Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck Of the Pirate Winners!

    Congratulations to the Following Winners of the 4 Leaf Clover Eye Patches! Ill be in contact with you soon and then we can meet in game and Ill send you your eyepatch. Happy St. Patricks Day Peeps!
I like everything that is Green. It's my favorite color. - Jereomy Calkin
My favorite part about St. Patrick's Day is hunting for Four Leaf Clovers. One time, when I was little, I found a mini pot-of-gold in our yard, in the grass. It was only plastic though. - Fallon Moon

I like how its related to LUCK! :D! - James DragonCatcher
St. Patrick's Day, in my family, means a lot more than it does for most people. In some of my ancestry there are Irish. St. Patrick's Day is definitely a time for me to share with the family which is something I enjoy very much. - Sophia AoS
Since we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in my country I am not very familiar with the traditions but back when I was in university we had an old Irish teacher who used to tell us all kinds of stories about St. Patrick and allot of Irish myths including ones involving leprechauns and shamrocks and of course allot of luck. - Bad Terri Jones
Hum my favorite part of St. Patricks Day is the color and the celebration of my heritage. - Dapurenergy
Leprechauns of course, Mysterious buggers we can be and mischievous to boot. Tis the day we polish our buckles, pack up our gold to have a wee bit of fun. Catch us if can. The gold could be yours Johnny, but the patch will be mine. It has me lucky charms after all. Happy St. Patty's - Anon
The color of green is everywhere and so pretty! - Shadowheart
I love to celebrate my Irish roots and enjoy some of the traditional foods. - Mischief Magic

I like about St Patricks is the clover that is hard to find. - Anon
Ill be in touch with you all soon, if you sent an email with your comment, check it soon!

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