Saturday, May 25, 2013

Universal Banks!

    While playing Pirate101 today, I thought of something really cool and wanted to share it with you all. As Wizards and Pirates, we have our regular banks, and shared banks (were we can transfer stuff from our other wizards/pirates.) But Imagine if we had Universal Banks - Where we could transfer certain items/mounts from our Wizards on W101 to our Pirates on P101 and vice versa? 

    For example, take the new Pennyfarthing Bike Mount that Pirate101 has just released alongside the Hammerhead Shark Mount. Lets say your Pirate had purchased one and then you decided that you wanted your wizard to take if for a ride. You could just put it in your universal bank and boom your Wizard would get to use it.
*Note - This would be very cool for housing items and mounts, Im not so sure on how clothing and pets would be transferable since the systems for both games are different in those areas. What do you think? Do you like the idea?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marleybone and Aquila are now Live!

Marleybone and Aquila have been released on the Live Realm!
Go check out the new updates, crown items and much much more!
Awesome job to Kingsisle and the Pirate101 staff for making this update very fun and entertaining for all of us pirates! That shark mount is calling my name! ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Adventures in Marleybone!

    If ye didn't know yet, Test Realm is up! Kingsisle has released 2 new worlds, Marleybone and Aquila. Today I will be sharing some of my pictures of my adventures here and explain some of the things happening during your visit here! Lets be on our way then, yes?
Before you even get to step foot into Marleybone, you need to get the Yellow Windstone which allows your ship access to the Stormgate that brings you to MB! You find yourself back in Port Royal asking some of the friends you made back when you and catbeard caused some trouble between the Armada and Fort Elena. Next thing you know you are searching the abandoned church!
After searching the church and getting rid of those pesky ghosts, you talk to the shopkeepers and they say that in the sewers of Port Royale, there are catacombs with a commander who has the Yellow Windstone you are looking for locked up in his office. You have multiple battles of Redcoats before making your way to his office. Its locked up in a safe, so as always Ratbeard has the perfect idea how to open it up! ;)
Now that we have the Yellow Windstone from the Commander stationed under Port Royal, we have to head to Mooshu to get permission to use the Storm Gate next to Hammimitsu. We ask the Marleybone attendant in Hamma and she has a favor before allowing us to use the stormgate. She wants us to go get somethings from an evil Yakooza named Sato. There are multiple floors in this tower so best stock up on mojo potions! Each floor has a different set of mobs and of course Monkey King points out the things on the floor THEN the Mob! LOL Once you are on the top floor, you confront Sato. Ok lets just talk about how epic those shades are?! He looks like a boss. ;) The first thing I noticed when starting the battle is his ability "Escape Artist". I then saw the lone space in the corner of the battleboard and thought to myself, hmm he is going to go to that space, so lets beat him to the punch! Being the sneaky Witchdoctor I am, I was lucky enough to have the teleport spell in hand and used to that space. Ha! He did end up using "Escape Artist" each time a Melee unit hit him. But it was all different spots on the board, but not the spot he really wanted haha. I was shooting Aoe's from afar and none of them could touch me. After battle, Sato's second chance chest appeared. This feature is also new to Pirate101! It works similiar to Wizard101's second chance chests. Nathan or as you may know him "Ion" won Sato's epic glasses!!! They give the teleport spell "Shadow Step". How awesome is that?!
After defeating Sato, we head back to Hammamitsu and the Marleybonian advisor gives us permission to use the stormgate granting us access to MB! Time for some new adventures and exploring woot woot! Haha Zeke's new quest is finding the Rolling Stones. His dialouge is also phrased like one of their songs lol.
In town, we go to the tavern and talk to Ned Land. He informs us that Catbeard has indeed been thrown into the royal prison "Glass house". Ned tells you about Swidget, Catbeards laywer! When you visit Swidget in his house and ask him how we can talk to catbeard, he says he will let us, but we have to do him a favor first. His Nephew has been hanging around with a local gang and Swidget wants his nehpew to stop acting up and to come home. He then tells us the location of the gangs hideout. After a couple of different mob battles, you will encounter Nigel, Swidgets nephew, and he will agree to go back home and stop his "gang" ways.
When you return the nephew to Swidget, he will explain to you why Catbeard is in so much trouble. (Remember that time you helped catbeard orchestrate the spark that started the war between the Armada and Marleybone in Port Royale? Kidnapping the Govenors Daughter perhaps? Yes that is why.
What will happen to Catbeard? Will we be able to save him? Stay tuned for the In depth view of Pirate101's Marleybone adventure part 2!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pirates de Mayo!

    Welcome to Pirates de Mayo! All of Cool Ranch is enjoying the next few days celebrating this grand holiday! Join in on the fun! Sales, Contests, a free Novilerro's hat, and a exclusive housing Item! Look below for more details! Enjoy!

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A big thanks to One-eyed Jack and Pirate101 for letting Pirates of the Spiral give away some of these awesome Pinata's filled with crowns!