Friday, August 2, 2013

Arrriella Windspar has arrrived just in time for Arrrgust!

    How is everyone doing? Pirates of the Spiral has a special visitor! You all know Myrella Windspar who shows and sells you houses in Wizard City yes? Well her distant cousin Arrriella has arrived in Skull Island! She decided to stop by and host a few contests for you all!
    Arrriella has brought tons of goodies, like Pack O' Porter packs, Crowns, and even one lucky winner will recieve one of the New Class Houses! What is the contest and how do you enter you may ask? Well continue reading below to find all the info!
Take a photo of you in your favorite decorated area in your house or dorm!
1. Find an area in your house or Dorm that you really like!
2. Your Pirate must be in the photo
3. Press the Prnt Scrn key on your keyboard so that your photo will go into your Pirate101 files.
4. Send in your photo to
(*Please ask your parents permission first if you are under the age of 13*)
5. You may even write a few senteces about the area you are showing in your house/dorm. But its not a requirement!
All of the winners will be randomly drawn from all of the entries I recieve after the deadline!
You may begin sending your entries today Friday (8/2/2013) and you have until Thursday (8/8/2013).
Below are the prizes you may possibly win!
17 Winners in total!
1 Grand Prize winner will recieve one of the new class houses, with 10,000 crowns and a Pack O' Porter pack!
3 Winners will recieve a Pack O' Porter pack + 5,000 crowns!
13 winners will recieve a code for 2,500 crowns!
*A big thank you to Kingsisle and Friendly Necro for the prizes!*
May the odds be ever in your favor!
All of the winners chosen will be at random draw from the entries I receive!


  1. I it supposed to be decorated?

  2. Yep! Your favorite decorated area in either your house or dorm!

  3. Hello I really love your website and the contest, but I have a request/question.

    I have an 7 years old sister who loves pirate 101 and also wants to enter this contest. Is it possible that I can send my submission towards the contest with my Mail and she can send her submission through my mail.

    Thank you so much for the contest and keep posting your great posts.

    1. Hi!

      Yep that is fine, just have your sisters entry in your message to me with your entry.

  4. around what time will you be posting the winners

    1. Probably sometime in the Morning! :)

  5. if your forget to put your name it is it ok?

  6. how come the contest only lasted for a short while? im usually on here a lot but had to go visit family.

  7. hmm look's like a fun contest!