Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yo-ho-yo-ho a Privateer's life for me!

    Today we are starting our 2nd adventure into P101! This time as a Privateer! What new companions and adventures will we get ourselves into? Only time will tell Pirates! Back into th' brig for ya! Off we go! See ya in Skull Island!

    When we arrive at Skull Island after fleeing the Ship Battle with Deacon, we speak with Avery and he asks us a favor. One of his "friends" Finn has stole one of his beloved treasures, the Jade Amulet. He tells us if we help him out, he will reward us with a ship! Of course who wouldn't take up this offer? Our friend we met on the Armada ship this time goes by the name of Egg Shen! He is a mighty Buccaneer!
    After we leave Avery's office, we head over to the other side of the Island to find out where Finn went with the Amulet. While adventuring into the Troggy Side of Skull Island, we bump into a fox named Bonnie Anne!
    She asks us for our help to defeat some of the Troggy's that are causing trouble and bombing Skull Island from here. Well I have some of me own bombs and they are aimed at the devilish frogs ;)! Egg Shen loved to stretch his arms after being locked up in the Armada's jail cell and whacked a couple of them too! After we return, Bonnie asks us if we have room in our crew as she wants to join! Woot! She is a beast with her Gun! Lt. Smollet then asks us to go mark down where the Troggies are shooting Skull Island from on the map he hands us.
    After we return, Lt Smollet lets us know of a frog up ahead named Livsey, he may know where Finn went!

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