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Next Book Predictions

Next Book Predictions by Cunning Jack
Witchdoctor powers:
Level 67: Shadepsalm: 2x damage, Cursed for 3 rounds
Level 70: Mojo Echo Rank 2
Level 72: Krokotep’s Hymn: Summon Krokomummy minion to open square
Level 75: Jobu’s Envelop: 3x3 square, Drain, 75% health to self, Cursed & reduced damage for 2 rounds
Buccaneer powers:
Level 67: Siren’s Song: Block 50% of damage from all weapons for 15 rounds
Level 70: Turn the Tide Rank 3
Level 72: Highland Assault: Team gains 3x speed
Level 75: Leviathan’s Wrath: +120% Strength
Swashbuckler powers:
Level 67: Thief’s Gambit: 3x damage, Bleeding, Triggers epics
Level 70: Shadowaltz: +2 Critical chance, 10 rounds, 3x3 square
Level 72: Riposte Rank 3
Level 75: Honorable Sacrifice: Lose 5 - 15% of heath, Heal target up to 50%
Musketeer powers:
Level 67: Quick Draw Rank 3
Level 70: Monsoon of Mortar: +75% damage, Scatter Bombs, Knockback
Level 72: Double Tap Rank 3
Level 75: Tornado Sweep: Cone shot, +75% damage, May place traps on empty tiles
Privateer powers:
Level 67: Resupply: Target has all powers reshuffled into deck
Level 70: Repel Boarders Rank 2
Level 72: Remember the Alamo!: All team’s stats increased by 50% for 10 rounds
Level 75: Reinvigorate: Superior team heal, May revive dead companion/ally
Companion Promotions
Old Scratch: Promotes at level 70. Quest: Trials of the Dead.
Promotion: Undead Shadowmancer
Monkey King: Promotes at level 72. Quest: Kroks on a Boat.
Promotion: Celestial Wanderer
Rooster Cogburn: Promotes at level 68. Quest: The Quiet Unicorn.
Promotion: Rooster Revolutionary

