Monday, June 10, 2013

What do you think will happen next - Entries part 1

    Today I emailed all of the winners of the contest! We had tons of entries! If you didn't win a prize, do not worry, there will be many more opportunities in the future, and you should check out the other contests going on with the other fansites!
    I will be showcasing all of the entries over the next few days! They will be in no particular order. Again thank you for the awesome entries pirates! Great job! I hope you like all of the stories and pictures as much as I did! Enjoy!

By: Crazy Ryan Upham
By: Evan Silver
A new Companion
By: Leesha Moon
After speaking with Avery he tells us of a skyway in Valencia, one of which we have never visited before; the Seville Skyway, a skyway of modern architecture and technology of the Armada this is where we will find Caligastro . The only way to reach it is through the stormgate in Hamamitsu Skyway.

We must obtain a Brown Windstone to travel through the Stormgate, the only one known to none-armada knowledge lies in the Heart of the Armada Fortress in the outskirts of the Westminster Skyway. After obtaining the windstone and enter the stormgate, we immediately find ourselves in a waste land, ship after ship litter the Mooshu to Valencia Passage. It is there when Bonnie Anne points out the Ship: "Oblivion" the most feared ship in all of the armada, Kane's own invention, only Armada Ships can proceed past it.

We return back to Avery, delivering the bad news. Avery sends us to talk to Diego Montenegro an Armada Fugitive hiding on Skull Island. We arrive at his house where we find him under attack by Armada Troops. We quickly join the battle. After saving Diego from his impending doom we talk to him about acquiring an Armada Ship. He tells us that there is only one way we can get one and it's not going to be easy. He sends us to the librarian in the Sivella Academy Library to find a way into the "Ship Factory" and steal an Armada Ship.

After Stealing the Ship you are allowed permission to proceed past "Oblivion" and your journey into the Seville Skyway Begins.....

You are identified by the Armada Troops as "special cargo" and taken to the Island of Barca. You are sent into the Chapel by an Armada Troop where you meet an old friend; Captain Steed, he informs you that "M" from Special Branch contacted him whilst he was visiting Rajah in search of a rare Tea he heard that cured Old Age. His mission was to infiltrate the city of Cadiz and gather intelligence on Kane's Inner Circle posing as a Sivella Academy Tutor helping the Armada design new weapons.

In the Seville Skyway you will venture to the City of Madrid, Island of Barca, The Beaches of Santa Cruz and the Grand City of Alicante. Steed sends back word of the "Grand Design" and what it is capable of.

You meet an engineer who has 5 Armada Troops held captive, he re-programmes them to do your bidding...Little do we know, there's more that meets the eye with this engineer.....


Swashbuckler: Armada Battle Angel
Privateer: Armada Strategist
Buccaneer: Armada Marine
Musketeer: Armada Musketeer
Witchdoctor: Armada Witchdoctor

All Classes: Captain Steed.
By: Sheldon Cooper (Merciless Alex Nichols)

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