Friday, April 11, 2014

Vadima's Summoning Potion Recipe

    Madame Vadima needs your help Pirates! Yesterday an evil monkey spirit appeared in her cauldron demanding his "coins" to be returned to him. To learn more about him, we need to create a summoning potion to summon his full form. Vadima's materials were scattered everywhere and needs your help finding them!
    There are 5 items total and she needs all of them to concoct the potion to summon the spirit. When you find an item somewhere on the site, quickly click on it and it will bring you to a code! If you are the first to use it you will get a secret item! What will it be? Crowns? Pets? You will just have to find out! But do not stop there! Copy down the link you found one of the materials on and hurry to find the rest of them. Once you have found all 5 materials and have their links copied down send them to me at The first person to do this will get the monkey spirit himself! (Hoodoo Cornelius Companion)
    So for example, say I found one of the materials on the "Ryan the Relentless" Article on PoTS, I would click on the potion and try to redeem the code to see if its been redeemed already. I would then copy the link to the article and paste it on a notepad while I go look for the other materials.
    Once you have found all the materials and have all 5 links copied down, send them quick to my email and I will see if you got them correct. You can work with other people for this contest if you want, but only the person who sends all 5 links to my email will get the reward.
    If you do not win one of the codes from clicking on the materials themselves, or the grand prize of sending all of the links to me, do not fret, once the evil monkey spirit is in his true form after Vadima creates the summoning potion, he will be on the loose around Pirates of the Spiral! Be on guard! So you want to see the 5 materials ya'll need to find?
    Have fun and good luck!

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