Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Presidio Time!

    The last time we left off on our adventures, we searched for Captain Ahab's son, and visited the Frog Father in Gullet! He will only tell us where Ratbeard is if we help him first. He wants us to go to the Monquistan Presidio behind Skull Island to get some of the Spices that are being guarded there. Will we succeed?

Monday, February 24, 2014


    The last time we left off on our grand adventure, we traveled to Jonah town which is on a flying whale's back! We are trying to find the Frogfather, but Captain Ahab would only help us if we help him first. One of his captains went into a vortex and was being attacked by sharks. We saved him and now we are looking for Ahab's son who was said to be going to Rapa Nui.
    When we arrive at the isle of Rapa Nui, we talk with Trader Tahi. We ask if he has seen Norville, and he tells us that he came and sold his fish but didn't see him leave when Ratbeard caused trouble and caused the Waponi's to show up. Chief of Rapa Nui may know more of what happened, find him behind Tahi. Chief Omurtu explains that Ratbeard was once friends with the Nui tribe, but betrayed them by stealing the sacred feathers and brought them to the enemy Waponi tribe.
    Omurtu says that the Waponi tribe have no honor and worship an evil Fire God on a Volcano close by. Some of them are currently sailing around Rapa Nui mocking them. Omurtu asks us a favor, since the Nui are peaceful and have no warriors, he asks us to go and sink some of the Waponi ships around the Island.
    When we return after defeating some of the Waponi's, Omurtu gives us the Nui's greatest treasure, a Mojo Potion! Now we have 2. Since I am playing a Privateer, we also get a new buccaneer companion, Nanu Nanu. He wants to help us get revenge on Ratbeard too. Omurtu tells us to speak with Hunter Raku as to where Norville went.
    Hunter Raku tells us that a gang of pirates took Norville on their boat and sailed towards Skull Island. We take this lead and return to Kraken Skulls Tavern to see if anyone has seen them. The Bartender says Blind Mew knows all that happens on the Island and that we should ask him. We return to our blind cat friend and he tells us that he heard the gang of pirates and Norville walking towards the sewer drain by the abandoned shack.
    Inside we confront the gang! Beemish the otter orders the first attack to us since we were not the person they were waiting for. Someone named Sammy. Behind them you can see Norville standing there waiting for someone to rescuse him and Jonah Town's Money for the Frogfather. After you win the fight, Norville thanks you and asks you to bring him back to Jonah Town.
    Once we return Norville to Captain Ahab, he lets us know that they have to pay the Frogfather to protect all of Jonah Town from Cutthroats and Ruffians, which is why the market money was so important. He says that the Frogfather is inside Jonah town, in Gullet, the Whales stomach. Hop on the bucket and you will be lowered into Gullet.
    You will be greeted by a frog named Slimy Jenkins who wonders why you are here. You tell him you want to mee the Frogfather and he tells you to go to the big Double Doors up the ramp down to the left. Knock 3 times and ask for Rocco. Tell him the password is "Swordfish". We head to that room and tell Rocco the password, which turns out to be wrong. Battle Rocco and his guards to find out the real password and the location of the Frogfather's house which is across the square.
    The Frogfather wants to know why we have come and we tell him that we are looking for Ratbeard and were wondering if he knew where he went. Frogfather will tell us where Ratbeard is, but first needs a favor. He is interested in some spices that are located in the Presidio, behind Skull Island. It is being guarded by many Monquistans. He tells us to that there is a secret dock and to meet his partner there.
Until next time Pirates!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Short Story Contest Entries!

    Good Mornin' Pirates! Today is the day the winner of the 2nd Hoodoo Bundle will be chosen by the one and only Hoodoo Cornelious! Below you will see all of the entries that we have received in no particular order! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did! Great job everyone! Unfortunately I only have one bundle to give away!
By Noble Felix Yellowfish

    Noble Felix Yellowfish was born in a family of pirates, and was extremely curious. His parents may have wanted him to be a great pirate like Gunn, the cunning folk teaching him in the arcane wanted him to be a great magician while the kids he knew fled from him. All he wanted to be was a great scholar,and mage.
    At a very young age he began learning and learning as much as he could on being a successful spellcrafter and spellbinder. Another important thing was his birth,for he was not conceived of flesh and blood but mana and magic, as such he could live through decades and even centuries without aging. On a trip with his parents in the open skies he gained great his greatest inspiration for a ritual. He was very young and very foolish for when his parents were eaten by the Sky Squid he had summoned he was saved by Birgus the Firstmate and they rided away on his parents Ghostly Galleon. This ritual he had thought remained untouched for years and years to come. He fled to Mooshu, land of the rising sun. In Mooshu he found a group of monks skilled in the ways of the magical arts. Their leader, head alchemist and physician of the Jade Emperor himself , was Zhang Guo who like him was immortal. Zhang Guo,the goat alchemist took him in as a son. There he worked not only as an apprentice and a cunning man but also as a physician and scrollkeeper, and a stableboy.
    Although he spent 20 years in Mooshu they felt as if they were just 2. Soon he had to be taken away to the place that would for the next be home. Crushed by the seperation from his goat father he was accepted into a clan of cats in the deserts of Mirage. He was initiated into many magical systems, spent some portion of his life in Meowcca and Meowdina. He soon however decided he needed a proper education in the art of bending the Spiral. He received an education from Ravenwood, Pigswick and the Academy of Polaris, which is quite a lot of education. He amassed so many arcane books, tomes and grimoires that he was employed as a teacher and librarian in the then Dragonspyre Academy.
     He was happy with this job because it allowed him to travel, learn new folk magic from accross the Spiral and even become the author of his own series of grimoires and spellbooks. If this wasn't impressive enough, he even earned the title as one of the greatest magicians of the Spiral. However this didn't last as he fled from Dragonspyre due to rising tensions between the warring tribe and the Dragon Titan. He later met a doe druid girl in Avalon who he was to marry.
    She due to an ancient family curse died. Heartbroken he fled to Valencia and applied for a teaching position at Sivella Academy. They, unfortunately, rejected him. Sad, alone, desperate, angry and on the edge of a mental breakdown saw only one thing to do wandering the streets of Valencia, try to find a normal job. This is was a poor plan because his only talents are magic, science, horse riding and sailing. He eventually did get a job as the Court Physician of King Casimir. Years later he turned to sailing and learning the little practiced arts of Hoodoo and the rest of the story is pretty amusing.

(The next part of this story is more subjective as the narrator is Felix. It is also how he was captured, became a pirate and a witchdoctor. It also struggles with inner conflict:grief and guilt for causing his parents death,abandoning Mirage,Dragonspyre,Mooshu...)

    In a dark Monquistan room in the middle of the night I lingered around the fire. As I lingered around the room so too did the light linger upon my face as the shadows lingered in my hair. I am to blame for their death, my parents died because I experimented with the wrong forces. I am suffering. My friend is Dante Torralva,a magician in Monquista,on the run from the Monquistition. He is rather comical and nice but like all Monquistans has an attitude. He is a master of the darker arts of magic,including Necromancy.
    With his aid I am to summon my parents from beyond the grave. Dante's ritual room is dark only illuminated by candles on the sides. The room contains a single fireplace over which I am looking down. In it's center is a circle. On the sides of the circle are two triangles,inscribed with sigils,glowing with magical energy that fills this room. Six candles,three on the right side,three on the left side of the circle illuminate the chalk around it. On each point of the triangle,a single candle. Their flames fluttering on the ceiling. Sigils and veves inscribed in green and purple mana set the mood as incense fills the air. The smell of the incense is sweet and sharp,although hard to identify there is certainly lavender with a hint of sandalwood,the rest however is cryptic. The smoke is forming into shapes and the shadows on the wall created by the burning candles.
    Our ritual was a great one and it was attracting some lingering astral entities,we could feel them. But we aren't interested in them.Just in summoning my parents and appeasing them. The circle had 5 layers,each containing more and more symbols and numbers in a language of The First World,before it shattered. The first layer was an ouroboros,the second and third were for protection. The fourth and fifth were for invocation. The censers for the incense were brass and numerous. Dante was a magician,on the run from the Monquisition. He,like me,wishes to learn more of this folk magic known as Hoodoo. He wishes to become my ''Mojo Monkey Companion'' as he puts it. We talked:

-Are you ready to do this''Dante asked.

