Monday, February 24, 2014


    The last time we left off on our grand adventure, we traveled to Jonah town which is on a flying whale's back! We are trying to find the Frogfather, but Captain Ahab would only help us if we help him first. One of his captains went into a vortex and was being attacked by sharks. We saved him and now we are looking for Ahab's son who was said to be going to Rapa Nui.
    When we arrive at the isle of Rapa Nui, we talk with Trader Tahi. We ask if he has seen Norville, and he tells us that he came and sold his fish but didn't see him leave when Ratbeard caused trouble and caused the Waponi's to show up. Chief of Rapa Nui may know more of what happened, find him behind Tahi. Chief Omurtu explains that Ratbeard was once friends with the Nui tribe, but betrayed them by stealing the sacred feathers and brought them to the enemy Waponi tribe.
    Omurtu says that the Waponi tribe have no honor and worship an evil Fire God on a Volcano close by. Some of them are currently sailing around Rapa Nui mocking them. Omurtu asks us a favor, since the Nui are peaceful and have no warriors, he asks us to go and sink some of the Waponi ships around the Island.
    When we return after defeating some of the Waponi's, Omurtu gives us the Nui's greatest treasure, a Mojo Potion! Now we have 2. Since I am playing a Privateer, we also get a new buccaneer companion, Nanu Nanu. He wants to help us get revenge on Ratbeard too. Omurtu tells us to speak with Hunter Raku as to where Norville went.
    Hunter Raku tells us that a gang of pirates took Norville on their boat and sailed towards Skull Island. We take this lead and return to Kraken Skulls Tavern to see if anyone has seen them. The Bartender says Blind Mew knows all that happens on the Island and that we should ask him. We return to our blind cat friend and he tells us that he heard the gang of pirates and Norville walking towards the sewer drain by the abandoned shack.
    Inside we confront the gang! Beemish the otter orders the first attack to us since we were not the person they were waiting for. Someone named Sammy. Behind them you can see Norville standing there waiting for someone to rescuse him and Jonah Town's Money for the Frogfather. After you win the fight, Norville thanks you and asks you to bring him back to Jonah Town.
    Once we return Norville to Captain Ahab, he lets us know that they have to pay the Frogfather to protect all of Jonah Town from Cutthroats and Ruffians, which is why the market money was so important. He says that the Frogfather is inside Jonah town, in Gullet, the Whales stomach. Hop on the bucket and you will be lowered into Gullet.
    You will be greeted by a frog named Slimy Jenkins who wonders why you are here. You tell him you want to mee the Frogfather and he tells you to go to the big Double Doors up the ramp down to the left. Knock 3 times and ask for Rocco. Tell him the password is "Swordfish". We head to that room and tell Rocco the password, which turns out to be wrong. Battle Rocco and his guards to find out the real password and the location of the Frogfather's house which is across the square.
    The Frogfather wants to know why we have come and we tell him that we are looking for Ratbeard and were wondering if he knew where he went. Frogfather will tell us where Ratbeard is, but first needs a favor. He is interested in some spices that are located in the Presidio, behind Skull Island. It is being guarded by many Monquistans. He tells us to that there is a secret dock and to meet his partner there.
Until next time Pirates!

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