New Vocal Companions
Mercutio: Unicorn Rebel. Musketeer. Comes with True Grit. Epics (4 at start): True Grit, Return Fire, Overwatch, Quick Adjust, Burst Fire. Powers: Espirit de Corps, Rain of Mortarshells. Acquiring classes: All.
Sobek: Krok Warrior. Swashbuckler. Comes with Relentless. Epics (4 at start): Relentless, Vengeance Strike, First Strike, Flanking, Blade Storm. Powers: Critical Strike, Sweep the Decks. Acquiring classes: Swashbuckler*.
Adom Al atrash: Mander Spearman. Buccaneer. Comes with Repel Boarders. Epics (4 at start): Repel Boarders, Vengeance Strike, Relentless, Cheap Shot, Flanking. Powers: Critical Strike, Mander’s Mastery (1x damage, poison, knockback). Acquiring classes: Buccanner*.
Khalfani Massri: Krok Witchdoctor. Comes with Witch Hunter. Epics (4 at start): Witch Hunter, Mojo Echo, Mojo Rising, Retribution, Readied Spell. Powers: Jobu’s Embrace, Assassin’s Mist. Acquiring classes: Witchdoctor*.
Naeem: Mander Archer. Musketeer. Comes with Quick Draw. Epics (4 at start): Quick Draw, Burst Fire, Parting Shot, Overwatch, Double Tap. Powers: Critical Strike, Poison Arrows (2x damage, poison, Infinite Range). Acquiring classes: Musketeer*.
Hetch Sawalha: Mander Resistance Leader. Privateer. Comes with Flanking. Epics (4 at start): Flanking, Repel Boarders, Cheap Shot, Blade Storm, First Strike. Powers: Critical Strike, Revive. Acquiring classes: Privateer*.
*These companions are earned at the same time by different classes, similar to the Kraken Skulls 5.
Major Bosses
Phule: Level 69 Armada Wild Card. Witchdoctor. Epics: Mojo Echo, Retribution x3, Mojo Rising x2, Improved Mojo Blast x2. Powers: Jobu’s Embrace, Davy Jones’ Reach, Widow’s Touch, Mournsong. Cheats: Escape Artist, Leech. Minions: 3 Battle Angels, 2 Armada Dragoons. Health: 5,075. Battle Type: Defeat Phule.
Krokopesh: Level 75 Evil Tut Pharaoh. Swashbuckler. Epics: First strike x3, Riposte x3, Repel Boarders x2, Blade Storm x2. Powers: Sweep the Decks, Assassin’s Mist, Espirit de Corps. Cheats: Overprotective, Siphon, Combat Lessons (If you go 3 or more turns without attacking him, he will cast Gunnery on your units and summon a new minion). Minions: 2 Krok Witchdoctors, 2 Mander Slaves, 2 Krok Warriors. Health: 6,250. Battle Type: Defeat all Enemies, Protect Mander Resistance Warriors.
Krokotillian Ships
Skiff: Level 67+ only. 142 Accuracy and Defense, 85 to 135 damage, 3,015 health. Received for free at the end of Valencia.
Frigate: Level 70+ only. 149 Accuracy and Defense, 93 to 143 damage, 3,250 health. Cost: 6,750 gold (base).
Galleon: Level 73+ only. 155 Accuracy and Defense, 108 to 158 damage, 3,500 health. Cost: 7,175 gold (base).
     After speaking with Meowiarty in the Glass House Prison, he helped translate mystery markings for us and we learned that there is someone in Valencia who can help us against the Armada and Kane! This mystery man, known only as G, said only to look for Caligostro, but first we have to get to Valencia. Avery informs us that, if we use the Avernus Stormgate again, he knows where to get travel papers that allow us to go to the other Skyways. The only problem: the papers are in an Invader Fortress in Marleybone. Wonderful.
            After seizing the papers from the fortress near the White Cliffs of Rover, we quickly make our way to Valencia. We head for the leftmost Skyway and pass the blockade without much trouble. Once there, we head to Valencia City and start asking around about Caligostro. We find that he is a rouge monk who was recently arrested for high treason. However, he escaped before the Armada could take him to jail, and now is rumored to be hiding out with the Resistance. Looks like we’ll be making some new friends shortly.
            We soon end up finding the Resistance’s Headquarters after helping a Unicorn Resistance soldier, Mercutio, who joined our crew. We talked to Caligostro, who reveals G has been locked up in an Armada Prison, along with several other key resistance members. We end help supplying the Resistance with weapons to lead a jailbreak. It takes a while, but we get ourselves into a key position in the attacking force. Time to blow this popsicle stand!
            The jailbreak was a success! We managed to get into this floating fortress, the Unbreakable, and bust out many a revolutionary. While searching for G, we ran into a vault containing two things: an orange windstone, and our old “friend” Phule. We had to fight him to get past, but we did it and secured the windstone to boot. After that, we found ourselves in the recesses of the prison, where we found G – the famous architect Gittio di Bonedon. He revealed that, while he did not personally know Kane’s weakness, it had been found by an old friend of his – none other than Erika the Red, holder of the next piece of Pollo’s map. She was last seen in Krokotopia, ancient land of mystery. Gittio gave us his old ship, a Krokotillian skiff, so we could “blend in”. After escaping the prison, we met up with the Resistance one last time, then set sail to Krokotopia.
            Upon arrival in Krokotopia, we immediately docked in the port of Rosetta. We poked around for info on Erika, and found out she was recently deceased and interred in a temporary tomb in Alexandria. However, Alexandria was taken over by the recently resurrected overlords of Krokotopia, the Tuts. We decided to try to sneak into Alexandria. Unfortunately, we failed and were nearly captured by the Pharaoh, Krokopesh. After barely making back to Rosetta with our lives, we had to find another way into Alexandria.
            We found another revolution! It seems the Tuts enslaved Krokotopia’s native race, the Manders. The Manders have always been a more submissive race, but recent wizard action at the center of Krokotopia have convinced Manders to start standing up for themselves. With the help of some non-Tut Kroks, the Manders began revolting against their slavers. The six leaders for this branch of the revolution decided to give us tests to see if we could help them. After doing numerous supply gathering and fighting tasks for them, they said they could trust us. They revealed they have planned a massive assault on Alexandria, and they want us to help out. One of the leaders even joins our crew to support us!
            After fighting back hordes of Tuts (and accidentally destroying the lighthouse), we reach the Great Pyramid where Krokopesh rules – and Erika is buried. We delved into this dungeon, hoping it would be easy. We were wrong. Krokopesh’s personal army, along with his queen, opposed us at every turn. Eventually, before Erika’s marble tomb, we faced Krokopesh himself. It was a long, hard battle, but we broke his power over Giza Skyway and freed all the Manders. However, Krokopesh had been working with the Armada, and he had already let them into Erika’s tomb. Although Erika could now be sent back home to Grizzleheim, her map piece was long gone. But all was not lost. In a secret compartment under her tomb, we found Erika’s will, which told of where she hid the secret to Kane’s defeat. She hid it in Polaris, home of Napoleguin and his army. How do we get there? Avery may know. Back home to Skull Island it is, then!
Chapter Pricing
Book 15: The Unicorn and the Krok
Chapter 1: Valencia, Ionia Skyway, 2,999c
Chapter 2: Valencia, Ionia Skyway, 2,999c
Chapter 3: Krokotopia, Giza Skyway, 2,999c
Chapter 4: Krokotopia, Giza Skyway, 2,999c