''Yes,let me rid myself of the past and then we can run.''I answered

    The monkey dressed in his top hat and rather simple classical Monquistian clothing grinned. Magic sparkled in his eyes,as he put on a skull mask,stood up and lifted his staff to the skies. I approached him and together we stood inside the circle. The smoke of the incense circling around us as we chanted and whispered. Inside the triangle nothing materialised. The sigils lost their glow as we turned around and saw the Monquistion. After that we just took are things as we were already packed and ran.

    We barely got out of the building as we ran and ran. Through the night we were chased by the Monquisition who all wanted us dead. We weren't captured but we had to spend the night in a cave. In the cave I found an outfit,the Conqueroo's outfit, John Conqueroo's outfit. John was a famous hoodoo man with exceptional powers. In his outfit I found vials,filled with fluids i could not identify. He also had a talisman which radiated with the essence of death. Notes on many magical practices and his personal journal. It was a small leather-bount book that judging by the smell seemed to be from the wings of a batacuda, which it was. Little trinkets like feathers adorned the covers. The parchment seemed old,but durable. Dante and I marvelled at the journal, inside notes not on traditional sophisticated magic but on crude, yet effective folk magic.
    From the Nui to the stars. From pendelums to herbs it was amazing. Including notes on the life of John,some of his spells and rituals. A veve that sparkled on the first page of the booklet was in later chapters revealed to be the veve of Baron Samedi, the ancient Hoodoo spirit of the dead. Samedi was a very powerful spirit. He could raise anyone from the dead, just as he could assure the dead stay dead. He could bring death , just as he could delay it or prevent it. I saw a way in this ritual to talk to my parents and to appease them. The problem was it's not what we were used to. There was no incense, no circle of protection, no triangle of restraint . But nonetheless, if this is the only way to talk to my parents so be it.
    I put John 's outfit on,his top hat,scarf and gloves and he carried with him all the notes he found . Dante was telling jokes, and divining through the stars the easiest way out of the desert. Ironically the monkey wizard got a make-over and learned the very basics of Hoodoo. In the morning we got to a port and we smuggled into Skull Island on none other than an Armada ship. Now I really dislike these clockworks,eventhough I admired their complexity. The even more horrible part is that the ship was employed by the Monquistion to safely take monks from Monquista City to Puerto Mico.
    We sighed and as we tried to make a run for it(carefully swiping some Armada paperwork). We were caught by tha Armada and the Monquisiton. As the Monks chanted what sounded like latin words and excorcisms they threw salt and turned the ship into a dead magic zone. We were overpowered.

    We were put behind bars. We knew we would be executed but for some reason I felt our salvation. Suddenly a watermole appeared. He didn't say anything.Actually it wasn's even a watermole,just an astral projection.

    He helped us get out , bypass all the guards and get to a secluded island. There the astral body dissipated leaving behind a spirit caller. The island was small yet radiated with the presence of the spirits. He spoke:

    ''I am chief obeah Pa'ao. If you want Hoodoo powers,you're gonna have to become witchdoctors,to become witchdoctors,you need Pa'ao to teach you. Do you want to be witchdoctors?''

    I just grinned and agreed. Over the next couple of weeks, we trained our will, learned veves, charms, poppets, spells and prepared for our initiation. We had bonded so much with Pa'ao. Eventually I decided to tell him about how we got there. How we failed our ritual and got captured. We spent all our time training. As part of our initiation we had to pick a patron spirit. Baron Samedi seemed like a good choice. After all what could go wrong.

    The initiations started. We were blindfolded. As the watermole evoked the spirits so too did they place their blessings in us. The air grew thick. We all grew exhausted as before us spirits began to manifest. We were witchdoctors and we were to summon the Baron.

We asked Pa'ao more about Baron Samedi. He responded:

    ''Baron Samedi is ancient spirit of death and life, the crossroads and magic. His main hougan was John the Conqueroo. John betray Baron by running away with talisman. Baron Samedi, devasted became cold spirit of death. But if you return amulet,he may be appeased and he may help you.''

    And so we went to the witchdoctors lab, the place where we perform our magic. Dante and I drew the veves, cast the circles and lit the incense.

Beheld in this darkness, before my two eyes

Incense takes form, the dead spirits rise

I demand for an offer, there is no compromise

I command to the aethers:''Rise,Baron Samedi,rise!''

A familiar feeling before my two eyes,with each incantation a part of me dies.

Sword, wand and chalice,

A brazier burning flame

Chalk, Smoke and candle wax

The spirits untamed

With all strength I scream my own name

To just hear the Baron

Yelling the same.

    As the incense shaped itself, and Dante kept brewing a draught in the cauldron a form appeared. A ghoul-like man dressed in a black suit with a top hat. He had a walking stick with a miniature skull. As the veves glowed,the air thickened and death filled the room, I took out a piece of cloth from the clothes of my parents and chanted their names.Baron Samedi,now in full physical appearence spoke in a cold yet nasal voice.

    ''Tell me young witchdoctor, who are you to evoke me''

    At this threat all could respond is:''Baron Samedi, i have summoned thee, to help me bypass the veil between the worlds, so I can apologize. I will also return ye thine amulet which John the Conqueroo took and in exchange I want your blessing and help in my arcane work.''

    Baron Samedi took the amulet and threw it into Dante 's cauldron. The Guede,spiritual servants of the Baron escaped from the oozy mist of the cauldron. The veil between the worlds broke. As the mist condensed my mother appeared,smiling. However the doors broke to reveal,the Armada had come. Dante picked up all our stuff, while my parents were no longer there. Baron Samedi smiled as he stretched out his staff and the Guede fled to it. With one violent move the spirits immediatly immobilised the Armada and formed sheets of mist that no one could see through. We ran and made it but we heard a gunshot. Master Pa'ao was killed. Weeping I fell into the sand and fainted.

    When I woke up Dante and I were on a ship. The ship ran on gears that anyone could hear click. I felt myself sinking into the darkness of my soul,reaching out to myself. Master Pa'ao, my parents, Dragonspyre and maybe even Dante all died because of me. Now I was to be executed. However for some reason I now felt free. I realised that someone freed me from my chains. When I turned to my right I saw Baron Samedi. He said to me:

    ''I got to admire your will and audacity, most people would just kill themselves after such a hard day.

-What's the point if I'm going to die now.

-Cause I'll help you escape


    -You may not realised but you're dying. That's why I'm here. Don't worry it ain't your time yet. Necromancy employs whispers to focus fear from your soul and onto the veil, to find a backdoor in the veil and bring someone back. That's not how Hoodoo works. In Hoodoo you got to break the veil through the front door and bring someone back''

    He looked at me and gave me veve.I placed it in my locket where I kept all my other sigils, seals, spells, charms and veves. The veve was his veve. He then said:

    ''Wear this veve and you carry within yourself my essence. The Guede are the voices of the dead, and like the dead they are numberless, guarding the direct path to the land of the dead. They answer to me. Command them with my essence and in my name and they will answer to you. I've gotta run.''

