Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Wednesday? Captain Blood has finally left and Im finally out of that cage cell! I hope he didn't bother you all too much. Next time we will be more prepared for an attack like that! Anyways to the news! Starting today, a select few companions will be 50% off! This sale will end November 3rd! Add some horror to your crew today!
    The list of Companions that are eligible for this promotion are below:
SM Arson
Martin Valvida
Moresco de Valvida
Doctor Noh
Bat Masterson
Bones Mcgee
Jim Masterson
Ghost Singer


  1. I like this sale. Are you getting any of them?

    1. I actually have the Helephant one for free since I am a Witchdoctor! You get it free if your a WD in Mooshu. Same with Bones Mcgee! The Valvida Brothers companions are interesting, they are bosses in Monquista, which unlock after you beat them. I may grab one of them not sure yet!