Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse Sale!

    Pirates! Kingsisle is celebrating the Chinese New Year and it so happens to land on the year of the Horse! You know what that means? It means now through February 2nd, save 50% off select horse mounts and companions! Woot woot! To see what is on sale head over to the Main site HERE!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dueling Diego now gives Pirate101 rewards!

    Today Kingsisle announced that Dueling Diego now gives Pirate101 rewards! Woot! What cool rewards can you pirates find? What ye waiting for? Go try and win some cool loot for your pirates! Will it be gold? Ship parts? Furniture? Rare Companion Points?! Go go go! Dueling Diego
    Later on today I will be giving away some Tier 7 Dueling Diego codes courtesy of Pirate101! These codes will give you 5000 gold + a rare reward! So make sure to keep an eye out on my Twitter, @Jcentral1 for some trivia! Goodluck Pirates!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A BIG Thank You!

    Tomorrow, the 27th is Community Manager Appreciation Day! I would like to take the time to thank 2 wonderful people in the KI community for making Wizard101 and Pirate101 so enjoyable! Tom Purdue, and Kiersten Samwell, or as we all know them, One-Eyed Jack and Professor Greyrose!
    Wizard101 and Pirate101 may be different games, but they take place in the same universe; The Spiral. I started playing Wizard101 in December 2008, a little after the Beta ended. Years have passed and the Game is still running strong! I have so many memories and nostalgia playing the game still to this day. Pirate101, Kingsisle's second game was announced on April 25th of 2012. Just like its counterpart, Pirate101 is living up to Kingsisle name ever since its been released! Both of the games teams have poured their hearts and souls into them. Amazing job!
    The Community Interaction that Tom and Kiersten do with us is simply amazing! I have never played another MMO that interacts so closely with their fanbases. This is what I find special about Kingsisle! I personally love how close they are with us. If you find another Gaming Company that is like ours please let me know because I bet you wont find one.
    So please take the time out of your day tomorrow and thank One-eyed Jack and Professor Greyrose for all the hard work they do, either on your Social Media, or the Central's!
    Without them, the Spiral just wouldn't feel the same! I look forward to seeing the future of both of these games and future Kingsisle Games. I am honored to be a player of both W101/P101 and a community leader for Pirates! I'm so glad to help give back to our communities. Once again Thank you for everything you two do for us!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Treasure Hunters!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Thursday? Last time we left off on our new Privateer adventure, we had just returned Avery's Jade Amulet to him and he was just about to reward us with a Ship! WOOT! Off we go then, eh?

    Head through the gates in Skull Island Fort to reach the Market area! Make sure you check out all of the shops here for new gear to power up your pirate! There is the Bazaar also which has plenty gear/furniture from other pirates that had no need for it anymore! Eloise Merryweather is standing near it, talk to her to stitch your gear or weapons if you wish! Walk down the pathway and you will spot a Magnificent Ship ahead! Yes that IS yours! Walk up to it! Dockmaster Dan greets you and tells you that its your new ship behind him! *Cries of glee* But wait... whats this? Dan apologizes and says he was mistaken that isn't yours, the one behind it is.... *facepalm*
    Yes that rinky dink boat above is your new "ship" Avery promised you! :D You also get to meet Blind Mew! He tells you how horrible that raft sounds. Egg Shen tells us to go confront Avery as to why he lied to us!
    When we confront Avery, he gives a slight apology but says he cannot give us a better ship. He does tell us a tale of Gunn's treasure though, which is also cool ya know? Gold! Treasure! He asks us to retrieve a chalice that is in Gunn's Treasure as a favor for him. After hearing the story of Gunn's Treasure, we must go and speak to the Commodore to learn more about it and the Treasure Hunters who are about to go search for it! While we are there we train the Rouse Spell which is always nice to have!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finding the Jade Amulet!

