Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Tales of 3 Dead Rats

    How ye landlubbers doing today? Last time we left off on our new adventure, we had broken up the treasure hunter meeting in the Kraken Skulls Tavern and Ratbeard took Captain Gunn's Will with him! Today we are going to regroup and figure out where Ratbeard and his crew ran off to with the will! Off we go!
    During our fight in the tavern with Ratbeard, we recruited a new companion to our crew! Ensign Emmet, the Otter that the Commodore told us about. He is a Privateer like us, but uses a gun to attack. He has a group healing ability as well so that is neat! We run upstairs in the tavern and Zeke asks us if we are looking for Ratbeard, he says he ran outside. When we get outside, the frog standing near the entrance tells us he ran down towards the docks. Finally we get to Blind Mew and he tells us that Ratbeard sailed away to Blood Shoals, a close by island.
    First we must collect our ship errrr raft we earned from Avery! Dockmaster Dan puts it in a bottle for us to unbottle whenever we need to use it. The Name of your first ship is randomly chosen, but this time mine is "The Twitchy Shark". :P Set sail to Blood Shoals!
    When we arrive, you will see Ratbeard's shipped docked to the side. Follow the path into the cave. Ahead you will see their hideout and all 3 of the wharf rats that helped Ratbeard get the Will are now ghosts? When you talk to Lasko, he tells you that when they came back here to celebrate that Ratbeard poisoned their food so he could have all of Gunn's treasure for himself. Manny, Moe, and Jack, the other wharf rats have unfinished business that needs to be completed before their souls can rest in peace. So lets help them out!
    Manny the first wharf rat we help needs us to pay his uncle scuttles a visit. When Manny turned 16 he stole his uncles strongbox and ran off to Skull Island to become a pirate. Uncle Scuttles says he will forgive Manny if we collect him some rope from the Cutthroat Ships. Next Moe needs our help. He was going to Marry the love of his life Nancy if only he hadn't been such a fool. Nancy gave Moe her mothers locket as a keepsake when he went off sailing and Moe gambled it in a game of dice.
    He wants us to go and retrieve the locket from Crimson Jack on Blood Shoals and return it to Nancy and tell her that he loves her. Crimson Jack says he will tell us where the Locket is if we go and collect some Batacuda in the Skyways for him.
    When we return with the Batacuda Meat he thanks us and informs us that he hid the locket on Skull Island under a chest behind the Waterfall near the shops. Before we look for the locket, we stop by the Commodore's office since he has a new ability we can learn. Light Armor allows us to equip more gear we find in the Spiral! We bring the locket to Nancy and finally Moe can rest in peace. The final Wharf Rat that needs our help is Jack! He says he only took the job with ratbeard to get enough gold to pay off the ransom for his kidnapped nephew Young Nick. The Crabs on Skull Island in Black Rock Cave took him. Lets go get him back!

    After saving Nick, we bring him back to his Mother on Blood Shoals and she thanks us for saving her son. Jack thanks us for saving his nephew and now he can rest in peace. Lasko tells us now its time to deal with Ratbeard. He clues us in that the person who may know where Ratbeard went is the Frogfather. We have to go and talk to Captain Ahab in Jonah Town.
Until then Pirates!

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