Friday, November 1, 2013

November Newsletter!

    Kingsisle has released the November Newsletter for Pirate101! There are plenty of cool things in this one pirates! First they start us off with a new Rogue's Gallery with Ol' Fisheye in the spotlight!

    Next, The Pirate101 Team shared the data they have collected of what our pirates have chosen at the beginning of the game; How our parents died, and what talent/where our pirates grew up! Check it out!
    Finally, they shared this mysterious Image at the end of the Newsletter! What does it mean and who is the NPC in it? Will this be part of a new World? Or Maybe just a Side activity? It seems like it is in Skull Island somewhere judging from the background. Also keep in mind, Bonnie Anne's picture is still in her first promotion when she is speaking so it must be early in the game!

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