Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 2nd reading!

    We headed over to Madame Vadima's again, she said she would try again the in the morning when she had all of her powers back from resting overnight! It happened again pirates! Just a smokey image. *Vadima whispers a few words from her spellbook, "ala kuma doawu!"
"Child, it is Captain Blood!" Oh no! Captain Blood from Cool Ranch is the one who sent that letter! We need to get prepared, he must still be angry that we defeated him back in Cool Ranch! Ill go get the..................
"Ye aint going nowhere fool"! Muahahahah Tis me Captain Blood! I'm finally here and I'm taking over Pirates of the spiral! Lock that Johnny up boys! Tis my site now! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!
~Captain Blood

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