Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sneak Peeks!

    Kingsisle has teased us with another photo! In this one, it seems like a ramp has been magically placed near the musketeer's roost area on Skull Island. It appears to be Aquila themed with a NPC standing on it near a rowboat. But whats really cool is if you look in the background, you can see a bird (giant npc?) holding up a colosseum!
    What do ya'll think it is? Some players are saying it could be a Ship PVP area, or maybe a dungeon? I personally think its a dungeon challenge for pirates of a certain level +. More sneak peeks should be popping up soon! Keep speculating!

1 comment:

  1. What I think is that Aquila in Wizard 101 tell about Pirate101 a little, maybe they are making the Pirate101 version of the immortal games, remember its the first world in wizard101 (wizard city) to access to aquila, maybe they let wizard go there though the commons of the first world of pirate101!