Saturday, August 31, 2013

Johnny's Birthday Countdown Giveaway!

    Tomorrow will be the start of September! September is always a fun month! It has many things we can celebrate, like Wizard101's Birthday, Talk like a Pirate day, and even my Birthday!!
    In Celebration of September, below you will see a Calendar. Each day, One prize will be revealed on that date, and one lucky winner a day will recieve that prize. All you have to do to enter in the raffle for the prize that day is Follow me on Twitter @Jcentral1 and tweet #Johnnybdaycountdown each day! Its that simple!
*EDIT- You can also enter by leaving a comment on this post! (For those who do not have Twitter) Ill be picking a winner daily by putting the tweets and the comments on this post in a randomizer! Goodluck!*
    At around 5 pm eastern each day, I will randomly choose a winner out of everyone who tweets the hashtag above and will DM you the details of where we can meet up for your prize. There will be prizes for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. The Last day will be the best prize but you will just have to wait and see what it is!
Goodluck to you all! See you around the Skyways!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Test Realm!

    Kingsisle has just opened the Pirate101 Test Realm! They have added a huge new future called Henchmen! If you are familiar with Wizard101 or some other MMO's you will know automatically what this means. If you are ever in a tough battle, and none of your friends are online, or you want to finish something up really quick, you can purchase a henchmen!
    They come in many different level teirs and each class has one in each teir. Below will be some pictures of the new Henchmen and some of them in battle! The cool thing about the henchmen in Pirate101 is that YOU get to control them! Thats right, you get to choose what talents they use during that battle! This is very different from Wizard101, because when you buy a henchmen there, you have no control over what spells they use! Pretty cool eh? Definatly worth the crowns!
    When you enter a battle, you will see a shadowed out character symbol next to your picture/comapnions pictures at the bottom of the screen! If you click on that, it will bring you to the Crown shop page with the Henchmen. Purchase a henchmen and boom they join you in battle!
    If you would like to see all of the new updates, please head over to the main site here! Do you like the new Henchmen? Do you think you will ever need to hire one to help you out in battles? See you all in the Skyway!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ARRRRRR! Left Hander's Day!

    In Celebration of Arrrgust, Kingsisle has released a special weapon that you use in your left hand instead of the normal right hand! ARRRR! If you want your special gift, click on the button below! Remember to Tweet your Pirate's picture using the Captain's Hook with this tag: #lefthandersday

Friday, August 9, 2013

Arrrgust Picture Entries!

