Monday, June 16, 2014


    Earlier today I decided to work on my Bucc's dorm room and wow look what I did! I was trying to go for an underwater theme since she loves her Shark pets and mount! I am just getting use to housing in Pirates so its nothing too fancy and I had a little trouble glitching the rugs into the walls to place the crystals inside them. I think it looks way better than the boring dorm room! xD I introduce you to the Underwater Sanctum! Woot, I plan to purchase the Bucc house in the future and have that teleporter you see there bring us to it! I'll keep you landlubbers updated!
    For now though, I would like to do a little giveaway! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us what your favorite house In Pirate101 is! I'll be choosing 5 random entries on Friday! Be sure to leave your email on the comment so I can get in touch with you if your a winner! (Don't worry no one else will be able to see your emails) Prizes you say? Well each lucky winner will get a Housing Teleporter! (You can pick a color!)

Before and After!

    Earlier this week I started a new pirate, Jasmine the buccaneer! Today I thought I would spend some time fixing up her dorm room since its brand new. Later today I will show you the transformation from before and after as well as a video putting the dorm all together! I have a few ideas in mind! She loves her Shark Mount and pets so who knows maybe underwater? We shall see!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


1st Place- Bad Terri Jones
Pet Idea: Dryad Corsair
Power: Maycast Brutal Charge
Exclusive Pet-a-Palooza Pet or Dropped in the New Mooshu Tower
If it is hatched with any other pet, there is a chance at a dryad corsair hybrid that uses a bow/arrow instead of sword.
2nd Place- Anonim
Hi. My idea for new pets is a Pet Weapon for each class.
Musketeers get a CANNON pet. Its half cannon half dragon.
Has a special attack shoots a cannon ball and wen it hits the target turns into trap spikes around the enemy. Swashbucklers get a DOUBLE DAGGER pet. Its half dagger half snake.
Has a special attack: spins and turns into shuriken hitting all enemies around it causing bleeding.
Buccaneers get a HAMMER pet. Its half hammer half axe.
Has a special attack that does damage and stuns all enemies around it.
Witchdoctor get BOOK of SPELLS pet.
Has a special attack: it opens and ghost and bats come out of it converting the damage caused to healing for owner. Privateers get a SHIELD pet. Has a  special power: deals damage and knocks back the target. You get the pets automatic after defeating a Weapon Master Boss in a high difficulty dungeon.
3rd Place- Captain Tiffany (Michelle Mooncaster)
Pet Name: OhMeow!
OhMeow! is basically a young cat (not really a kitten) that idolizes CatBeard. It's hands are always against it's face. It can spook pirates around and usually seems surprise. This pet will be dropped from battles in Cool Ranch, due to the fact that CatBeard used to be a member of the Marco Pollo's crew, which was located in Cool Ranch. Since OhMeow! love CatBeard, it travels to Cool Ranch in hopes to meet CatBeard one day. No Card or Hybrid Mix.
4th Place- Stubborn Duncan Freeman
 My idea for a pet would be Witchdoctor level 58 pet, the Hoodoo Doll.
 Pet would look like small doll, maybe made of stuffed socks, with pins all over the body and sewed buttons for eyes. Unique talent that this pet can manifest from the talents pool would be Drain Magic (I saw this talent manifested on Shrimpy Shellmet during the Test Realm. The effect is: Drains nearby boosts heals you; Drains nearby debuffs harms you). Special power that this pet could manifest for its powers pool is Voodoo Link (this one I made up). The effect of Voodoo Link would be: Links yourself to the target, every damage taken also reflects to the target. Meaning that every damage you take during this link, the linked opponent would be dealing the same amount of damage. The link lasts for 3 rounds or when the pet gets attacked. Just so this don't end up too OP, damage can be successfully linked during one battle, or the link will be broken after 3 rounds, which comes first. This pet would be obtained via 58 WD quest given by Vadima. No hybrids with alredy in-game pets, but there would be hybrids with others class specific pets.
5th Place- Sneaky Kevin Newell
Pet Idea: Unicorn Musketeer
Talents and Powers:
Overwatch 1
Mojo Blast
Increased Agility 2
Second Wind (50%, Self Only)
Increased Movement 1
Quick Shot (Guaranteed Epic Hit)
Quick Adjust 1
War Cry (2 square range, 1.5x Hit)
Increased Accuracy 2
Dazing Wind (1x Hit, -50% Accuracy for 2 Rounds
Extra Gritty 1
Lightening Shot (Guaranteed Super Hit)
Increased Power 3
Sniper Shot
Increased Dodge 1
Fighting Spirit (+25% damage to entire team for 2 Rounds)
Increased Damage 2
Valor’s Shield
Grants True Grit 1
Last Resort (2x damage to enemy or 3x damage to self. 2/3 chance to   hit enemy, 1/3 chance to hit self.)
Increased Will 1
Rapid Shot (Guaranteed Mega Hit)
How It Is Obtained: That mysterious MooShu tower has to have some awesome drops in it! The last boss, Hong Zi the Nefarious, would have a variety of new drops – weapons, totems, charms, rings, and the Unicorn Musketeer in his collection! Of course, this pet can also be obtained through hatching, but it has some cool first generation talents and powers, like actually granting True Grit to the player if they use a shooty weapon and having the opportunity to use powerful attacks on the enemy, like War Cry and Last Resort.
It is also worth pointing out that this would be the first and only Musketeer pet in the game . This would bring an entire new level to both Pet vs. Pet combat and Player vs. Player combat as well as simply PvE. Your pet can hang back and shoot from the sidelines, allowing it to keep its health up, while you can charge in and fight the weakened enemy.
Possible Hybrids:
Unicorn Brute: Mini-Minotaur + Valencian Unicorn