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What do you think will happen next? Entries (Part 2)

By: Destiny Mistshard
     Though I haven’t finished the main quest line yet, I have a feeling that Phule might have something for us. I don’t know why, but I've always felt like he has a bigger part of the story than we’re aware of yet. I’d LOVE to get an Armada Companion at some point, I just think it would be so cool to have one of them reformed to our side! I think it would serve Kane well to see that even his created army doesn't respect him.
    As for bosses that we’ll fight…the possibilities are endless! I have a sneaking suspicion that before too long we’ll be making our journey to Albion, which I’m really looking forward to! There was a particular quest I just worked on where Bonnie Anne has a side-bar conversation with Ratbeard about her being from there and that’s what got me wondering if Albion was next! I could be out in left-field but I hope not. I've always been intrigued by Celtic Lore.
    From what I've heard about Albion, it’s Scottish themed and I think that’s a great opening for a Nessie themed ship attack, or pet, or even companion! A little cheesy I know but who can visit Scotland without a cheesy Nessie souvenir? Not this Pirate, I assure you! I think that would also be a great time to have a Radical companion that was quest given. Those boogers were tough to defeat on the first few go-rounds and would be an awesome addition to any crew!
    I’d also love to see where Bonnie Anne originated and perhaps help her to make amends with what family she has left like we did for Sarah Steel. And seeing KI’s version of how Stonehenge came to be might leave an opening for a CL tie in. I’m not as confident on that assessment, but think that seeing little aliens in P101 and hearing Ratbeard’s reaction to them would be priceless. Like I stated before, I haven’t even gotten out of MB yet, so I could be WAY off. But I do have an imagination that takes me to some pretty awesome places and like to take every opportunity possible to show other people what I see in my head.
By: Captain Reckless Scarlet Moone
    I think we will go to Valencia to find info about toymaker. The best way is to ask the librarian in Valencia. The librarian will tell us about toymaker home. Of course, we the pirate had to find our way into the center of Valencia without getting caught by the Amanda. Some boss we might get to fight is the queen of Amanda. We might learn that the queen of Amanda is created based on toymaker lover and Kane maybe based on toymaker lost son. On the storyline, we can recruit toymaker son in order for him to tell us the whereabouts of toymaker and help on our journey to fight Amanda.
By: Husky Blaze 
    What I think will happen next? Well, I think we going off to Valencia o' course! But before going there, we goin' to Krokotopia, but just a chapter o' course. The Kroks are goin' to reveal a hidden message in the markings but first, we gotta help 'em with the Twisted Manders, they are rulin' Krokotopia, and we gotta save the Kroks, every class gets one Krokotopia-themed companion (Manders, Kroks and a Krokomummy). Then we get 3 chapters on Valencia, where we go off to Cagliostro, and after lots of search and helpin' the people there, we get to know the person that is goin' to reveal the information we need, but Phule appears and takes the person away, there it starts our race agains time to find the person now hidden in Valencia. 
 By: Victor Hawkins
By: Merciless Trevor

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Wizard101 Special Tournaments!

    While playing in some of the new Wizard101 Tournaments, I thought of a great idea! Do you know how the names of each tournament are named after certain NPC's in the game? "Ambrose's Duel" "Gamma's Duel" etc..? Or Dalia's Skirmish like pictured above?
    Well in these "Special" Tournaments, the person the tournament is named after is IN the tournament! You may have a duel with a professor or another NPC which would be a computer and not a real person playing it. Would you beable to outshine one of the Ravenwood teachers or other Characters in their own tournament?
    If these types of tournaments were ever to go into the game, I would see them ever so often and not all the time. Sort of like a special event. Maybe once a month? These tournaments would have unique drops that are connected to the NPC the tournament is named after and you possibly battle. (For example, Dalia's Wand, Amulet, Ring, Athame etc... *very rare drops* Only obtainable from the Tournament.) 
    The NPC's want to have some fun too! ;) I think this would be a neat addition further down the line to the current tournament dynamic. What do you think about it? Wouldn't you love to show your Professor who's the real master of the class? ha!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kingsisle Blog!

    Kingsisle has released their new Blogsite! When you get a chance, make sure you go check it out! Many members of the Kingsisle Staff will be writing new posts on it when they get a chance! From both Wizard101 and Pirate101 teams! The first post is by Fred Howard and its very insightful! I'm very happy that Kingsisle will be making a fans wish come true by letting him visit the studio! :')

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Choose your Class Pirate101 Commercial!

    Check out Pirate101's new Commercial above! Isn't it Epic? Loved the animations and graphics! Shows a little behind each class. I also created this Pirate101 Background with elements from the Video. You can use it if you wish!
    See ya'll in the Spiral soon!
And stay tuned for more of the "What do you think will happen next?" entries part 2!

