Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hoodoo Bundle!

    How are all ye doing this fine day? mjziegler286 over on P101C bought the New Hoodoo Bundle from Walmart earlier! It is 29$ and comes with the Following Items:

 Ghostly Galleon
Conqueroo's Outfit
Mojo Monkey Companion
Witchdoctor's Lab Add-on
Baron Samedi's Battle Standard
    This is what the Witchdoctor's Lab looks like from outside! You can place it anywhere in your house! :D Seth (mjziegler) had a great idea, he said we should be able to place it on the Ghostly Galleon Ship! That would be a great idea! Party ships! So go on in, and check it out!

    One of the cool things about the gear in the bundle is that the Robe gives you the talent "Readied Spell" which allows you to have an extra hit when an enemy approaches you with your mojo. The Hat gives you different Juju spells depending on which level tier you choose from. Finally the shoes give you the talent Shadow Step which allows you to teleport to anywhere on the battle board!
    If you want to see all of the Ship Stats and Gear, you can go check out mjziegler's post on P101Central! (Here) This is an amazing Bundle and I cannot wait till more Pirates especially Witchdoctors get it! I always wanted to see Jojo Mojo turned into a companion and here we have it! Woot woot!
See you in the Skyways!


  1. is this bundle in MAINE i can't find it i searched for 2 walmarts and still nothing v.v

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