    Last time we left off on our new adventure, We had escaped the clutches of the Armada, Met Pirate King Avery, and a sly fox joined our crew! We are now trying to find a Frog by the name of Livsey who may know where Finn went with Avery's beloved Jade Amulet!
    Before we head further into Skull Island Jungles, I did add another companion to our crew, to give us a little boost in the game and help us out. Nausica the Centaur Queen from the Empire Bundle! She is the best Musketeer in the game next to Bonnie Anne hands down! Nothing wrong with having 2 musks demolishing everything in your path! If you would like to learn more about Nausica and the Empire Bundle, or if you want to know where to purchase one, click HERE
    Up ahead past some of the Troggies roaming around, we find Livsey captured in a cage by one of the Troggies. He asks us for help to find the key out! Fight some of the nearby Troggies for the key! Lets just take a moment and talk about how Privateer's first power "Gunnery" is awesome? Its an AOE which I love since I am use to AOE's on my Witchdoctor! :) You summon up Bombs that drop from the sky on top of the mobs? How cool is that! The more powerful versions of this later in the game also have a chance to catch the area we drop them on fire!
    At the top of Skull Mountain we see all of the cutthroats are in charge here. They are all running amok! Before we head into the Caverns we have to defeat some! Once we are inside the Cave, there will be a chest up ahead. Open it and it will give you gear that matches the pirate class you are. This is basically a tutorial chest teaching you about them. Make sure you equip it! Past the vines you have to cut through, you will be at the entrance deep into the tunnels.
    Past all of the Crocodiles and Sharks, you will find Sergeant Shepherd! This is one of Livsey's friends. He tells us that Finn is just below the stairs here in the Throne Room. The only problem is, that the area here is flooded with water. Shepherd tells us of a way to drain the water, its in another room on the opposite side of the tunnels. First we have to go and collect the key to the room with the switches! Bonnie Anne comes with a special move called Scatterblast, its another aoe that does damage to multiple enemies on the board. I love to use my Gunnery talent with this, it wipes out the mobs fast! Scatterblast also reduces the chance of the mobs it hits to dodge your attacks! Woot! Ok off we go to the Troggy Shrine!

    After we drain all of the water blocking the entrance to the throne room where Finn is hiding out with Avery's amulet, Sergeant Shepard says he wants to help us get it back! Lets go!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yo-ho-yo-ho a Privateer's life for me!

    Today we are starting our 2nd adventure into P101! This time as a Privateer! What new companions and adventures will we get ourselves into? Only time will tell Pirates! Back into th' brig for ya! Off we go! See ya in Skull Island!

    When we arrive at Skull Island after fleeing the Ship Battle with Deacon, we speak with Avery and he asks us a favor. One of his "friends" Finn has stole one of his beloved treasures, the Jade Amulet. He tells us if we help him out, he will reward us with a ship! Of course who wouldn't take up this offer? Our friend we met on the Armada ship this time goes by the name of Egg Shen! He is a mighty Buccaneer!
    After we leave Avery's office, we head over to the other side of the Island to find out where Finn went with the Amulet. While adventuring into the Troggy Side of Skull Island, we bump into a fox named Bonnie Anne!
    She asks us for our help to defeat some of the Troggy's that are causing trouble and bombing Skull Island from here. Well I have some of me own bombs and they are aimed at the devilish frogs ;)! Egg Shen loved to stretch his arms after being locked up in the Armada's jail cell and whacked a couple of them too! After we return, Bonnie asks us if we have room in our crew as she wants to join! Woot! She is a beast with her Gun! Lt. Smollet then asks us to go mark down where the Troggies are shooting Skull Island from on the map he hands us.
    After we return, Lt Smollet lets us know of a frog up ahead named Livsey, he may know where Finn went!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Story Spoiler Threads on the Main Boards.

    How are all of ye pirates doin in th' new year?! 2014! We here in Skull Island layed out near the docks under night sky and watched some nice fireworks. Party at the Tavern and there was so much YUM! Todays topic will be Story Threads on the Main Wizard101 and Pirate101 Boards!
    On January 2013, a P101 member created a thread on the Main boards, asking a couple of questions pertaining to the Story. Usually, when asking future detail/story questions, you would get the "spoiler response" -

I'm sorry, but we're not able to answer this type of question. We consider that information a Spoiler, and we're not permitted to reveal the Spoilers to anyone.
They're common for all students at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, so you can ask your friends and in the forums, but the Faculty is strictly forbidden from revealing them. However, I can suggest a few resources that could prove very valuable.