The look of the pet retains the Valencian Unicorn’s, though it will now wear a bandanna instead of a regular hat and strikes with an axe rather than a gun. It is a melee pet, so it is worth noting that long range talents and powers cannot be transferred on . This means that most of the offspring’s traits would probably be from the Mini-Minotaur, though, as second, third, etc. generations begin to be hatched, more great melee talents would become available for the Unicorn Brute.
Unicorn Engineer: Lil’ Labor Golem + Valencian Unicorn
This pet would, like the Unicorn Brute, be a Unicorn, though its weapon of choice will be a wrench. Its hat will also be more Marleybonean themed than the original Unicorn Musketeer. The same note applies as specified above for this pet due to it being a melee attacker.
Unicorn Mage: Scrimshaw Drake + Valencian Unicorn

This pet uses magic as its weapon – unfortunately, it isn’t a Witchdoctor, as it still has to be within one square to attack the enemy. The Unicorn Mage has some scars on it as wounds from combat, its gear being themed after the world of Dragonspyre. It strikes by sending a bolt of magic at the enemy. Please see the note under the Unicorn Brute regarding this hybrid.
6th Place- Aly Alex
Pet Idea: Elemental Class Pets
 Privateers would receive a little  LOG pet with hands made of branches with leafs as fingers a scary mouth and glowing green eyes and braches on its back. The log should have a special attack when he stick his branches in the earth and giant thorns come from under the enemy dealing over-time damage. Swashbucklers would receive a purple  STORM CLOUD  with lightning bolt shooting from him, glowing bolts as yellow eyes. It has a special attack: puffs it self and blows a mini tornado at target hitting all enemies in a 5 square line. Musketeers would receive a glowing  FLAME with ambers floating away from edges. As a special attack it grows burning all enemies around it and add fire traps free spaces 1 square radius. Buccaneers would receive a grey  BOULDER   with sharp pointy rocks on its back. It has special attack: he crouches and the spikes on its back shoots and stops the target from moving 2 rounds. Witchdoctor would receive a  OOZE pet that leaves a little slime trail behind it and with bubble popping on him. It has a special attack: pull slime balls out his body and throws them at the enemy and swaps the damage to heal for the owner.  Pets should be free but pirates have to play and receive them at level 60. Avery gives a special quest for "A forgotten treasure" at the end of you receive the eggs.
7th Place- Stephen Hawkins
Pet Idea: Telchine
2. Decription: adapted from Greek mythology, the telchine has the body of a  seal and the head of a dog. I didn’t color it here, but it’s dark blue mottled  with gray, and the ruff is black.
3. Has “First strike” and gives “Mighty charge” power
4. Crown Shop
5. Makes Dogfish pet if mixed with Clownfish
8th Place- Husky Blaze Cringle
Pet Idea: Treasure Chest Emblem
2. What it looks like: It is a treasure chest filled with gold inside. There is emblem carved on top of the treasure chest. You can get daily coin from it. Emblem is the symbol of your own class pirate. For example, If your a witchdoctor then the emblem is the witchdoctor symbol.
