Friday, April 11, 2014


    When Vadima summoned up the spirit named Hoodoo Cornelius she only thought there was one, but 2 of them appeared in her lair. One good and one evil! The evil monkey's name is Mojo Jojo. He wants the ancient monkey coins that are located in a locked chest inside Vadima's lair.
    Outraged that he cannot open the chest, he casts a spell on Johnny. Having control over him he kidnaps him and takes him out of the lair. Where did they go? That is up to you pirates to find them! Vadima has a bunch of goodies to give out to the brave pirates to face evil Mojo Jojo and save Johnny. Mojo Jojo made sure that its hard to find the real one of him so he made copies of himself. Below are the dates to find Johnny/Mojo!
    There is a twist though! Before you can go find them, you must find a Monkey Coin somewhere around here! Find it and click on it for the phrase you have to say when you find Mojo and Johnny. Then of course give the coin to Mojo. :P Here is what you are looking for.
Hide and Seek 1
Date: 4/11/14
Time: 9:00 PM eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: First armada leader you meet
Hint 1: In a cove
Winner: Generous Abe
Hide and Seek 2
Date: 4/12/14
Time: 3:00 PM eastern
World: Cool Ranch
Realm: Boochbeard and _________
 Winner: Stubborn Duncan
Hide and Seek 3
Date: 4/13/14
Time: 12 PM eastern
World: Monquista
Realm: Character who steals Gunn's Will!
 Winner: Evan Silver
Hide and Seek 4
Date: 4/14/14
Time: 3:00 PM eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: Bucc trainer
Hint 1: Honest Roger
Winner: Katherine De Bouff

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