Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Wednesday? Captain Blood has finally left and Im finally out of that cage cell! I hope he didn't bother you all too much. Next time we will be more prepared for an attack like that! Anyways to the news! Starting today, a select few companions will be 50% off! This sale will end November 3rd! Add some horror to your crew today!
    The list of Companions that are eligible for this promotion are below:
SM Arson
Martin Valvida
Moresco de Valvida
Doctor Noh
Bat Masterson
Bones Mcgee
Jim Masterson
Ghost Singer

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Captain Blood Chooses His Winners!

    Ye little scallywags are ready t' see the winners aren't ye! I cannot wait to get on m' ship and back to Miranda. ;) All of the companion ideas were great, so I put all of ye names into a Magical Machine from the future and it picked th' winners! I will also be posting ALL of the entries we recieved! (Even if you were not picked as a winner in the video). Thank you all for entering and I hope you have a very very spooky October and Halloween! *If you see your name chosen in the video, check yer emails for codes! Enjoy!*

Companion name : shadow queen
Class : witch doctor
Talents : riposte, vengeance strike , second chance , first stirke - Rossie

Name: Halloween Spectre
Class: Musketeer
Look: Resembles Spectre of the Brocken from wizard101. Would have a pirate hat as well.
A few talents (made up): Haunting, Shadow Slash, Shriek - Alex Andrews
Companion Name: Jack Gourdon - Salty Padric Otway
Ahoy! I'm Ruthless Destiny!
My Idea Companion is El Tigre!

He is a ghost tiger!!!

He is a witchdoctor.

His Learned Talents are:






His Learned Abilities:


Vengeance Strike

Second Chance

Cheap Shot



He attack by clawing, pouncing or putting a curse on you!
-Ruthless Destiny
Companion Name - Darkfang
Class - Swashbuckler
Subtitle - Cutthroat Shade
How do you recruit him? - A special Skull Island side quest will appear for Halloween... do ye dare accept it?
Ye may think that this 'ere companion be right smart similar t' th' Cutthroat companion, but ye be wrong! Aye, he was a regular Cutthroat, until he was cursed by the darkness of the moon! The player finds him plotting grand scheme on Cutthroat Bay and stops him right before he can threaten Skull Island! He reforms after that and joins the player's crew, and it be a round o' yum for everyone! Yarr!!
He starts with Flanking and can one Epic when he is recruited. He promotes twice, making a total of three new Epics! His Epic pool consists of Riposte, Relentless, Second Chance, and First Strike. He even comes with a Guaranteed Critical Strike card, which improves a tier whenever he promotes! - Zuff98
- Fearless Andrea Kelly
I was thinking how about a companion name, "The Headless Horseman". The appearance would be a haunted looking man with no head but instead he has pumpkin head. He could be riding a horse like the one available in the nightmare pack. He could be holding a spooky sword. His class is Buccaneer. He will have talents like vengeance strike and relentless.
- Crazy Ryan Upham

The spooky companion I thought of is Phobos. He's the Aquilan god of fear. If we have nothing to fear but fear itself, than we all fear Phobos. He is fear.
He fights by scaring his opponents so badly they lose health in the process. He is witch doctor class, and has a special power, called Paralyze. He attacks, then the victim is so frightened he's stunned for three rounds. - Lucas Dodger
Name: Kamakiri (Japanese for Praying Mantis)
Class: Privateer (with some witchdoctor special abilities)
Location: A level 60 character summoned by Madam Vadima in a spell gone wrong so we much fight the creature. After defeating Kamakiri she thanks us for freeing her from a curse and joins our crew in gratitude.
Description: An emerald green praying mantis with yellow eyes. Her clothing includes a mooshu-style robe in appropriate crew colours. As a praying mantis she has a martial arts style of combat similar to Wing Chun. She carries no weapons but her fore-legs have serrated edges like a knife which she uses for slashing and cutting an enemy. When an epic hit is triggered she will rise up on her hind legs and thrust straight down on the targeted enemy with her fore-legs.
Movement: Kamakiri's movement alternates between crawling on all six legs to walking upright. She also flicks her feelers in front of her from time to time.
Powers: Kamakiri comes with two powers:
1. God Willing - Small insects will surround each crew member and each will gain will.
2. Prayers' Prey- Kamakiri will move into a praying position and a green mist will descend on the targeted enemies from above - each will be damaged and cursed for two rounds.

Epics: When received there will be a choice for three of the following epics each of which can be taken to tier three:
Second Chance
First Strike

Stats: Kamakiri's starting stats are as follows:

Strength - 69

Agility - 41
Will - 63
Accuracy - 79
Dodge - 85
Armor - 15
Resistance - 33
Damage - 204-33

Health - 2389
When we recruit her, she will also have 12 open talent slots, which we can use for the following talents of our choice. All of them will be able to be trained up to tier 3.


