Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Talk Like a Pirate Day" Winners!

    All ye landlubbers have been waitin' patiently all day eh? Well here are th' winners of the Talk like a pirate day contest! They were all randomly chosen by the Generator! Goodluck to you all and Congratulations to the winners! Those of you who were chosen as a winner, please comment on this post with your email address so I can send you your prize! (Do not worry, your email's will not be shown)

Grand Prize: Cutthroat Companion + 10,000 Crowns ~
Kyle Hawkins
Thar's a reckless scurvy pirate cap'n out thar known as Ratbeard, 'n wit' th' help 'o a mighty crew, includin' a fine rat brigand by th' monkier 'o Lasko, sailed th' Spiral, robbin' as much as his 'n his crew's hands 'n pockets could carry. On one fateful nightfall though, everythin' changed fer Ratbeard, as he set out th' ham 'n Yum fer his lads, he noticed somethin' peculiar 'bout them after they got a jolly taste 'o th' stuff, then, before Ratbeard could react, 'is crew all fell toth' floor, one by one, in Davy Jones' treasure chest. Years after th' incident, Ratbeard found out he an' 'is crew were sabotaged by a scurvy dog th' monkier 'o Cap'n Fowl, when Ratbeard struck 'is vengeance on th' bird, he felt 'is crew, and Lasko, finally at peace.
1 Military Sabre Weapon + 5,000 Crowns ~
Romantic Rebecca Irving
I cap'n i kno' what you been looking for lets go to the show i like where you go now you dont have to show..oh no lets go to the mow..cap lets go!
Kindly Mary Yearling
After a long day 'o explorin' Mooshu, I sat in a Yum tavern wit' me crew. We talked 'bout all th' wonderful sights we had seen that day. We all really liked th' snowy mountain top. Seein' th' snow glistenin' in th' sunlight be a wonderful sight.
Andrew Christie
In th' beautiful Isle 'o Dogs, th' foxes be takin' over th' underground. As th' dogs prepare to take back their land, th' scientists be makin' th' Golems 'o War.
1 Random Pirate101 Giftcard Pet + 1,000 Crowns ~
Larnell Moore
An overweight crab named Louis Le Bisque has became even more overweight overtime. After 40 pounds later, a experienced scurvy pirate named cap'n Avery calls him Louis Le Bagel due to his weight.'Tis made Louis's cap'n Loyal Martin Xavier so mad that he made Louis go on a diet. Louis diet included a run from Skull island to Wongo Woo 10 hours a day.For food Louis ate crumbs he found on the ground. After 2 days later Louis weighted as much as Wing chun. 'Tis led to the fact that 'tis was a terrible idea and Martin letted Louis eat how much as he would please.
Mason Moon
Pirate101 be th' best battle ever. me favorite thin' 'bout Pirate101 be th' companions. th' more companions I get, th' happier I be. I also like raid new people 'n all th' NPCs because I lust makin' new buckos to get to be knowin' 'n hang out wit', 'n I like th' NPCs because a lot 'o them make corny, but hardyharhar jokes!
Rachel Windtalon
As I fight through Pirate101, I find myself noticin' extra small details that no one else would gift a care 'bout. fer instance, cap'n Gunn has four fin'ers while me pirat had five. Now cap'n Gunn was a human when he was a live, 'n me scurvy pirate be one too, so why th' inconsistency in th' amount 'o fin'ers?
Trevor Wildtail
I lust that battle called Pirate101, th' creatures on it be feisty yet amazin'. They be puttin' up a sword fight but me crew gets th' treasure 'n whats not. th' adventure through th' skyways be a ruckas 'n adventurous!
Lindsey Goldengrove
Ahoy pirate, all I be needin' th' most in pirate101 be jolly companions to sword fight in me side against th' evil Armada 'n 'o course drink a cup 'o Yum spiced rum wit' me !
    ARRRR! Congrats again to the winners! Remember to check out everyone's entries here! They are all so pirate-y! ;) Now all ye will walk th' plank! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of yum!

Talk like a Pirate Day!

    How are all ye landlubbers this fine day? Today we have a special contest to celebrat Talk like a Pirate day! Below are all the details and the list of prizes up for grabs! Enjoy it and goodluck! Now get going or ye be walking the plank! ;)
    To be entered all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post in a short paragraph of anything pirate101 related you want, but it must be in pirate talk! An easy way to do this would be to go to an online Piratetalk generator! All you have to do is type what you want to say one one side of the screen and it translates it to Pirate talk on the opposite side! Head over to Post Like a Pirate to get your paragraph started! (Please ask your parents permission to go to the site if you are under 13)
    Once you have your translated paragraph, simply copy it and past it as a comment on this post! It's a pretty simple contest, and I cant wait to see all of your pirate talk landlubbers! :D
9 winners will randomly be chosen after the deadline!
Start Date: Sept 19th
End Date: Sept 25th @ 12 am est
    Now ye may be wondering what th' prizes will be eh?
1 Random Grand Prize winner winning a Cutthroat Pirate Companion, and 10,000 Crowns!
3 Random winners winning 1 Military Sabre Weapon, and 5,000 Crowns!
5 Random winners winning 1 mystery giftcard pet and 1,000 crowns!
Any last questions matey's?
If so, just leave a comment or send me an email!
I'll see you all in the Skyways!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Get an Exclusive Pirate101 Ship!

    All ye landlubbers better check out this epic deal! Vision Tek has its own exclusive Pirate101 ship that it is giving out to customers who purchase one of their graphics cards! If you purchase a graphics card, you recieve a special key code for the ship above that is said to be very powerful unlike any other ship in the game! This deal also comes with 5,000 crowns!
    Interested in it? Want to learn more? Go check their Facebook post about it and visit their site!
If you are a ship collector this ship is no where else in the game! Get it while ye can matey! This exclusive offer ends December 31st, 2013!
Below are the stats of what comes with the ship!
~ The ship is a “VisionTek” Origin Galleon and because of this, when you redeem the code for the ship, it will already have a few pieces of gear already attached to it, specifically the Red Bird Figurehead, Star Ruby Sails, Coral Fluke, and Horn of the Crimson Fog.
~ Anchor, Cannon, and Wheel (just like all other ships) are able to be upgraded on this ship per normal.
~ You’ll notice that there is no armor on this ship, and you will not be able to place armor on this ship; however, the defenses for the ship are already built into the stats of the ship. (5% hull armor)
~ The ship can be redeemed in Tiers 1-6 with varying levels. The sixth tier of the ship is level 65.
See you all in the skyways!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Countdown Winners!

    The first half of Septembarrrr has been awesome! Especially with all the cool contests going around for both Pirate101 and Wizard101! Above are the winners of the main prizes (Pets, Mounts, and Hairstyle)! Many other winners won Multiple packs of different hoard packs! I hope you all got lucky with them! :)
    This was a really fun and different contest for me to hold. I really do love the concept of using a Calendar and showing which prize is going to be given out on that day! It keeps things interesting and different from the same old contests every fansite does! With over 34,000 crowns worth of prizes, fun, and suprises, I hope you all enjoyed it! The Interview with Kingsisle's, Fred Howard was very cool! If you didn't get a chance to read that, head over to the interview tab and check it out! 2 more surprise interviews are also there with Paige Moonshade, and Kelsey Fireheart!
    My 21st birthday was pretty awesome, went out to eat for dinner and then out later that night for some other festivities! Other than that same old, same old! Coming up very soon is Talk like a pirate day on the 19th! What surprises does Pirate101 have up its sleeve's? Well you will just have to wait and find out matey!
See ya'll around the Spiral!