    And so Baron Samedi dissipated leaving behind the veve. I turned around and saw a monkey privateer and a bearded pirate. And so with a goat monk named Kan Po, Dante and I escaped with Boochbeard and Gandry. At some point Deacon,the spymaster caught up to us. I just opened the and summoned numerous green Guede. They were going to kill me until i showed them the veve and sent them on the Armada's ship. we escaped and made our way to Skull Island.
    That smile my mother gave me is to me a sign of their forgiveness. In the end I discovered that you have to enjoy life, no matter how short or long it is. No matter how much you wanted, you can never defeat,c heat or escape death. Because death is allied with something greater:Time. And you can't beat time ,trust me I've tried. In the end,when using spells to summon the dead, you can never truly bring them back.
In the end,the dead do not walk amongst us,but rather,we walk amongst the dead.
The Crazy Monkey by Clever Jack Freeman
    Once upon a time there lived a crazy monkey named Bojo with crazy mojo powers who was banished from Monquista for trying to raise his undead army and take over Monquista. But the mighty Gortez defeated him and locked him up. Around a year later one of his undead minions freed him and escaped to a place he called the Witchdoctor's Lab. In the witchdoctor's Lab he created a spell he called the Baron Samedi with that spell he was gonna create his undead army again and get his revenge.
    He was defeated again but before Gortez could lock him up or execute him he escaped on his ship called the Ghostly Galleon but he left his minion who saved him, there to rot in Gortez's dungeon ever since that day he has been cursed from his minion and the only way to break it is to do good deeds. That is why he is willing to join you and give you his Conqueroo's outfit in the Hoodoo bundle.
By Urouge
    Our short story begins in land located faraway in the skyaway. This land is known as Scrimshaw, the land of thieves and rats. Though not everyone there is a rat or a thief for there are some who have a heart and go out of their way to do good for the people of Scrimshaw in hopes of new friends and adventure. One of the heroes is Hunter Kidd. A pirate who conquered Skull Island, Rapa Nui, Blood Island and Jonah Town only with a crew of five, including himself. There was the sharpshooter Bonnie Anne, martial artist Egg Shen, lieutenant Emmet Smith and buccaneer Gaspard de Vole.
    One day he came to Scrimshaw in search of the secrets of El Dorado. Little did he know the Armada were following him to find out the secrets of El Dorado as well. The Armada had taken over Scrimshaw, stealing all the peoples food and water and took some of the rats as slaves. But Hunter already knew all of this since Bonnie Anne warned him about it earlier that day. Gaspard advised Hunter to lead the following Armadas to a trap in Scrimshaw. But they would need someone to go and find the information that they needed to find El Dorado. The crew separated into 2 teams.
    The Distraction Team would be with Hunter Kidd, Gaspard de Vole and Emmet Smith. The Stealth Team would be with Bonnie Anne and Egg Shen. They split right away. The Armada saw the Distraction Team and rushed after them. The Distraction Team stood their ground, ready to fight the evil Armada! The Stealth Team searched high and low for Mr. Marcus, the person who would give them a book about Marco Pollo.
    They finally found him...surrounded by the Armada!! The Stealth Team started to fight them as well. After hours of struggle, the evil Armada had fallen!!!! Success!! The pirate crew then rushed to the stronghold where the slaves were being held prisoner and freed them and gave them back all their stuff and everyone lived happily ever after!!
By Smart Jonah Dove
    Once there was a pirate named Smart Jonah Dove. Jonah had a BIG ship called the Ghostly Galleon. It had cannons and sails and even scary fog coming off of it! Jonah's firstmate was a Mojo Monkey from the distant land of Monquista. This Mojo Monkey could cast curses and hurl hexes. Now, Jonah was a very fashionable pirate and he would only wear his Conqueroo's Outfit.
    Everybody who's anybody knows that that outfit is renowned across the Spiral for its studliness. He lived in a Haunted Grotto with a Witchdoctor's Lab in it. Jonah was a famous pirate because his great great grandfather was Baron Samedi, the greatest Witchdoctor who ever lived. When Jonah became a pirate he wanted to follow in Baron Samedi's footsteps and become a Witchdoctor. And he did.
By James Morgan
    The crew stared at the Ghostly Galleon floating at the side of the dock. "Well, this is it. Our new ship." The Captain said. "But Captain, it's haunted!"   Morgans' Mojo Monkey Companion, Patches, screamed. Morgan stood there in his new Conqueroo's Outfit, looking calm. "Yes, but the price was perfect. They were practically giving it away!" he said. "Because it's haunted you twit!" yelled Sarah Steele, the first mate.
    "That's okay. We'll just go to the Witchdoctor's Lab, and have that taken care of." Morgan said. "Then we're off to find Baron Samedi, and get that treasure!"  Ratbeard smiled and said "Perhaps with that treasure we can buy our Captain a new brain. Obviously he's lost the one he had!"
Abducted Witchdoctors, Old Creaky Ships, and Mystic Monkeys by Bill W.
    Hi! I’m a pirate! To be more exact, I’m a level 65 Witchdoctor Companion traveling the Spiral. What we pirates do is we find treasure all across the Spiral, while having fun along the way. Now that those greetings are out of the way, let’s get to the real point why I’m writing this in my journal, for I wouldn’t write this unless it was important. And boy, did this turn out to be the adventure! It all started when I fought Captain Pluton in the Achean Way, Aquila. I was destroying his ship in the hope of scoring some good ship gear.
    I had just finished and was busy putting out the fires. "Kan Po, come over here with that bucket of water." I commanded. "Mormo, come over here with your magic and make it rain… Mormo? You there, Mormo?" Of course it is terribly inconvenient when you depend on someone to help fix your ship and he isn’t there. I checked the companion training area. He definitely wasn’t there. I checked the sails, the port, the rails, even the anchor for Mormo. He appeared to have disappeared into thin air, which I suppose he could do if he wanted to. Desperate, I searched one last time in the companion living quarters, and there he was. Sleeping. I was outraged, no one had ever disobeyed my orders on my crew! I stormed over there and gave him a zap with my staff.
    He woke up fast enough alright! "Captain, I sleeping. What you doing here?" Mormo asked. As I was about to answer, a giant squid tentacle burst through the window and hurled me back! I watched as Mormo was dragged helplessly below into a stormgate! By the time my companions had arrived, it was too late. I had to find out who had abducted Mormo. I searched the window, and only found some mysterious fur as a clue. It smelled of… bananas. But that wasn’t right. Squids don’t have fur and they definitely don’t eat bananas. Trust me, I accidentally gave a giant squid a banana once, and he went into a rage. They hate bananas. So whose fur was this…? I didn’t have time to worry about it, though. I had to contact Captain Avery! I sailed hastily through the Stormgate to Skull Island.
    However, there we were ambushed by another surprise! A vortex of Batacudas!!! Trust me, this may not sound terrifying, but when these Batacudas are level 65, it is most shocking indeed! It was too late for my ship to try and retreat. The vortex swallowed my ship up. Inside, I sent my Batacuda companion to try to communicate with the Batacudas and tell them that we were friends. However, my Batacuda was defeated and thrown back into my ship! One of my companinons, my friends, defeated mercilessly like that! I could not stand this insult. I started zapping Batacudas left and right. My companions knew what to do. We slashed, shot, stabbed, zapped, and smashed those Batacudas left and right. The leader Batacuda emerged, and Bonnie Anne and Lefty quickly shot it down.
    As it plummeted, I thought I caught a glimpse of a monkey riding that Batacuda. But that couldn’t be right… could it? As I ran back to my companions, I noticed something fishy, and it wasn’t my Batacuda this time. Old Scratch was gone! I searched the ship for him, but he wasn’t there! He must have been taken by those dastardly Batacudas! It was more urgent than ever to find Captain Avery.
    There were so many questions whirling about at light speed in my head. Why target my companions? And why were they all Witchdoctors? I only had one Witchdoctor Companion on board now. My Snake Augur had to be protected from those fiends. I quickly put up protective spells around her and set sail for Skull Island. As we neared the Presidio, I felt some ominous magic, or "mojo" as Old Scratch would call it. I noticed a ship that appeared to be charging towards the skyway. No, wait, it was charging at us! I tried to spin the wheel to dodge the incoming Galleon, but it was too late. It was a direct collision that shattered both ships’ masts and left us stranded in the Skyway. I knew this had to be the work of whoever had kidnapped my Witchdoctors. As I boarded the enemy ship, my Snake Augur identified it as the Ghostly Galleon. There is a whole pirate legend about that, but to cut a long story short, the Ghostly Galleon was run by evil phantom pirates who were greedy and stole all the gold from other ships in Skull Island Skyway. These pirates were powerful, and could not be defeated.
    As I neared the captain’s quarters, however, there came a dense fog, and my Snake Augur gave out a cry and fell silent. I quickly tried to feel for her magical aura, but it was gone. She had been taken, my last Witchdoctor companion. I cleared the fog quickly with one of my trusty spells, and found the ship suddenly occupied. They were a nasty lot, a bunch of rogue Monquistadors. I thought about calling for help from my other Companions, but as soon as I was about to shout, one of them poisoned me with their spear! I fell to the deck, unconscious. When I woke up, I was in an uncharted area of Skull Island. Old Scratch, my Snake Augur, and Mormo were there as well. "Where is this?" I asked. Old Scratch replied, "This be the Witchdoctor Lab, captain my captain.
    I searched for this place when I was alive, and yet I could never detect its mojo captain my captain." I was still pondering over what to do when a shadowy figure appeared. It was a monkey! The same one I had seen in the Batacuda Vortex, and his fur and smell matched the fur I had found after Mormo had been kidnapped. I sensed he had powerful magic. That was obvious from the two ghostly pirates that had been charmed by him. I knew who he was. He was a Mojo Monkey.
    There is another long legend about Mojo Monkeys, but long story short, they know powerful magic, blah blah blah. He was wearing THE Conqueroo’s Outfit. I had heard rumors that it existed, and I had looked for it myself, but had never found it. He was also carrying Baron Samedi’s Standard, a powerful relic that was stolen from Madame Vadima many years ago. "My my, such fine magic," the monkey said. "Greetings, my name is Banana Dan." "Why did you capture us?" I questioned. "Simple, really. I am going to steal your mojo, and gain a huge increase in power." Banana Dan replied. "Stand still, this won’t hurt a bit." I took out the charm I had been channeling magic into. "A teleportation charm!" he gasped. "Where did you get that?" "Madame Vadima gave it to me in case of emergency. And this definitely counts as an emergency." I replied. I threw it down, and it activated.
    However, Banana Dan spoke a quick chant, and the magic drained from the charm. "I have mastered Draining Mojo. Come meet your doom!" he yelled. He threw down the Standard and summoned an army of the Undead. I hurriedly sent out a blast of magic. Old Scratch, Mormo, and my Snake Augur did the same. The Undead were temporarily defeated, but I could sense them reforming already. We had to take down the Standard. I launched a lightning bolt at the Standard, but it was reflected back towards me. I ducked and narrowly missed the magic as it singed some hair off my forehead. "Reflection spell!" Mormo yelled. Now, reflection spells are dastardly little spells. They will never break unless you defeat the caster.
    And I couldn’t defeat the caster because there was an undead army surrounding us, and if I concentrated on the Mojo Monkey, the Undead would overwhelm us by sheer numbers. I cast a protective buff over us, but it wouldn’t last long. We needed help. And that’s when my companions arrived. First, Kan Po and El Toro came, and they slashed and smashed Banana Dan until he was unconscious. The reflection spell broke, and I quickly summoned dragon spirits to destroy it. With the Standard gone, the Undead broke into piles of dust. Just then, I remembered that we were supposed to save the Standard for Madame Vadima. Oops.
     I would just have to find her another Standard, which meant more months of searching. Anyways, Banana Dan may have been crazy, because he didn’t give up. He threw bananas at us, which I first laughed at. After the bananas exploded and defeated El Toro and Kan Po, however, I grew more wary. I sent my musketeers to cover me by shooting out the bananas while my Buccaneers would charge and slash Banana Dan next.
    However, he repelled the Buccaneers with a powerful Mojo Blast and summoned ghosts to knock out my Musketeers. The plan had backfired. I had no choice but to send out my Swashbucklers and Privateers to attack and overwhelm Banana Dan. My swashbucklers were instantly mowed down by the exploding bananas, while the Privateers were flung overboard by giant hands Banana Dan had summoned. It was up to me, Mormo, Old Scratch, and the Snake Augur to defeat Banana Dan. I decided I would take the Exploding Bananas, and hit them with a Mojo Storm. Meanwhile, Mormo would charge with a Mojo Blade while the Snake Augur summoned dragon spirits to keep Banana Dan busy.
    Once that happened, Old Scratch would finish off Banana Dan by using his long-range mojo. We quickly moved into position and initiated the plan. The plan was an instant success. We quickly took down Banana Dan. He dropped his Conqueroo’s Clothes, which I hurriedly put on, since I had hunted those clothes for months. Banana Dan screamed, "How could I lose to upstarts like you?" I replied, "It’s because my companions trust me, and I trust them. We can work flawlessly together. Teamwork is key to winning." He sighed, and then said, "May I join your crew Captain? I would like to see the power of teamwork, and be a part of it." I quickly gave him the standard recruiting process, and soon he was in my crew, making friends with my companions in no time. I went to Madame Vadima and Avery and explained it to them.
     Avery gave me some gold as a reward for stopping the dangerous Banana Dan, while Madame Vadima gave me extra credit for defeating Banana Dan, finding the Witchdoctor Lab, and getting the Conqueroo’s Clothes. "However," she said, "If you destroy another standard that I have lost, I will deduct points, and you will pay for the damages!"
    I quickly apologized and ran home to my Sanctum, for you do not want to be with Madame Vadima when she is mad. She could do any number of things, teleport you to a monster-infested skyway, summon spirits to haunt you, or put a curse upon you. As I was home, I relaxed. However, I soon got bored, and soon decided to write my adventures in this journal. The adventures I wrote are the same chronicles you are reading. I wish you, the reader, good luck in finding your own pirate treasure, and hopefully having as fun finding adventures as I did!
By Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale
The day was finally here. It was the day Esmeralda had looked forward too all week.
Captain Avery was finally coming to her house on volcanic Island.
He heard she had just purchased the new Ghostly Gallon, and was excited
to see what all was equipped on it, And if it was worth purchasing for his crew.

