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Moo Manchu Contest Winners!

    The Moo Manchu Contest for Arrrgust is now over! I've read everyone's entry who entered and have chosen the Winners! A lot of you have some pretty cool theories on how we will encounter the mustached one again. Thanks again for entering and codes should be sent out soon, so be sure to check your email if you are a winner! It was very hard to judge all of these, they are all so great.
Winners in no particular order
 My name is Fiery Victor Ashburn.
    I believe we will go to Darkmoor looking for another map piece. We meet a crew mate of Marco Pollo secretly it is Moo Manchu but you do not know that yet. He is using a spell to cloak is appearance so he asks you too come into his house which is a cave. You go into a duengon and he reveals himself and tells us that he was Marco Pollos first mate. So he runs to the top level and there are 12 levels and each level has a different set of brainwashed allies that you have help out.
    So you beat them and get to the top level and you see that he has brainwashed Avery and the class trainers. So you beat them and when you beat a friend they come back to normal. So you finally battle Moo Manchu but he has three allies Kane and a brainwashed Boochbeard and Gandry. So you battle them and win Kane escapes and Moo Manchu begs for mercy and offers to join your crew.
    You take him upon your crew and he gives you his piece that he was going to give to Kane. Then you chase after Kane for his pieces of the Map to Eldorado. You then defeat Kane with the help of Moo Manchu and the armada is finally defeated and you set sale for Eldorado.
By Joshua-
    After finishing Aquila, the Skull Island town crier gives you a quest telling you to talk to Captain Avery. Avery says that there are strange reports coming all over the Skull Island skyway of people disappearing. Avery fears for HIS life and asks you to talk to Mordekai and Madame Vadima. Mordekai tells you about the last disappearance and tells you he's too busy to come with you to investigate. Madame Vadima tells you that the site is loaded with dark magic. Vadima then hands you a statue and trains you to use a spell called "Call of the Dead". The spell summons different minions depending on how damaged you health is. (1.[full health] Ghost wolf [weakest] 2.[around 75% health] Skeletal shark 3.[around 50%] Ghoul 4.[around 25% health] Vampire 5.[10% or less] Hades [strongest])
    The site is at the sewers of Puerto Mico. There you see Moo Manchu and some corrupt pirates. Moo Manchu tells you that your too late and you cant stop the unveiling of his plan. Moo Manchu opens a portal and walk away in it then to follow him you must defeat the pirates. After defeating the pirates you go to Polaris.
My pirate's name is Fiery Felix Ironside
    Moo Manchu has been gone for quite a while, everyone thought him defeated. So many worlds have gone and by but suddenly you get a message from Captain Avery that Moo Manchu is back! This time he is in a new World, called Alienopia!  When you get here, it looks like energy and slime combined to make a time stream of some kind. You can see that there are slime covered buildings and very odd aliens walking in this tunnel. but as far as you see, there is only way out, back through the spiral door. ( You think this must be a short World if there is only straight ahead and back.) You continue on, and see some aliens have some quests, to defeat some fire blasting aliens, spider pests, and (freezing ice cubes?) Also a few collect quests- grab some energy to keep the time stream going so you can stay here, and ingredients to make a Commons here, called The Stream.
    When done you continue on and see guards blocking a entrance to the catacombs, (how is there catacombs in a time stream, you wonder). Inside a sigil pops up, saying its a dungeon for 1 and half hours. You get a few friends and head in. There are 8 battles to be fought, more odd aliens- some include loud echos, slime spiders, giant mammoths, and oddly you and your friends copies of themselves. After winning all these weird battles you get to the very bottom of the area. Guess who? Moo Manchu is waiting! He has gotten 3 promotions since last you've seen him, and some new powers- Hypnoray,  Eye of the Serpent, and a new Energy slime covered sword.
    With him each of the aliens you have recently defeated. After a long and hard battle, (had to use a few potions) you have defeated him yet again! No doubt he will return. After you get sent back to Avery's Office in Skull island, having no idea if you get back. When you check the door, its there but Moo Manchu is nowhere to be seen. What will happen to this odd World and your next adventures? Keep playing and see what new Worlds come about!
Thanks for the contest.
By Seth and Sean:
    The cow that has committed several crimes against you is in need of your help. He has failed his master for the last time. For this time he becomes your helper but for a short time. His master is one of the most evil men in all the spiral. Lord Alistair. Ever since Moorgate brought him back from the land of the dead he has been more twisted and enraged than ever. Malaterre has left Silvia for Moorgate. His next plan is to conquer the spiral once again. This time he is out for the map.