We have our own set of message boards. While anyone can view the boards, only subscribers can post. You can find the message boards here:

We also have Wizard101 Central. This is an independently owned and community managed fan site that includes a public forum and very detailed wiki. It's a place that you can ask questions like that and receive answers:
**NOTE: This is not owned or operated by Wizard101 or KingsIsle Entertainment**

To conclude, check out our Fansite page. This lists all of the fansites endorsed (but not owned or operated) by Wizard101. All these sites are very useful and provide very valuable information (from a players perspective no less) when it comes to Wizard101.

I do hope that these resources help you, as well as provide a place for you to get involved with the community. If you need anything further that is not covered in any of these resources, just let us know!

KingsIsle Support

    But us fans of Pirate101 were lucky when "Blind Mew" aka Sam Johnson; Creative Design Lead came to the thread and answered Captainflint's questions. This simple thread, became something much much more. Blind Mew continued to answer more and more of the players/fans questions about the story, companions, worlds, etc. A matter of fact, there are over 3 threads now, filled with "hints" about what is/will happen in Pirate101 next. Now I did find this fun at first, we have our own inside source from KI interacting with the community (which is always fun!)
    What rubs me the wrong way though, is continuing these threads. It would have been fun to have it opened for a day or a week , and then end it, but its gone on for over a year now. Don't get me wrong, I love Blind Mew's work, it is EPICNESS! But let us experience the magic/piratey adventure in-game when its updated into the game.
    To extend on my opinion, I feel like we are being spoiled by Mr. Mew. Now we want MORE MORE MORE! He shouldn't have to respond to all of us with every question we have about the story and upcoming storylines. Its nice at first, but now its trending into a bad habit. What happened to the days where we were surprised with a world *BOOM* Test Realm is online! *WOW LOOK AT THAT WORLD!* Where we have no clue about it and learn about it playing it? Finding all the secrets and mysteries about it?
    Recently In December before the new year, King Artorius aka "Jessie Scoble" The writer for Wizard101 from Zafaria- On, created a story thread. He said he was impressed with Blind Mew's story threads on P101, (which I am thinking the response they are getting.)
Before ending his post, he puts this;

Fourth, please do not ask for information ("spoilers") on upcoming story content. As Blind Mew would say, "That would be telling."
    Some members have asked some great questions about PAST storylines/worlds we have already encountered/experienced, and they have answered them with great detail. Maybe a step forward in these if they continue them would be to not allow any "FUTURE storyline/world" questions, and allow Storyline questions up to the point the game is on the Live servers. Aquila at the moment currently in Pirate101.)
    Piecing together some of the "hints" Blind Mew has shared for upcoming questions, we basically know what the next event in Pirate101 will be, and possibly future companion promotions, worlds, and more.
    Now that I have shared my opinion on these type of threads, what is your take on it? Do you like em'? Do you want to continue to receive hints at upcoming content or would you like it to be a complete surprise? I know some will not agree with me, but that's just how I feel personally. Yes I have asked them future questions in the thread in the past, but with the recent "R3NO" posts on W101C basically spoiling Khrysalis, it is turning me OFF. I DO NOT want to know the level 98 spells before part 2 comes out, nor do I want to know future pets, gear, cheats ETC. If you are a fan of spoilers please keep it to yourself, some may say, well don't go into the threads, that is easier said than done. The word gets around quick in the Twizard/Twirate community, and as a moderator on W101C, I cant "not" see R3NO's posts.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What do you think will happen in 2014?

Yarrrr Pirates!
    Happy New Year to ye! While ye all ponder what new resolutions you want for yourselves this year, also take the time to think about what will happen in Pirate101 in 2014! Will we finally go deeper into Valencia to confront Kane? Will we possibly go to the dark lands of Darkmoore? Leave your ideas in the comments below!