Everything was in place. The house was spotless, her Conqueroo's outfit was cleaned and pressed
and the new Baron's Samedi she had just acquired looked awesome. she looked at her self in the full length mirror one more time before she headed out the door. She should pass inspection without any problems.

She had a surprise for Captain Avery, and couldn't wait to show him. She had just added a witchdoctors
lab to her house. she planned to use it to see if she could boost her spells and too help Madame Vadima with her quest to keep the evil away from Skull Island. She just had to be sure to keep her new Mojo monkey Companion out of the way. That crazy monkey was always going in the lab trying to mix new potions but all he had been doing so far was just causing a lot of chaos. She thought to her self "maybe i should name him chaos, because that seems to be all he causes." He definitely  needed more training.

 While standing on the beach of her home front she saw Avery's ship in the distance.As she waited in anticipation for him to arrive she said, " This is going to be an exciting day.!"
By Wesley Xavier
Wesley Xavier was conducting experiments in his Witchdoctor's lab, when the smoke from the cauldron took the shape of Madame Vadima.
"Come pirate. I am need of your assistance. Meet me in my den." Wesley dropped everything and sailed from his Haunted Grotto to Skull Island and met with Vadima.
"A new evil has appeared pirate. The skyway has fallen under siege by and undead pirate, known as Baron Samedi. He is a powerful necromancer and has summoned a fleet of undead from throughout the Spiral. You will need some help in your venture. Take this Conqueroo's outfit. It is enchanted and will assist. Go meet with Banana Bones. He is friend and will help you. He lives on Isle of Doom. It is not bad place, if you avoid the giant spiders." Wesley embarked for The Isle of Doom and met Banana Bones, a powerful Mojo Monkey Companion. Banana Bones joined Wesley's crew and they searched for Baron Samedi. Soon, they found the Baron's Ghostly Galleon, the Tormented Specter, attacking Jonah Town. As Wesley approached, the Wailing Specter unleashed a powerful attack of ghost fire that caused the wood on Wesley's ship to rot and burn. Wesley was able to get close enough for him and his crew to board the Tormented Specter as the last parts of his ship rotted away. Wesley's crew began attacking Baron Samedi's undead army, as Wesley and Banana Bones made their way to the helm. There was Baron Samedi. A tall, gaunt zombie with top hat and a skull face paint hiding his disfigured face. His ill fitted suit seemed slightly baggy and fluttered in the wind. He was standing in front of a mysterious flag.
"Pirate. So long as me standard be up, you an' yer crew can not defeat me an' me crew. I grant the undead immortality wit' it." Samedi gloated. His crew rose up again and resumed their attack.
"I think we got a problem, cap'n!" Exclaimed a worried Bonnie Anne.
"Well, it looks like I gotta go through ya then t' get that standard" Wesley said with a smirk. "Get 'im Banana Bones!" Banana Bones charged Samedi and swung his staff like a club. Samedi blocked the attack as Wesley used Shadow Step and teleported behind the standard. He knocked over the standard. Hearing the sound of the standard falling with a thud, Samedi turned around and saw his standard had fallen.
"NO! Ye will pay for dat, you li'l worm!" Samedi's face contorted with rage. Banana Bones swung his staff and connected with Samedi in the gut, launching him over the side of the ship. With the standard no longer standing, Wesley's crew made quick work of Samedi's crew.
"We saved the skyways from Samedi's curse cap'n!" Exclaimed Banana Bones.
"That's great an' all cap'n, but how do we get home? Our ship was destroyed."
"Easy Bonnie. We take this one. I kinda like th' look of it. An' I think I'll take the standard too." Wesley took the wheel and looked down towards Banana Bones. "Care to join th' crew?"
"I'm sure you can use the help. I'll join ya." Wesley shook Banana Bones paw.
"Now, let's test this standard out on a few Armada troops. Ready th' sails, me hearties! This should be fun!" Wesley shouted as the sailed off into the rising sun.
The Adventures of Captain Dark Colin Holystone
    All the mess started about an week ago when The Witchdoctor Captain Dark Colin Holystone sailed the skyways in searching for The Treasure of the Golden Banana.The Monquisitors said that in a one beautiful day from the Holy Tree fell off a banana that was shining  like the sun and that was able to convert anything it touches into gold(excepting humans)...Rumors say that the Golden Banana was lost on the Isle of Doom...But before setting sails he consulted with Old Scratch and Mormo and they said that before go he need to pray The Baron Samedi,a mighty spirit that can help them find the Golden Banana...So Captain Holystone prayed to Baron at night when al were sleeping.Baron Samedi answered to his pray and said that the first clue to find the relic he must seek in the Witchdoctor Lab that (actually were occupied by a necromonkey named Hoodoo Cornelius).
    When Captain Holystone and his crew entered the Witchdoctor Lab they were waited by Hoodoo Cornelius. He said that he will destroy them because they tresspassed in his inner sanctum.Then the Battle followed...When Captain Holystone and his mighty crew winned Hoodoo Cornelius said that he never battled a more powerful witchdoctor and prayed for mercy and he joined the crew to learn the technique of battle of the Captain Holystone and he becamed Hoodoo Cornelius The Mojo Monkey Companion.
    In gratitude he gived Captain Holystone The Conqueroo's outfit and telled Captain Holystone that The Golden Banana is located on the Isle of Doom in The Cave of The Golden Fog.When Captain Holystone and his crew arrived in the Cave of The Golden Fog they saw The Golden Banana lifted on a golden throne when they runned  to grab the Banana from shadow rised Golden Skeletons that guarded.The battle followed...They defeated the skeletons and Captains Holystone grabbed The Golden Banana.At the same time in the center of the cave appeared Baron Samedi that said that if he will give him the The Golden Banana he will give him a scepter that will make him gold when he wants and a Ghostly Galleon to carry it all.
    He accepted and the bargain was done but before Baron dissapeared he gave him a standart that will allow Captain Holystone summon him anytime he will need help.Then Captain Holystone looked at the docks and saw a spooky galleon with a plenty of gold.Later they all went to the tavern and celebrated.
By Lucas Dodger
Winston is scared of a lot of things. Snakes, spiders, rouges- even mangos. It’s hard to explain why he’s scared of so many things, most of which isn’t scary. But you must know one vital fact. Even though he’s a poor kid with a plethora of phobias, don’t mistake him for innocent. Winston is a coward. A coward who’ll kill just to save his own life.
The owner/bartender of “Crystal Dagger Tavern” just goes by Charlie. Just Charlie. Just as he was closing shop, he never expected to see a baby lying on his doorstep, his parents not caring to even put him in a basket. Charlie had almost stepped on him. This had never happened to the somewhat honest tavern owner. He would have tossed it, but something stopped himself, not even he knew what it was. As he picked the scrawny newborn up, he noticed “Winston” written in ink across his chest. Man, this guy’s parents just plain suck, Charlie thought as he carried Winston and returned to his tavern.
15 years passed and Winston finally removed all remains of ink off his chest. He was sweeping the floor, just as he always did, even though he was scared of dust. Once he finished he asked for a break, and Charlie let him. He grabbed a stool and poured himself a bottle of Yum, which he would pay for with another hour of sweeping. As he drank, he looked at all the thugs around him, trying his best to avoid screaming, and studied them. They were all tough and large, just like they were supposed to be. He felt a tinge of jealousy since his small, skinny build would never help him in a fight.
The brutes gave him some looks, so he left before he would get pummeled. The outside of the Crystal Dagger was no better than inside. It was dirty, and storms always approached giving Winston the willies. But today he didn’t notice. In the alley he never dared to enter, green, ghastly glow was protruding from it.
He walked toward it, his feet not paying attention to his mind’s pleas. As he walked closer, the glow had become more of a fog, engulfing Winston and blinding him. A cat had flown at him out of nowhere, scratching and hissing at his face, and giving him a heart attack. Finally he came to the source of this eerie glow, and Winston didn’t really want to see what it was.
Once his eyes were given sight, he saw it was a monkey shaped figure, no more than two feet tall, but as more sight was granted, it was no ordinary Monquistan. Instead of the proud armor they wore, this one had no metal, just clothes that seem to be extremely faded. The stranger had a chilling mask that resembled a skull. It wore a top hat, and had a staff which was making the green gas from its end. Winston didn’t know what it was, but it was definitely on his list of frights.
Finally he had the courage to say, “What are you?” but his voice sounded frail, which wasn’t unusual. It seemed like ages for a response to come, but the monkey finally replied, “It is disrespectful to call me what, human.”
All Winston could bring out was, “Uh…Who are you?”
The monkey smiled his teeth and said, “My friends call me Pablo, so I guess you can’t call me that. I used to live in Monquista, but I practiced hoodoo, and you probably know how strict the Church is. I was lucky to be banished. A shame really. I don’t like to brag, but I must say, I’m really good at what I do.” He struck his staff on the ground and deafening crack came, but a ship had suddenly appeared at the dock the alley leads to. It was no ordinary ship; it seems like a cursed ship to lay plague on town. Winston was immediately terrified.
“Dear. You must do something about that nervous system, child. We’re going places much scarier than that ship. In fact you’re riding it.”
“Ride it! Are you crazy?” Winston started to turn and run back to the tavern, but Pablo had materialized in front of him.
“I’m afraid you cannot go. I can sense death, and it is reeking of certain death in that old place. If you go, you will not survive.” Winston tried again to push past, but Pablo wouldn’t tire.
“At least let me warn them!” Winston pleaded.
“No. What’s more important? You’re life, or theirs?”
Winston flinched at this. It reminded him of something wicked he did long ago, and he regrets it every day. He didn’t want to leave Charlie, he was the only reason Winston is alive today. But is Pablo telling the truth? Will he die as well if he goes back?
Before he could decide, Pablo wrapped them in the green fog, and the second Winston could see again he was on the deck of the ghost ship. He was high up enough to see Crystal Dagger fall into a sinkhole, miles deep. There was no hope for survivors. He wouldn’t see Charlie again.
Pablo gave him a ghostly pat on the shoulder. “Sorry. But you had to leave, or you would have perished. Try to make the best of it here on the Ghostly Galleon.”
And this time, Winston, all his fire in his heart gone, didn’t object.
Life on the Ghostly Galleon was bad. Mainly because Winston was the only life on it, besides Pablo, but he was so close to death he practically wasn’t alive. So many ghosts on the ship but Winston couldn’t make friends because of the major difference between. The food wasn’t good, Winston was the only who needed to eat, so they constantly forgot, but when they did present him with food, it wasn’t something Winston would like to put down his throat.
When his depression finally diminished enough to let him leave his bunk, he went up deck, and saw they went through a stormgate and were sailing on a spiral arm he didn’t recognize. Pablo saw him and shouted, “You’re just in time Winston! Prepare to see Darkmoor!” Darkmoor? Winston thought. He never heard of Darkmoor in his book of spiral worlds known to pirates.
He saw a glimpse of Darkmoor before they entered the mysterious portal, and it wasn’t pleasant. It was just terrible as they actually were in Darkmoor. It was pitch black, but some faint light from the hull of the Ghostly Galleon lit our way. To Winston’s disappointment, he was too scared to open his eyes for most of the trip to be able to describe Darkmoor enough to be able to say he found a new world.
At last the Ghostly Galleon stopped. Winston peeled his eyes open and saw they were at a devilish castle, somewhere he didn’t want to go into. But of course, Pablo made him.
“We’re almost there,” Pablo reassured Winston as they walked deeper in the castle, “You’ll get what you need and then Baron Samedi will meet with you.”
Winston choked on the words. “W-who’s B-baron Samedi?”
“Don’t worry” was all Pablo said. They entered a room with nothing in it but a trunk. Pablo opened it and then an outfit, glowing in green aura, blasted out. It traveled around the room, as if searching for something.
“The Conqueroo’s Outfit! This is going well,” Pablo said. Half a second later, the floating clothes had turned to Winston and flew at incredible speed toward him. Winston didn’t have time to scream. They wrapped around him, and he thought they were trying to kill him. It’s over, he thought, maybe I’ll see Charlie. But to his surprise, the Conqueroo’s Outfit hadn’t killed him. It just put itself on him. He pulled on it, but it wouldn’t budge. It was his new skin. He felt…powerful.
Winston could feel the excitement on Pablo’s face. “So! How do you feel?”
At first nothing felt different. But then, Winston felt a surge of strength, which became long lasting confidence. Winston felt all his stupid fears melt away. He felt like he could grab the Ghostly Galleon and break it in half. “Amazing,” is what Winston answered.
Suddenly Pablo turned serious. “Good. You must be taken now.” He struck his staff and a bone cage had materialized around Winston. “What are you doing?” Winston was surprised, but not scared. The usual fear was replaced by anger.
“The Baron has waited years for a worthy host, Winston. He was ruthless rouge with witchdoctor powers that surpass me by tenfold. His powers increased by much more after being the first pirate to discover Darkmoor. He would have controlled the world, if it wasn’t for Avery eliminating him. But now he has you to resurrect him, and it is my duty to make sure you do not object.” Before Winston could escape, everything turned black and he lost consciousness.
When Winston woke up he didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t move. A ghost came into sight. It was man, old of age, but still had strength in him. His eyes were cold gray and filled with anger. He was dressed in nice black ghostly clothes, with ghostly daggers and guns strapped around him in numerous places. Winston instantly knew this was the baron.
“So this is Winston, my chosen one. Welcome to my Witchdoctor’s Lab.” Samedi’s voice rumbled, like the earth was quaking. He snapped his fingers and Winston could move again. He scanned his surroundings, seeing they were in a lab perfect for a master witchdoctor, a cauldron brewing of mysterious concoction and random souls floating about. He stood up and stretched, but didn’t run. He stood there and stared at his captor.
“I see my Mojo Monkey companion has brought you to the Conqueroo’s Outfit. And you have changed for the better.” Baron Samedi stood there and stared, just as Winston was doing. “You know why I chose you, boy? You may not know this, but you have powers beyond belief, even before you put on the Conqueroo’s clothing. And with your abilities we can take over this spiral and have it right in our hands.”
Winston didn’t believe anything the baron said, but he was puzzled why Samedi would want both of them ruling the spiral, Winston could tell it wasn’t his style to collaborate, even with a kid with claimed abilities. He was planning something.
“But do you know the main reason you were my choice? Not just because of your strength, but your personality. You believe your life is more important than others, and nothing is too low for you to save it. Remember the Crystal Dagger? How you didn’t save Charlie, the man who saved your own life? And don’t forget the rouges who captured you and in exchange for your freedom, you tricked all your friends into getting captured! Winston, you and I have something in common. We both believe in self-preservation! And now, we must join into one being!”
Baron Samedi had struck so many of Winston’s nerves he practically paralyzed him again. He couldn’t move to avoid the ghost of the baron entering his soul and possessing him in every way possible. Winston felt his soul get taken over so quickly his mind wasn’t his own anymore. Winston was not Winston anymore. He was Baron Samedi.
A combination of their voices echoed in the lab and cried, “Avery will pay for what he has done to me!”

