Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sorry Peeps!

Sorry Peeps!
    I've been really busy lately in real life, and creating things for Wizard101Central's 5th Birthday Celebration!!! Wow 5 years! :) I hope you can understand! I promise to make more posts on Pirates of the Spiral. If not you all can make me walk the plank! =D
    You will definatly want to check out all of the birthday contests that W101C is having! There is even a Raffle that EVERYONE, yes everyone, wins an Umbra Blade, a Danger hound AND 500-50,000 crowns! Wowza! Take a deep breath and read that again! FREE crowns! All you have to do is sign up for Wizard101 Central if you haven't already with a legit email, and click enter raffle! At the beginning of September, all of the members who entered the Raffle will recieve a special code that gives them the 3 items stated above! May you have the greatest luck with your special code and crown prize amount!
    There are many other contests on the site like a Graphics Contest, a Music Video Contest, Hide and Seek and much much more! The Prizes range from Bundle Cards, Crowns, Amber Reagent, New Teleport Tapestry's, Pets, and Mounts! We are even hosting a House-A-Palooza Contest where you have a chance at winning a Pyramid of the Lost Horizon house with a random teleport tapestry and a bric a brac elixer!
    W101C was the first ever Wizard101 Fansite back in 2008! I cannot believe how much time has passed! 5 years of Fun adventures and Magic! I'm glad we have great Community Managers Like Prof Greyrose and Friendly for both games! They are so involved in the community and make it so much stronger than other games I know and play. Thank you also to Jester and Olivia for stepping up and creating such a wonderful forum for the game we all love! If it wasn't for you both, I probably wouldn't be typing this right now. :) Again, Happy 5th Birthday W101C! Hoping many more years to come!
    Now head on over to and check it out! Pirates even have a little bit of Magic in them! ;)

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