    In this new world of Verlust . You have to find Moo Manchu and learn why he needs your help. He proclaims that his master is out to get him. You don’t believe him one bit and he seems to understand why you don’t believe him. He says travel to the lost land of shadows. There will be a jar graded by a trio of myth preachers. A troll, a Cyclops, and a mina tar. They are some of the first bosses you have to fight. But only after wars do you find that each one of the three has a peace of the jar. To get to them you have to help out a few people with some things then you go fight them. You give the jar to Moo Manchu and you relies that he is telling the truth. You follow Moo Manchu to a sacred place that his master gave him his evil powers. Towards there you run into armada goons. They are relatively difficult but not too hard. Once you reach the tomb you find a shadowy figure with a widow next to him. The widow turns towards you and the shadowy figure disappears. She is Morgan the but with the ability to soon spiders at her command. Every 5 rounds she onions a spider. Once you defeat her she claims that she will be back to get you for this.
    You chide after the shadowy figure and once you get to him he brings out a staff. . His hands seem clockwork but not his motions they move freely and not like a robot. He hit the ground with the staff. Two clockwork body’s rise up from the ground. They are Deacon and Rook. Them they fuse together making a huge clockwork. Once you defeat him the show figure turns towers you and says don’t you want to know what has happened to you parents. His eyes are of pure evil and hatred. He brings an image of them in front of you. You hear both of their voices. They are still alive but you don’t know where. You finally see them at last, but the image is distorted and not in focus. The figure laughs and battles you. He is very hard. Once you do he is thrown to the ground but only for a short time. He rips off his clock and there stands Kane the leader of the clockworks. He says until next time in a harsh German accent.

    You go back to Moo Manchu he says that he knew that it was Kane the whole time. He says when you were in there a spider bit me and then this widow appeared. Before he finishes he faints. You have to take him to the village healer. The healer says that you must go to the winnow cave. She says bee warned because the muster will wear a web of lies. You fight the widow and as she falls you see that it is Morgan the yet something is off about her. You get the antidote form her and return to the town. The house is now a dungeon. You enter and find Kane has taken Moo Manchu. You fight Kane once again without companions. You beat him and his mask comes off. The man inside is Lord Malaterre. He growls at you and flees away.
    The healer says go and find Cyrus Drake in the Drake mention. You find him and he tells you tattoo must get Malaterre to find his real love inside of him. You have to travel to megastars old house where he grew up with Cry is drake. There you find that his house is a three part dungeon. The first is an easy part where you have to fight a bunch of undead warriors. They are new to the game and want revenge for being awoken. You have to fight them all. The big boss is this part is the wrath Lord Nightshade. He is more powerful than ever and wants blood. He has a new look and a new weapon.  
    You have to team up with death to defeat this means. Death isn’t much of any help to you. You manage to get to the tomb of Silvia and death brings her back as a ghost. She says nothing but whispers but death says that she needs the body of Morgan them to come all the way back. The second dungeon is when you fight on rook’s ship. Aboard is the flag for the armada. You see second again but he flees after 5 rounds. The soma with rook. You enter the captain’s cabin and all you find is nothing but darkness and low lit oil lamps. You turn them all on and appears the brand new clockwork creation. It’s the brothers as one clockwork. They are huge. You have to fight them for 3 long battles. They fall apart and they have a body that will work for Silvia for now. The third is when you enter the house. Every single undead thing is there. From wizard101 and pirate101. You follow death to the creation chamber. There you make a create Silvia 2.0 she is weak but still a fighter. You have to fight Bishop Right after you fix her.
    Once you win you travel towards the addict to find migrate. She fights you and you win after 15 rounds. Silvia follows you to Morgan them. Death says that this is only a duplicate of migrate they all have been. You travel towers the throne room and find a huge web on the wall. On it is the torn figure of Morgan them. She is within the web and part of it. You see black fire inform of her and hear her cry with pain. Malaterre comes through the fire and battles you. Silvia and death are with you. Malaterre has to kill both of them in order for the battle to be over. Silvia cry’s out as he strikes her. You see the tears in his eyes as soon as he relishes what he has done. He gets on his hands and knees and cry’s a sad love song. Her ghost goes to Moorgate and Malaterre cry’s out NOOOOOO!!!!! As he does she says good bye my love I will forever miss you. She bonds with the damage Morag the. Their eyes glow purple and green.
    As the two souls collide with love and hate Moorgate’s body glows and burns within seconds. There is a lot of screaming and crying. Malaterre says that he has lost so much INS little time. He brings Moo Manchu out and then turns towards you. “You brought her to me and let her die! You will be sorry for your parents will be my next target on my list. For I have they hold once piece each of the map. You will be sorry for cause in me pain Pirate. He outs on his Kane mask and leaves through the ashes of his lost wife. Once I find El Dorado I will rid the spiral of all pirates and replace them all with clockworks that will listen to me and me alone. You haven’t seen the last of me. Manchu gives you the remedy to the emperor and walks with death to the underworld. That is the end of the story.
By Shy Aisha Silver
    After Moo Manchu got's defeated, he had to change something to not lose a 4th Time against you. He meets now a Elephant who also gots defeated 3 Times, but from a Wizard: Belloq
He Teams Up with the Smuggler Boss from Zafaria Belloq, and tries to defeat first the Pirate's and then the Wizard's.
    They would make a perfect Team, with their Personalities and their Cheats.
In the Tower of Moo Manchu, Moo Manchu cheats with an Imobilize Cheat and a Firewave Cheat.
In the last Fight against Belloq ( and first Fight ) in Wizard101 you alwas need to attack Belloq,to not get his Cheat Attack: Ra with 1500 Damage.
Also in the last Fight against Belloq he cannot get hurt by DoT's , because his Minion makes a Cheat Triage.