By David Hawkins
    I woke up this morning with a bird pecking my face off. It was Captain Avery’s bird, whatever its name is. It had a letter attached to its leg, which was weird because Avery usually sends someone to inform you he requests your presence. I opened it up and the entire letter was:
Dear Captain J. Morgan,
Come to my office as soon as you can.
More information once you come.
Captain Avery
I hurried off to Avery’s Court, and when I got there it was surprisingly empty. I opened the doors to his office and Captain Avery was sitting in his desk, drumming his fingers, "Great. You got here."
I asked him," So what’s the deal with all this? Finn stole your bauble again?"
Avery stared at me, "I wish. No, actually, someone arrived to the Monquistan king’s castle in my image and kidnapped their ruler. I had Madame Vadima to look into this and a witchdoctor only known as the Mojo Monkey disguised himself as me and captured the king to cut our ties with Monquista. I’d send a more experienced pirate, but they all are enemies of the Crown. If you can do this right I’ll let you have whatever you get off the Mojo Monkey. He hides somewhere in Monquista called the Witchdoctor’s Lab. I bid you farewell."
I walked out wondering what I walked into.
I walked to the docks, wondering how to get Monquista without a ship or a windstone for Monquista. I felt a chill down my spine and when I turned around to see if someone was behind me, Vadima materialized instantly, giving me a heart attack. She almost whispered to me, "I wondered why Avery chose you to do a witchdoctor’s job, privateer. But now I see why. Your aura is stronger than any witchdoctor I’ve trained."
I gazed at her, "I’m not going to ask. But how did you come and scare the yum out me?" Vadima kept her glassy look, "Shadow-stepping can be sensed, and anyone can do that, even you. But I came to give you more insight into this case. "
Vadima’s orb spewed shadows and formed a woven screen or something like that. In the crystal ball there was the king hog tied and what I guessed was the Mojo Monkey. He was preparing a brew and chuckling while he added some sort of ingredient. The Mojo Monkey gazed at me and the weave shattered. Vadima didn’t look surprised.
She almost slinked her next words right to me, "You have little time. From the fog and setting of the potion, I’m convinced that’s a memory loss concoction, which will allow him to control the king. And I guess that the Mojo Monkey has vengeance to spread. Now I know he’s in Diablo’s Cut, but access to his lab comes through a portal. The portal only accepts ghostly transportation, so I’m giving you my Ghostly Galleon. There’s a windstone in the captain’s office. Also there’s a ghost crew on the ship. Use them to get through the first layer of the lab. Once you return to Avery’s Court come to my sanctum. Travel safe." And then, in the blink of an eye, she disappeared.
I strolled to the docks, thinking about what Vadima told me. I saw my friend Damien and he informed me, "Vadima arriving personally to tell you something, she’s never done confrontations like that. She said that she never left the Sanctum since she got to Skull Island. I never thought she would break that record on you, James."
I scowled at him, "Funny how she said my aura or something is stronger than any student she had. Anyway, I’m on quest that might kill me, so, could you help?" And off we sailed to Monquista.
When we got to Diablo’s Cut I realized how hard this was going to be. I saw rock in every direction, though for some reason I was optimistic. After hours of searching I saw a glint of purple and green. I steered the ship in that direction and there it was, the portal to the Witchdoctor’s Lab. When the hull touched the portal, the ship started to stretch. Halfway through the portal, the masts flatten, almost crushing Damien and me. Soon our bodies began to contort and warp too, but the ghost crew looked fine. In my dimming sight was a fuzzy dock, but the ship was heading the opposite direction. I ran to the wheel, as fast as I could while the ship and I were flattening. In a sharp stop, the sharpness of the lab was back. I gazed at the place through the thickest fog I ever saw. The doors were glowing blood red, pulsing as if it was a heart of a living monster. I stumbled to the door though it seemed that the green fog was pushing me back. Behind me I heard Damien murmur, "This isn’t fog, its hoodoo in the air."
Just when I thought that I couldn’t go further, I hit the door. Damien was right behind me. I extended my hand to open the door but it disappeared, not wanting me to touch it. I went through the empty space and then the door materialized back into place. Damien turned around and yanked on the metal handles, but nothing budged. I muttered, "No turning back now."
The walls were piled with shrunken heads, staffs and other things I couldn’t identify. Ahead were some lights, so I ventured ahead to see what it was. When I arrived at the light source, I saw it came from a standard. I gasped as I moved my eyes to see the whole picture. Holding the standard was a ghost giant. It boomed, "I am Baron Samedi! Fear my power!"
I tried to get Damien but my voice failed me. Lucky for me, he was right behind me. He gawked at the baron, "I never seen a ghost of that size, it must have been…Wait, it’s the standard powering him up. Go on James, I’ll hold him off."
I looked at him surprised, "You can’t hold this guy off, and you’ll get overwhelmed in a few seconds."
He pulled out his staff, "The standard powers up ghosts and the undead, I can summon some skeletal pirates and ghosts and finish him off. I can use the crew to hold him off till I get more help. We’ll be even."
I thought about the Mojo Monkey and asked him for a few of the crew to fight the Monkey. He looked at me, "Just go James, and if you could, strike him for me when you pass him."
Sneaking behind the Baron, I swept at his leg. He screeched, "Who dares to attack the great Baron Samedi?"
Damien’s voice yelled, "I DARE!" and then my share of the crew and I fell down and down, into the darkness of the next level of the Lab.
The Mojo Monkey was brewing his potion and seemed to have finished when he saw me and my ghost crew. I unsheathed my sword and readied my shield. I organized musketeer fortifications and rallied the melee ghosts. We advanced, thinking that we could take one small Monquistan down.
When we got close the Mojo Monkey he made five more clones of himself and blasted us from every direction. I lunged with my sword and the monkey dissipated and then reformed. This is going to be tough; I thought amidst all the chaos. Muskets fired. I ducked and rolled; dodging an animated monkey. The ghosts were dealing with the clones, so I made the choice to target the only one not fighting.
I finally noticed the Monquistan king, tied up in the corner, trying to scream, but his mouth was covered. The kidnapper had rushed towards him, carrying a cup full of the mind concoction he was creating. Moving in was impossible because the Mojo monkey created a wall of energy, which teleported me back to the other end of the Lab, every time I tried to get through.
Full of rage and frustration, I charged straight at the barrier. Swiping with my blade should have been futile, but somehow it canceled the magic. The wall dissipated and there was the Mojo Monkey in my sight. He had the cup of liquid in his right hand, and was holding the king’s head in his left; the king was struggling to keep resisting. It wouldn’t be long till the king loses his memory and the captor would seize control.
Thinking fast, I picked up a pebble and threw it at the cup the monkey was holding. To make a long story short- I missed.
He chuckled, "Fool, do you think you can beat me with a pebble while I wear the Conqueroo’s Outfit?! You shall perish in-" He was cut short when my failure of a rock landed near the giant cauldron of potion, dislodging a few more pebbles, which grew into rocks, then large stones, and then finally, the cauldron tipped over and the Mojo Monkey was drenched in his own brew.
He gazed around the room and then his eyes stopped on me, full of confusion. In the spur of the moment, I commanded, "Uh…Bobo! Bobo, what are you doing? How many times do I have to warn you? Do not leave without permission from your captain!"
Surprisingly, Bobo corrected his form and replied, "M-my hoodoo is at your service, Captain. Forgive me."
Still remembering his witchdoctor powers, he called off the other monkeys, after me ordering him to. My eyes spotted a secret ladder that led to the upper level of this laboratory. Damien was sitting on the floor, exhausted. I asked "Bobo" if he could heal him, and he sucked the life of an abundance of rats and gave it to Damien. Then I ordered the crew to get the king back to his castle without being seen. They vaporized with the king, which I hoped wouldn’t be too painful for the living monkey. We walked to the ship and sailed smoothly to Skull Island.
