Thursday, August 22, 2013

Test Realm!

    Kingsisle has just opened the Pirate101 Test Realm! They have added a huge new future called Henchmen! If you are familiar with Wizard101 or some other MMO's you will know automatically what this means. If you are ever in a tough battle, and none of your friends are online, or you want to finish something up really quick, you can purchase a henchmen!
    They come in many different level teirs and each class has one in each teir. Below will be some pictures of the new Henchmen and some of them in battle! The cool thing about the henchmen in Pirate101 is that YOU get to control them! Thats right, you get to choose what talents they use during that battle! This is very different from Wizard101, because when you buy a henchmen there, you have no control over what spells they use! Pretty cool eh? Definatly worth the crowns!
    When you enter a battle, you will see a shadowed out character symbol next to your picture/comapnions pictures at the bottom of the screen! If you click on that, it will bring you to the Crown shop page with the Henchmen. Purchase a henchmen and boom they join you in battle!
    If you would like to see all of the new updates, please head over to the main site here! Do you like the new Henchmen? Do you think you will ever need to hire one to help you out in battles? See you all in the Skyway!


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