on the east side of the room is the 4 bunkbeds! Me and my crew need some rest to when we aren't out sailing! Yes I know a pretty basic room, but once I get out and collect more items, I promise to make a more epic pirate lair! ;) Myrella Windspar in her pirate oufit approves!
See you in the Spiral Pirates!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Newsletter and more!

    How are all ye doing? I hope all of you remembered to get your free jug of yum furniture item! Pirate101 has released its new April Newsletter today! It starts off with a new Rogue's Gallery Video! This time they share more information about Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry! Check out those cool exclusive wallpaper shots at the end!
    Sweet huh? I would love to see more of the download screens that we haven't seen before. They look epic!
    For April Phules day, Pirate101 and Wizard101 both released a new Mount! The Slowpoke Sloth is only 1,750 crowns and gives a never seen before speed! (-40 %) LOL! When you ride this thing it feels like your wiz/pirate is in slow motion! Very clever idea! 
Free Rental Mount and 2,500 crowns!
Pirate101 has teamed up with WarCry and gave them tons of codes to give away for a free rental lonely buffaloon mount and 2,500 crowns! A few people who are lucky enough will get a permanent mount instead of a rental! All you have to do to get a code is register to warcry, verify your warcry account through the email they send you, then go back to this page and redeem your code! Goodluck!
Make sure you check out the rest of the April newsletter on the main site!
Until next time pirates!