Back at the Court, Avery gave us a hero’s welcome. We showed him the items we collected back at the Lab. It was decided that it would be best to give the relics to Vadima, but I seen Avery sneak a few things in his coat, probably for his collection.
When Avery saw Bobo, he did a double take, "You! You’re the Mojo Monkey!" I signaled Avery to stop when Bobo stated, "I am Bobo, in the crew of James Morgan. Not Mojo. Bobo!"
I asked Bobo to go see Vadima and show her the artifacts from our adventure. Avery was silent until we presented him the Conqueroo’s Outfit, "Is that the Conqueroo’s Outfit?! Damien, you can have this. It’s power will strengthen you dramatically, but beware, it may influence you in ways- well, I think you’ll use it well. Now go, I have an island to run!"
We found Bobo showing off his potion skills to Vadima outside the Sanctum. Vadima turned her head at us, "Nice job, James and Damien. You have brought peace in ways you don’t know. Now James, please come with me. Damien, go train that skeletal drake summon. It helps to think of forming altered life or you’ll just get bones. Bobo, tend to my students at the Old Lighthouse. You two have pleasant journeys, I foresee it."
They both walked to their destinations. When I walked in the Sanctum, the Commodore was reviewing his map, which was showing another map made of the same fog I saw before at the Lab. Vadima walked in, twirling her crystal ball. "You do know that I can see everything with this?" Vadima went on, "You did good, James. Very good. Not even my most expertise students would have thought to use the Mojo Monkey’s own weapon against him."
I didn’t really think of knocking down the cauldron on Bobo, it was pure luck. But I wasn’t going to tell her that.
"When you broke through the magic with your sword, I was awestruck. I knew you were strong, but not even I would break through that easily. James, you can break spells, and you’re a privateer." Vadima seemed like I was a serious threat to her, the witchdoctor teacher.
"There’s nothing wrong with being a privateer," the Commodore defended.
"You must tell what we’re going to tell you to only the people we allow you to." Vadima’s face turned very serious. I instantly knew my troubles were far from over.
GOING BANANAS by Stubborn Duncan Freeman
    During Polarian War Monquista had three brothers, three generals, that lived up to their name. Martin Valvilda, Moresco De Valvida and Cornelius Valvida. Cornelius, the youngest of them, was the most famous. The best Buccaneer that ever existed. Technique that he developed was passed among many warriors, and also has brought him many victories. Going Frenzy was thats technique name. Technique that still many pirates fears till this day.
    During their great accomplishments and adventures in war, they encountered the mystical item that, according to the great legends, grants three wishes to it owner. Without further thinking all three brothers decided to use its power. Moresco asked for ability to fly, “It will give me edge in combat, I will fight like an angel” he said. Martin asked for immortal life, “I will put my immortality to good use, and defeat everything that stands in my way!”. Cornelius gave it a thought. He lost so many companions during his conquests that it tear his heart. He wanted companions that he will never have to loose again, “I wish for army of undead”. Moresco started to change, he did grow wings, but they didn’t look anything like angelic wing. It was demons wing. His whole body transformed into a demonic one. He was devastated. Martin started to age rapidly, he was decaying to the point where there was no skin,  but only bones.
    Cornelius disappeared, never to be heard from again. At least that’s what everyone thought. He appeared in some weird looking lab. Witchdoctor’s lab he called it. A strange voice addressed him. “How dare you to disturb the undead!” voice yelled. “Excuse me?” with little fear in his voice, said Cornelius. “I am sorry” said Cornelius, “I just sick of seeing my close companions die, I wanted to change that”. “Your companions choose to die for your mortals cause, undead, on the other hand didn’t choose to be disturbed!” said deep voice.
    “Now is your time to pay for your wish. I am Baron Samedi, great protector of the undead. And now I am cursing you to bear great weight of undead mark”. Green light wrapped Cornelius, lifting him in the air, stripping him from everything he was. Whatever happened to him it weakened him, also he wasn’t thinking like before.
    He felt that his mind was twisted, hearing all the suffering from lost souls. “You will stay here, practicing hoodoo magic, and when the time is right you will be sent on a quest. There is a pirate that will need you. Not any kind of pirate, a special one, one that will shake the existence of the spiral. For the time being, I will train you. I will give you the power that will distinguish you from other powerful creatures.
    From now on, your soul is bound to Ghostly Galleon, great undead ship, and Conqueroo’s outfit. And when I see fit, those items will be passed on to that pirate, and his will, will become your will.” Said Baron Samedi. And what was said it become true. Now, great Cornelius was nothing more than Mojo Monkey Companion. And all he managed to save from his old identity was his famous technique, now called Going Bananas.
    By scarecrow9974
    I always liked the inside of the Stormgates, so different from the bright afternoons of Mooshu and Cool Ranch. The great nebulas, the blinking stars, the mysterious darkness of the unexplored regions of the Spiral, they all made me wonder about our existence. What lays between the humiliated Polarian world, returned to to Walrus Tsars, and the pompous nation of Monquista? What lurks amidst the City of Wizards and the ancient homeworld of the Aztecosaurs?  Some say that Celestia continues to research it’s ‘Astral Hoodoo’, far away from the eyes of the civilized worlds, while others dream of the riches once found by the great Marco Pollo. I, strangely, don’t really care. It comforts me to know that I can spend my entire life pirating Monquistan galleons, laden with gold, while others pointlessly sacrifice themselves to broaden the borders of the known skycharts. Fools, every one of them.
    Although I usually only sail through the Stormgates to get from one world to another or to shake off any pursuers, on one unique day I was there to make an extra pence, as they say in Marleybone. A certain ‘Baron Samedi’ had put out a bounty of 80,000 gold coins for a certain monkey, who, in the words of the aforementioned Baron, could use mojo and used to be a companion of his. “So, from what I understand, all we have to do is bring the stinky monkey to Puerto Mico, wait for the Baron, and we get our reward, yes? And we everything we find on his ship, along with the ship, is ours to take, right?”
“Yes, Ridolfo. Didn’t we go over this a million times?” Apparently, the haughty unicorn had sneaked up on me, but deciding that there was no need to hide, had finally spoken up.
“You know, they say you can buy a galleon, made by the Royal Navy, for about 70,000! One of those ships can blast our little piratin’ frigate to pieces!”
“I heard that Marleybone makes the best ships in the entire Spiral...”, stated Sanders while coming out of mess room. “If only we had one of those in Cool Ranch...Wyatt would have to go look for a job in some other town!” The three of us chuckled at the Corporal’s joke, admiring the beauty of the area around us.
“Still...why did the Monquistan have to hide out here, in a Stormgate? Why not Albion, or Hamamitsu? Why not seek political protection in Terra Primata or in Puerto Mico, eh, cap’n?”, Jack Buford clucked, his clawed feet scraping the deck. He was supposed to be in the crow’s nest, watching for rogue Polarian warships, a common sight near Westminster, but he was apparently ditching his duties.
“Well, Mr. Buford, I don’t know about Albion or Hamamitsu, but I can give at least one reason for each of your later propositions...I don’t think the Noble Houses of Monquista City would dare to dishonor their names by harboring a man with a bounty on his head, while Puerto Mico is rife with pirates and bounty hunters, all wanting to make a quick profit. Either way, there’s no point in whining about it. After all, he’s cornered and scared, while we are fully rested and ready for battle. Now, be quiet...I think I hear something…” The crew abruptly ended their conversation, waiting for me to say something. After a minute or so, Ridolfo couldn’t hold in his impatience any longer.
“Is it just me, or is something groaning and howling?”
“Indeed, you are right. Our target is near. Mr. Capoferro, please go and tell Mr. Hao to prepare the cannons and ammunition. Mr. Sanders, please prepare the summoning horn. Mr. Buford, go and wake up the rest of the crew, then prepare the boarding hooks. Everyone, prepare for combat.” As I took the wheel and turned the ship towards the source of the noises the crew was now hearing, the ghostly galleon that surely carried our target drifted out of the mist.