Welcome to my Aztecan Throne room! It started as just a place for me to store the things I'd gotten from my tribal packs but quickly turned into one of my favorite decorated places :) Anytime I'm having a bad day sailing the skyways I pop on over and have a seat in the almost quiet room listening to the trickle of the fountain just below. This room calms within seconds! ~ Lainey
A place where my mighty ship is residing ~ Husky Blaze Cringle 
This is my little bunk where I keep my treasure and loot.
The furniture makes it have both an outdoor and indoor sense while my dummy helps me improve my skills. Sometimes I even switch weapons and swords for fun! ~ Golden Harmony Dove
Arrrrr. Even though I'm no Witchdoctor, the mysteries dazzle me!
This creature built into the wall senses when you're close and will open it's mouth for you to enter the mysterious hallways that await you. Beware, there are spirits roaming! ~ Sophia Lifecaster 
Who says you have to take Christmas in July decorations down in August? 
Why, I reckon there's still time to celebrate!! ~ Sneaky Kevin Newell
Mousy Emma Quick
James Morgan
Anthony Zahra 
In my favorite part of my house, I have set up camp.
It is a great place for me and my friends to hang out when they come over, but my real goal is to hopefully view the troggys that have made home here. ~ Salty Padric Otway
I may be a swashbuckler but I was inspired by the Buccaneers Hydras heads together. So I spend my gold and sailing the to find the heads. I love the items housing items that I got from the Dino pack that, so I made it to use.Thank you for the contest that not only expand my creativity, but to inspire to do something that my sister like to do the most. Decorating. ~ Golden Antonio Freeman 
Thank you for the contest. When my brother told me about it I was exited. When I was decorating I tried to make it a bit more summer feeling. That is why you can see the cool hut umbrella and hammock with delicious coconut, but I couldn't take off my cool formal sitting place because it is like when I play with dolls. ~ Fearless Courtney Moone
This is where my witchdoctor relaxes and cooks up his spells and potions.
Thanks for the opportunity and the great fan site ~ William Blake
Hey Johnny. This photo is my "master suite". It consits of the coffee table, mini table, couch, chair, bowl of fruit, oven, bed, and (not shown in photo) an aquarium! ~ Smart Cameron Yaxley
My parents were nomadic gypsies who traveled from town to town selling their wares and telling fortunes. Even though I'm a pirate now, I'm still a gypsy at heart. My parents died in a tragic wagon crash so I decorated my dorm in honor of their memory. YO HO and happy sailing! ~ Crazy Cassidy
Just a simple place to relax after a long day of pillaging ~ Nimble Nicholas Newton
What's the best part of being a pirate? TREASURE! Who doesn't love huge piles of glittering gold and priceless jewels by their bedside? Nobody! That's why my favourite area of my house is my bedroom, where I keep all my loot. Why? Because I'm a pirate, and a filthy rich one at that!
~Clever Wolf Donelly
"My house might not be the best, But at least it looks like a quest" ~ Trustworthy Travis Morgan
This be a pirate's humble abode. Yo ho ho and a barrel o' Yum! ~ Zachary Smith
Just a nice open space with decor :) ~ Black Angel Vane
Thanks for the contest. This is just a sitting area I made up but it is kinda fun to have.
~ Tireless Dustin Hawkins
I just love this theme! ~ AMW
This is my favorite place in my dorm room because you can see the paintings on the wall.
 Also, there are seats where I can hang out with my friends. I would say this is the best part of my dorm that I ever decorated. I'm not a good decorator.. xD ~ Crazy Ryan Upham
Michelle Mooncatcher
My Bounty in my house of wonders ~ Taariq
My favorite decorated area in my house is in the volcano island home up near the roof in an enclosed area outside. This is where my pirate cooks fish and eats them at the table while staring out at my ship ~ Alonzo Lawson
"An armada ship may look intimidating from the outside, but it's really just a cozy tavern, complete with a bank, card tables, and a fortuneteller to stop you from spending too much gold."
~ Karic Lawson
Thanks Johnny for this awesome drawing!
My pirate is standing inside of the Pagoda-Shaped Urn to make him look spooky and cool.
He's in his dorm room since it was the only house I had. Hope you enjoy! ~ Mason Moon
Wobbly Matthew Inglewood
Here is my entry for your housing contest. This is Sly Jacqueline Quince and her trusty first mate Ridolfo the Unicorn, in the planning corner of the captain's tent. Thank you for your consideration, hope you find this amusing :) ~ Sly Jacqueline Quince
Here's a section of my dorm that I really like :) ~ Alex Andrews
Danny Wizzy
Here's my cool room! ~ Melissa Neese
I chose this place because I think that is the prettiest place in the Swashbuckler house, all those rose petals falling from the sky make it magical in a way and well we all love El Toro :)!
~ Bad Terri Jones
My favorite part of my house is the witch doctor chamber doors because of how they open up! i love the entry spots in the house ~ Autumn Starwalker
"This living area is my favourite area in my dorm because after a day of fighting monsters, helping people, and goofing around my pirate likes to come home and rest." ~James Xavier
Thank you all for your entries!
They all look great! Until next time!

Shark Week Raffle Winner!

    Congratulations to @AluraSilver for winning the Shark Week Raffle! She got a brandy new Perm Hammerhead Shark Mount that will bring her on her adventures all over the Spiral now! Woot woot! Congrats again Alura and enjoy! Thank you to everyone who entered! Your all so awesome! :]
See you all in the Spiral!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shark Week!

    Today is the day that starts Shark Week! Sharks come in different varietys in both Wizard101 and Pirate101. They could be good or bad, friends or foes. In Wizard101, you can ride one as a mount or duel them in Celestia or even cast one as a storm spell! In Pirate101, you can ride a hammerhead shark as a mount, or have a battle with Finn Dorsal Avery's shark friend. There are also multiple shark companions in P101 like Finn and the shark companion you can get from the Cutthroat Bundle!
    Ye want to try out BOTH of the shark mounts in Wizard101 and Pirate101? Well Kingsisle is letting everyone who uses a special code get each mount in both games for a 7-day rental! To get your shark mount in both games click the shark below! 
Want to have a chance at winning a Permanent Hammerhead Shark Mount in Pirate101?
 Enter below! One lucky winner will get drawn!