Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Treasure Hunters!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Thursday? Last time we left off on our new Privateer adventure, we had just returned Avery's Jade Amulet to him and he was just about to reward us with a Ship! WOOT! Off we go then, eh?

    Head through the gates in Skull Island Fort to reach the Market area! Make sure you check out all of the shops here for new gear to power up your pirate! There is the Bazaar also which has plenty gear/furniture from other pirates that had no need for it anymore! Eloise Merryweather is standing near it, talk to her to stitch your gear or weapons if you wish! Walk down the pathway and you will spot a Magnificent Ship ahead! Yes that IS yours! Walk up to it! Dockmaster Dan greets you and tells you that its your new ship behind him! *Cries of glee* But wait... whats this? Dan apologizes and says he was mistaken that isn't yours, the one behind it is.... *facepalm*
    Yes that rinky dink boat above is your new "ship" Avery promised you! :D You also get to meet Blind Mew! He tells you how horrible that raft sounds. Egg Shen tells us to go confront Avery as to why he lied to us!
    When we confront Avery, he gives a slight apology but says he cannot give us a better ship. He does tell us a tale of Gunn's treasure though, which is also cool ya know? Gold! Treasure! He asks us to retrieve a chalice that is in Gunn's Treasure as a favor for him. After hearing the story of Gunn's Treasure, we must go and speak to the Commodore to learn more about it and the Treasure Hunters who are about to go search for it! While we are there we train the Rouse Spell which is always nice to have!

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