Friday, April 26, 2013

Aquila Predictions

    Yesterday all the Pirates in the Spiral were getting excited about the new Images we saw yesterday! In todays Post I will show you all the Pirates of the Spiral Mystery Piece, and then make some predictions about the world of Aquila. I hope you all enjoy, and remember new adventures are upon us! Get your pistols and swords at the ready!
*Pirates of the Spiral Mystery Puzzle Piece #2*
 ~Aquila is the Latin and Romance word for Eagle
~ Aquila looks like its based off Greek/Roman structures. (Arches, Colloseums)
~ Quests/Storyline based off of The Odyssey, Greek Gods?
~ Hercules must make an apparence? Of course with an eagle like name? Hawkules! Lol
~ Hydra?
~ Eagle Eggs?
~ Temples?
~  Rosetta Stone?
~ Cyclops, Minotaurs, Medusa?
~ Scylla and Charybdis sea monsters?
~ Sparta? Spartan soldiers?
~ Orion?
~  Ithaca area? Home of odysseus.
Soo many possibilities! I'm curious to see if any of my predictions above will be in Aquila! Do you guys have some ideas too? Post them in the comments below! See ya soon!


  1. I'm seeing more of the Roman and less of the Greek, judging by the architecture. So, Roman emperor, legions of soldiers, we might have to fight in a gladiatior battle. Maybe we'll help overthrow a band of rebellious Gauls, or journey into the underworld. Of course, they'll probably throw in plenty of Greek mythology stuff too because it's so much more interesting.

  2. you see those two statues of the eagles in the completed puzzle? i think those represent Romulus and Remus, the bros who founded Rome. maybe eagulus and hawkemus will be their names for the Aquila version.