Monday, June 24, 2013

What do you think will happen next? Entries (Part 2)

By: Destiny Mistshard
     Though I haven’t finished the main quest line yet, I have a feeling that Phule might have something for us. I don’t know why, but I've always felt like he has a bigger part of the story than we’re aware of yet. I’d LOVE to get an Armada Companion at some point, I just think it would be so cool to have one of them reformed to our side! I think it would serve Kane well to see that even his created army doesn't respect him.
    As for bosses that we’ll fight…the possibilities are endless! I have a sneaking suspicion that before too long we’ll be making our journey to Albion, which I’m really looking forward to! There was a particular quest I just worked on where Bonnie Anne has a side-bar conversation with Ratbeard about her being from there and that’s what got me wondering if Albion was next! I could be out in left-field but I hope not. I've always been intrigued by Celtic Lore.
    From what I've heard about Albion, it’s Scottish themed and I think that’s a great opening for a Nessie themed ship attack, or pet, or even companion! A little cheesy I know but who can visit Scotland without a cheesy Nessie souvenir? Not this Pirate, I assure you! I think that would also be a great time to have a Radical companion that was quest given. Those boogers were tough to defeat on the first few go-rounds and would be an awesome addition to any crew!
    I’d also love to see where Bonnie Anne originated and perhaps help her to make amends with what family she has left like we did for Sarah Steel. And seeing KI’s version of how Stonehenge came to be might leave an opening for a CL tie in. I’m not as confident on that assessment, but think that seeing little aliens in P101 and hearing Ratbeard’s reaction to them would be priceless. Like I stated before, I haven’t even gotten out of MB yet, so I could be WAY off. But I do have an imagination that takes me to some pretty awesome places and like to take every opportunity possible to show other people what I see in my head.
By: Captain Reckless Scarlet Moone
    I think we will go to Valencia to find info about toymaker. The best way is to ask the librarian in Valencia. The librarian will tell us about toymaker home. Of course, we the pirate had to find our way into the center of Valencia without getting caught by the Amanda. Some boss we might get to fight is the queen of Amanda. We might learn that the queen of Amanda is created based on toymaker lover and Kane maybe based on toymaker lost son. On the storyline, we can recruit toymaker son in order for him to tell us the whereabouts of toymaker and help on our journey to fight Amanda.
By: Husky Blaze 
    What I think will happen next? Well, I think we going off to Valencia o' course! But before going there, we goin' to Krokotopia, but just a chapter o' course. The Kroks are goin' to reveal a hidden message in the markings but first, we gotta help 'em with the Twisted Manders, they are rulin' Krokotopia, and we gotta save the Kroks, every class gets one Krokotopia-themed companion (Manders, Kroks and a Krokomummy). Then we get 3 chapters on Valencia, where we go off to Cagliostro, and after lots of search and helpin' the people there, we get to know the person that is goin' to reveal the information we need, but Phule appears and takes the person away, there it starts our race agains time to find the person now hidden in Valencia. 
 By: Victor Hawkins
By: Merciless Trevor

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