Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finding the Jade Amulet!

    Last time we left off on our new adventure, We had escaped the clutches of the Armada, Met Pirate King Avery, and a sly fox joined our crew! We are now trying to find a Frog by the name of Livsey who may know where Finn went with Avery's beloved Jade Amulet!
    Before we head further into Skull Island Jungles, I did add another companion to our crew, to give us a little boost in the game and help us out. Nausica the Centaur Queen from the Empire Bundle! She is the best Musketeer in the game next to Bonnie Anne hands down! Nothing wrong with having 2 musks demolishing everything in your path! If you would like to learn more about Nausica and the Empire Bundle, or if you want to know where to purchase one, click HERE
    Up ahead past some of the Troggies roaming around, we find Livsey captured in a cage by one of the Troggies. He asks us for help to find the key out! Fight some of the nearby Troggies for the key! Lets just take a moment and talk about how Privateer's first power "Gunnery" is awesome? Its an AOE which I love since I am use to AOE's on my Witchdoctor! :) You summon up Bombs that drop from the sky on top of the mobs? How cool is that! The more powerful versions of this later in the game also have a chance to catch the area we drop them on fire!
    At the top of Skull Mountain we see all of the cutthroats are in charge here. They are all running amok! Before we head into the Caverns we have to defeat some! Once we are inside the Cave, there will be a chest up ahead. Open it and it will give you gear that matches the pirate class you are. This is basically a tutorial chest teaching you about them. Make sure you equip it! Past the vines you have to cut through, you will be at the entrance deep into the tunnels.
    Past all of the Crocodiles and Sharks, you will find Sergeant Shepherd! This is one of Livsey's friends. He tells us that Finn is just below the stairs here in the Throne Room. The only problem is, that the area here is flooded with water. Shepherd tells us of a way to drain the water, its in another room on the opposite side of the tunnels. First we have to go and collect the key to the room with the switches! Bonnie Anne comes with a special move called Scatterblast, its another aoe that does damage to multiple enemies on the board. I love to use my Gunnery talent with this, it wipes out the mobs fast! Scatterblast also reduces the chance of the mobs it hits to dodge your attacks! Woot! Ok off we go to the Troggy Shrine!

    After we drain all of the water blocking the entrance to the throne room where Finn is hiding out with Avery's amulet, Sergeant Shepard says he wants to help us get it back! Lets go!

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