It was dark and humid in Samedi’s layer, and the long hallways stretched out under the entirety of Puerto Mico. The Baron had given us a map of the maze, a map which lead us to a small room in which our transaction would occur. “ sure that there are no booby traps? I mean, it is a witchdoctor’s lab! And what if Samedi betrays us?!” Buford seemed quite nervous, having a recorded case of claustrophobia.
“Then we defeat him, tie him up, and give him over to Marleybone in exchange for a partial pardon of our crimes. Being a witchdoctor, the Baron must have some sort of bounty of his own, eh?”, responded Hidenari Kuga. The archer samoorai carried our prisoner on his shoulders, seemingly not even feeling the monkey’s weight. We continued on in silence. The monkey’s tiney voice sprung up, pathetic and pleading in nature.
“I beg of you, let me go! I know you are pirates, but you must have some honor, right?” I chuckled at his statement.
“We don’t have an ounce of honor or dignity. We’re so treacherous, we once tried to kidnap the sacred chicken from the Subata Temple! We’ve been declared heathens, and are charged for insulting the Moodha! You think we’re going to let you go?”
“Well…I could offer payment in exchange for the last drops of kindness people of your profession may possess. In my travels, I have come about a certain outfit, once worn by Amerigo Vespucci, a Monquistan explorer who is said to be on par with Pollo himself! During his travels in Skull Island, Vespucci found the conqueroo’s outfit, an article of clothing which once belonged to the great Aztecosaur kings! Rumour has it that it grants the bearer immense power over the undead! I offer you this outfit, in exchange for my freedom. Do we have a deal?” The monkey looked at me hopefully, waiting for me to respond.
“I don’t want it.”

