Monday, July 15, 2013

Sato has chosen his winners!

How are you doing little pirates?
    I've returned from Mooshu with the chosen blueprints of the winning entries that were entered!
If you see your entry here, check your email because Johnny will have sent you a random code! Roll out on your Pennyfarthing, or maybe show off your shades, or get some extra crowns to spend! Thank you all for participating! Let us begin....
I think I would love to see my pirate carrying a whip with her, i think she would look very cool, this whip doesn't have to be on one of her hands it can also be attached to her belt, so that's my new accessory i call it "Neyla's whip" that's because Neyla is a character who fights very well with her whip as you can see in the picture, as for the skills of the whip: requires level 50+ +7 damage +9 accuracy and gives a card called TROJAN HORSE : description : create a second copy of user that explodes with a damage of 150 to 350 when attacked by enemy.

By: Dark Neela
An accessory that I think Sato would like would be a disco ball. It can be like an amulet so he can wear it at all times.

This would be considered a Charm in the gear selection. It would come with a card called MooShu Shuffle. The card power will allow for one deck reshuffle of UNUSED/DISCARDED cards (the reshuffle will not go back in the deck to be used more than once) and it will give the stat of +5 Accuracy +5 Dodge +5 Damage (universal so all classes can use
). This will be a level 55 No Auction/No Trade item.
By: SorceressMiklai
The accessory i have came up with and think is a good idea for pirates are a pair of hoop earings. They would be gold and hooped, both females and males earings would look the same. Also would be usable for any class. The stats the earing would give are 7 strength and 4 armor. The earings would be called Hoops of The Brave.
By: Carlos
Name of accessory: Sato Headband
Accessory: headband with small sato in the middle.
Talent: Black Fog talent card and 7 agility and 7 damage
By: Husky Blaze
This is my accessory I'd like to see in Pirate101. It would be called dreaded dreads, and would have no stats. It would just be hat you wear to party's and dressing up.
By: Leesha Moone
My accessory is called, Pija! (Pie-Ja) It's the robe and the face mask together. Dropped in Mooshu at certain bosses. A lvl 55 swashbuckler robe which gives +64 health, +13 damage, +5 accuracy and +26 resistance. Can be stitched. Also, gives a Black Fog Talent/Skill. Awesome look for sneaky combat!
By: Crazy Ryan Upham
Here's mine. It's supposed to be like a pirate bad/satchel kind of thing!
By: Daniel
Sky Protector Amulet
Boosts Heals- 100-175 hp
Boosts Resist- 10~20
Boosts Strength 100-125
Gives sun protector heal card that heals up to 30% of lost health.
By: DJ
Engineers specs, similar look however there is a crossbar in between the eyes above the nose. come with the ability snipers oversight; gives team 10% accuracy and +5 attack range. 11 overall accuracy.
By: Matthew
    Sato thanks everyone again for entering! The Rafflecoptor winner will be chosen later tonight, and I will be holding some extra trivia on twitter to give out some Pennyfarthing rentals and crowns! Thank you all for entering! Its always nice to see what ideas you guys have!

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  1. Thank you very much, Johnny! Also congrats to all the winners! :)