- Lucy B
-Duncan Stubborn Freeman
(Witchdoctor Class)
-Quiet Keena Davis
I have a special companion that I made for Captain's Blood! I am thinking of a spooky scarecrow pirate. His name is the HAUNTED SCARECROW PIRATE. He has the head of a scarecrow, but has the body of a pirate. It will be the class of a Musketeer along with 23 Accuracy, 42 Dodge, 6 Armor, and 4 Resist. He also has 25 Strength, 30 Agility, and 17 Will.
Thanks for the friendly contest,

-Hunter Silver
My idea is for a FrankenTrogg companion, it would be witchdoctor class.
It would just look like a regular troggy in Frankenstein type clothes!
First Strike
Critical Strike
Vengeance Strike
- Daniel R
Name: Turtle Tang
Class: Musketeer
Talents: Lucky,Accurate,Spirited
- Loyal Martin Xavier
My Idea is a werewolf since it's Halloween and it would be in the buccaneer class and talents it will have will be full moon where you can go on a rage and attack all surrounding enemies another talent it will have is that when you use this talent you will bite an enemy and he will become a werewolf.
The werewolf can be wearing black robes if you want or just plain.
It can look something like this.
-Crafty Tom Noble
 And those are all of the entries!
Thank ye landlubbers! I will be leaving this site when I find the rest of me Deadman's hand cards! Stay tuned! I will take all of these companions with me on me ship after I summon them in Vadima's Summon Circle!
-Captain Blood

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Take over!

    Ye fools, think ye could have stopped me? Well I have Johnny and his crew locked up in the cell and its just me and you little pirates now! The only reason why I am back here is to get what is mine back! Ye know what I am talkin'! Th' dead mans hand! I want th cards back ye idiots!
    If ye find one of the cards anywhere on this silly site, click on it to give it back to me! I'll even give ya a little gift for helping me pirates! When you click on the card you find, it will bring you to a new page with ye code on it, type it in on code redeem quick before another pirate gets it from ye! What tis in it you ask? 2,500 crowns! I know tis! The 9 of horseshoe card is coming out today, I can feel it! Ill let ye know when It will be on th' site when that fool Johnny tells me where they are! Ill let ye know on here and on that blasted twitter!
9 of Horseshoes: Found and redeemed on 10/15/13
8 of Blades: Found and redeemed on 10/18/13
8 of Skulls: Found and redeemed on 10/21/13
Ace of Blades: Found and redeemed on 10/24/13
Ace of Skulls: Found and redeemed on 10/28/13
Create a Spooky Companion!
    The little Witch Vadima left her spellbook and summon circle up! It's time for you landlubbers to get to work! I need a new spooky companion to join me bloody crew! I dont want any ordinary companion, I want it to be spooky fer Halloween! Now get to work! Summon me a new companion! Name it, Which class it will be, and what talents it will have! Even draw me a picture of it if ye want!
    Send yer companion idea to! Please get yer parents permission first ye landlubbers if ye under th' age of 13! There will be a total of 9 winners! If ye send me an entry ye it will be placed in my magic jar and winners will be randomly picked! Th' prizes you ask? Ye greedy little!!!! All right then Captain Blood will tell ye th' prizes for helping him make a new companion!
1st Place Grand Prize: Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, 10k crowns
2nd Place-5th Place: Captain Blood's Hook, 5k crowns
6th Place-9th Place: (1) Training Tome
    Ye have till the 22nd of October, then I will leave this silly wretched site! I want me cards back and a new companion pirates! Ye better get tem back! Get to work on me companion too!
-Captain Blood

The 2nd reading!

    We headed over to Madame Vadima's again, she said she would try again the in the morning when she had all of her powers back from resting overnight! It happened again pirates! Just a smokey image. *Vadima whispers a few words from her spellbook, "ala kuma doawu!"
"Child, it is Captain Blood!" Oh no! Captain Blood from Cool Ranch is the one who sent that letter! We need to get prepared, he must still be angry that we defeated him back in Cool Ranch! Ill go get the..................
"Ye aint going nowhere fool"! Muahahahah Tis me Captain Blood! I'm finally here and I'm taking over Pirates of the spiral! Lock that Johnny up boys! Tis my site now! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!
~Captain Blood

Monday, October 14, 2013

Madame Vadima - The Letter

    We sent Madame Vadima the letter that we recieved from that mysterious skarakeet! We are trying to prepare for whatever surprise they have for us tomorrow! Setting traps, cleaning our pistols, and sharpening our blades! She used her hoodoo on the letter and threw it into her cauldron with a whole bunch of special ingredients while she whispered a few words from her magic spellbook!
    Her cauldron started to bubble and the purple water in the cauldron turned to a bright green color while the smoke started to form something. She only could get it so far, whoever sent us the letter is not letting us see who they are! They are blocking Madame Vadima's hoodoo! Who do you think it is? Tomorrow all of our questions will be answered pirates! Get prepared!
See you in the skyways!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mystery Letter!

    Pirates we have an emergency! Pirates of the Spiral has just recieved this letter from a Skarakeet! Who could this be from?! Th' bird smudged th'  name! Whoever it is doesn't seem to be happy! Sharpen ye blades and clean yer pistols! This could be an incoming attack! Stand ye grounds landlubbers!