3. Does it give any cards or powers: It give a card that grant 5% gold for 3 round.
4. Where can you get this pet? : Get from your own class trainer.
5. Would it make a hybrid if you mixed it with one of the pets currently already in-game?: It would make a hybrid with the pet currently in-game. For example, if hatch with not so great white shark, it will became a treasure chest that look like white shark or If with hatch with dragon, it will became a like dragon that spit out gold.
9th Place- Crazy Ryan Upham
Pet Idea: Dark Riding Hood
Description- This pet is only available to Swashbucklers from a quest. Like in Wizard101, Swashbucklers must be at least level 48 to receive the quest from Morgan LaFitte. The Little Dark Riding Hood (long name lol) can make hybrids with other class pets. I came up with pet names for the other classes :D Musketeer- Oh Snap Trap! Pet (Trap skill that the musketeer cast during battle)
Witchdoctor- Rattle Skull Pet (The skill where the skull steals health from opponent and gives it to the user) Privateer- Rouse Pet (lame name I know... The one where it heals just the user)
Buccaneer- Oh Might  Whale (It's the whale in the whale's might skill)
10 Place- Tal
Pet Idea: Ticking Mask
Description: A white Armada mask in the front, in the back rotating gears and other mechanical objects. Small feet will be operated by the gears and move forward when the character walks.
Places traps and spikes. Will drop from Deacon, Rooke, or Bishop
Would make a hybrid with the not-so-big shark called the Clockwork Shark. Would be made of metal and would have gears and pistons between the metal ribs. Would have an armada mask that looks like a shark as the face.
11th Place- Dark Colin Holystone
Pet Idea: Drowned Dog
2.How it will look:
a.It will be blue(as the drowned zombie in the Ancient Tunnels) and will have green glowing eyes
b.It will have a seaweeds on his body
c On the left side of the head will be seen his skull and on the right side of the head he will have a starfish
d.He will have a skeletal leg and on the right side of the body will be seen his ribs that will glow
3.His Powers:
a.Leviathan's Call
b.Hoodoo  Touch(at Adult transforms into Mutineer's Grasp)
c.Gives Shark's Fury
d.Mojo Bolt
e.Shadowy Aura
g.Sorrowfull Touch
h.Epic Storm
i.Mega Spell
j.Calm The Troops
4.His Talents:
a.Loyal 2
c.Enhanced Damage 2
e.Extra Gritty
f.Naturally Gifted
g.Pirate 1
h.Extra Strength 2
j.Enhanced Movement
This pet drops from Bosun Budd in Miranda and from the Duck of Death in Boot Hill
6.If to mix the Drowned Dog with Grimtooth Reaper(hybrid) will result a lagooney pet.
12th Place- Clumsy Calamity
Pet Idea: Bucking Bronco 2
This would be a brown bull that has a small saddle on his back and is constantly kicking and stomping the ground. 3.  This pet would have the ability Knockback* - after making a successful attack the enemy is pushed back one square( useful for pushing those pesky melee guys back or sending them into traps :D 4.  This pet would be a great addition as a Boss drop in Cool Ranch :D
5.  Yes this would make a MARVELOUS hybrid!  A Bucking Bronco + A Clown Fish = A Rodeo Clown!  Can you imagine A little bull standing up wearing a clown  wig, trying to get people to charge it?  Hilarious!