“WHAT!? Do you not want to be more powerful than the greatest necromancers of Wizard City?”
“I have no interest in using the bodies and souls of those long gone for my own purposes. That would be an insult to their still-living relatives. Now, be quiet. Your voice annoys me.”

We had finally arrived at the exchanged location, and the first thing that we noticed was the smell. “This is horrible! It’s like twenty three Polarian perfumes mixed with the smell of salted herring!”
“Well...he is a witchdoctor. He has an image to uphold, you know.” Around the room, jars fulls of mushrooms and leaves stood on dusty shelves, moss grew out of cracks in the slimey floor, and strange smoke came out of a simmering pot standing in a corner.
“Finally, someone has come!”
“Are you Baron Samedi?”
“Why yes, I am. Did you bring...the target?”
“Indeed, we did. But before we give him to you, hand over the money.”
“Here’s your money, now give him to me! Hurry!” Samedi tossed us a bag of gold, hunger and impatience in his eyes.
“Here he is”, said Kuga as he put the monkey onto the ground, “it was nice working with you. Have a nice day.” The crew was already walking away, having lost all interest to the situation. The money was received, the job was done, and Samedi’s reasons for wanting the monkey was of no concern.
“Wait, please, save me! I’ll give the outfit, and anything else I have, just please, for the love of the Sacred Banana, save me!”
“Well...we already have the extra outfit wouldn’t do us any harm, eh, cap’n?” I smiled, weighing the pro’s and con’s, and then nodded. With that, the crew sprang into action, and the air was filled with sparkshots and smoke.

We came out of the lair with a bag full of money, a powerful suit, and a mojo monkey crewmate. What an interesting day that was.
By Cautious Carlos
There once was a lad,
Who is really really bad.

He is a total misfit

In a Conqueroo's outfit.

He be sailing the skies in his Ghostly Galleon

Just as he would on a flying stallion.

Aside from his misfits in the sky,

This lad's a very shifty guy. 

Into the Witchdoctor's Lab he goes,

The place of dark and ghostly flows. 

Concocting the deadliest of potions,

Takes a matter of careful motions.

Baron Semedi's treasure is the goal is this boy

The gold he seeks makes him jump for joy. 

But then, the lad came across a canyon

Where he finds a Mojo Monkey companion.

They find the wealth as gold as honey,

Which they find as rich as money.

Together, they steal, ran, and sailed,

From the crumbling temple, the two of them bailed.

From that day on, they are friends forever

Through all the challenges they will endeavor.

Next time you see them in the skies,

They'll make sure you say your last goodbyes.

Prepare for trouble,

And make it double. 

Fall apart as frail as rubble
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