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What do you think will happen next - Entries part 1

    Today I emailed all of the winners of the contest! We had tons of entries! If you didn't win a prize, do not worry, there will be many more opportunities in the future, and you should check out the other contests going on with the other fansites!
    I will be showcasing all of the entries over the next few days! They will be in no particular order. Again thank you for the awesome entries pirates! Great job! I hope you like all of the stories and pictures as much as I did! Enjoy!

By: Crazy Ryan Upham
By: Evan Silver
A new Companion
By: Leesha Moon
After speaking with Avery he tells us of a skyway in Valencia, one of which we have never visited before; the Seville Skyway, a skyway of modern architecture and technology of the Armada this is where we will find Caligastro . The only way to reach it is through the stormgate in Hamamitsu Skyway.

We must obtain a Brown Windstone to travel through the Stormgate, the only one known to none-armada knowledge lies in the Heart of the Armada Fortress in the outskirts of the Westminster Skyway. After obtaining the windstone and enter the stormgate, we immediately find ourselves in a waste land, ship after ship litter the Mooshu to Valencia Passage. It is there when Bonnie Anne points out the Ship: "Oblivion" the most feared ship in all of the armada, Kane's own invention, only Armada Ships can proceed past it.

We return back to Avery, delivering the bad news. Avery sends us to talk to Diego Montenegro an Armada Fugitive hiding on Skull Island. We arrive at his house where we find him under attack by Armada Troops. We quickly join the battle. After saving Diego from his impending doom we talk to him about acquiring an Armada Ship. He tells us that there is only one way we can get one and it's not going to be easy. He sends us to the librarian in the Sivella Academy Library to find a way into the "Ship Factory" and steal an Armada Ship.

After Stealing the Ship you are allowed permission to proceed past "Oblivion" and your journey into the Seville Skyway Begins.....

You are identified by the Armada Troops as "special cargo" and taken to the Island of Barca. You are sent into the Chapel by an Armada Troop where you meet an old friend; Captain Steed, he informs you that "M" from Special Branch contacted him whilst he was visiting Rajah in search of a rare Tea he heard that cured Old Age. His mission was to infiltrate the city of Cadiz and gather intelligence on Kane's Inner Circle posing as a Sivella Academy Tutor helping the Armada design new weapons.

In the Seville Skyway you will venture to the City of Madrid, Island of Barca, The Beaches of Santa Cruz and the Grand City of Alicante. Steed sends back word of the "Grand Design" and what it is capable of.

You meet an engineer who has 5 Armada Troops held captive, he re-programmes them to do your bidding...Little do we know, there's more that meets the eye with this engineer.....


Swashbuckler: Armada Battle Angel
Privateer: Armada Strategist
Buccaneer: Armada Marine
Musketeer: Armada Musketeer
Witchdoctor: Armada Witchdoctor

All Classes: Captain Steed.
By: Sheldon Cooper (Merciless Alex Nichols)

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Happy Birthday Paige!

    Happy Bday Paige! I've known you for a while now, from the beginning of central as "Mecatz" :P
I just wanted to wish you a happy bday and thank you for being an awesome friend and a a great community leader for both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Everyone go wish Paige a Happy Birthday!

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What do you think will happen next? *contest*

   How is everyone doing this fine day of June! We've recieved a message in a bottle from Kingsisle, specifically One-eyed Jack! Each and every one of you have different thoughts of what may happen next in the storyline! All you have to do to be entered is to tell me or draw me something of what you think will happen in the story next. What kind of ships you may get, what kind of companions you may recruit? etc.
Your entry will start out with the following;
After speaking with Meowiarty in the Glass Prison, he helped translate mystery markings for us and we've learned that there is someone in Valencia who can help us against the Armada and Kane!
After that, you can write or draw whatever your heart or imagination desires!
What will happen next? What companions do you think we will recieve? What bosses do you think we will fight against next?
*Your entry only has to be 4-5 paragraphs at the least. (But can go past that if you wish)
*Instead of having a written entry, you can also draw a picture of what you see happening next! (Computer entrys are allowed also - Photoshop, Gimp etc..)
*You must send your entry to with the title (contest)
*The Entry deadline is Sunday, June 9th at Midnight!
*Remember to have fun and goodluck!
Now you are asking yourself, what will we win?
Kingsisle was awesome enough to send over some really cool codes for us to give out!
*1st and 2nd Place winner will recieve the all new Aquilan Crown Ship that hasn't yet been released along with 10,000 crowns! Wow!
3rd place to 18th place winners will recieve Aquilan Ship Crown Gear (Mythic Armor) and 2,500 crowns! Each other P101 fansite is giving out a different piece of new armor so make sure to go check each site out!
Remember to have fun and Goodluck! *clanks bottle of Yum*