Monday, October 14, 2013

Madame Vadima - The Letter

    We sent Madame Vadima the letter that we recieved from that mysterious skarakeet! We are trying to prepare for whatever surprise they have for us tomorrow! Setting traps, cleaning our pistols, and sharpening our blades! She used her hoodoo on the letter and threw it into her cauldron with a whole bunch of special ingredients while she whispered a few words from her magic spellbook!
    Her cauldron started to bubble and the purple water in the cauldron turned to a bright green color while the smoke started to form something. She only could get it so far, whoever sent us the letter is not letting us see who they are! They are blocking Madame Vadima's hoodoo! Who do you think it is? Tomorrow all of our questions will be answered pirates! Get prepared!
See you in the skyways!

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