    Make these Cheats together and we get a perfect Challenge for the later Levels:)
In the Story between Lvl. 70 and Lvl.80 you don't see Belloq ( in Wizard101 ) because you're in Avalon.

    In Wizard101 we also know that Bellow is a Smuggler Boss  and controls many Black Market's and the Sky and Water of Zafaria.
This would perfectly fit into Pirate101 and even Moo Manchu as a Boss would perfectly fit as a Cheating Boss in Wizard101.

This is my Theory, hope you Guys like it:)
By Oscar
    OK, so in order to meet Moo Manchu again, you must level up 5 more times. After you have done this, one of your crew members will notify you that they have seen suspicious activity around your Castle. You now start the quest " No One's Home". You are given instructions to go to your castle, and search around for anything missing or strange activity. Now, you will recognize some of your things are missing. You will get them back. You might also recognize that some of your belongings are knocked over and scattered everywhere, as if someone was searching the house for you. 

    Here is when it gets interesting Moo Manchu jumps down on you and knocks you out cold. You will be kidnapped, and taken to an underground lair right under Captain Avery's Office.Once you are in the body bag you will get the message to if you want to enter a dungeon, where you can not leave for more than 30 mins, or have to start over. Moo Manchu is planning to BOMB and destroy ALL of Skull Island. You must escape and get to Moo Manchu before he can go through with it. Along the way, you must fight plenty of old enemies, around 7 or 8, before you can get to Moo Manchu, he is now twice as strong as he was the last time. You must defeat him, in order to save Skull Island. You will be Timed in this final battle because he has activated the bomb, 15 to 20 minutes will be the timer, he thought he had enough time to escape. After you defeat him, you must disarm that bomb.That takes 2 minutes to do. 

    After the bomb is disarmed, the quest is complete, and you are to report to Avery's Court, for a ceremony, dedicating a statue of you in front of Avery's Office, as well as whoever was on your Crew at the time, and any Pets that you had equipped to help you. The rewards for this are furniture items, 5000 Gold, 600 Xp, and Companion training points(two for each companion). As well as a replica of your Statue (which will be in view everytime you go to Avery's Court[you are the only one that can see it in Avery's Court, everyone else will see their own]), and all your stolen stuff.

This is my idea for the Moo Manchu Contest.
By Wicked Wolf Whitman
    Moo Manchu has returned, but this time, he has gone to Marleybone and is hiding in an old abandoned mansion, a haunted house!
As you go in, you will be greeted by the  easiest of mobs, bats!
Nothing hard, relatively simply, they will have riposte x2, bladestorm x2, and be immune to hide. 

    The next room you go into will have skeletons and ghosts, a very simple room.  Skeletons will be both melee and ranged and the ghosts will be witchdoctor types casting spells like mojo storm and chain lightning. 

    In the 3rd room, you will find a lot of mummies, mummies are immune to everything except fire.  they die immediately in fire, but take no damage from any other attacks.  Simple right?

    The 4th room we will find Moo Manchu standing next to a body, telling us how we ruined his plans and shamed him, but he will show us.  He injects the dead body with something and it comes alive, he quickly departs the room to leave us with his new creation and a few mobs of  ghosts and skeletons join this new boss, a Zombie...  This zombie has relatively high health, but not much accuracy, nor dodge,  but if it does succeed in hitting you, it WILL turn you into a zombie, so be careful.  If you have gotten injured, you have +1 round to defeat all enemies before being changed, if you don't, you will be changed into a zombie, and have the same chance to infect other party members into becoming a zombie.  If you are infected, but defeat all enemies, there is a cure vial to prevent the change and to cure those that were changed back into their former self.

    the 5th room we see Moo Manchu and Count Duckula, Moo Manchu tells Count Duckula to stop us at all costs as Moo Manchu once again flees upstairs deeper into the haunted mansion.  Count Duckula is not going to be easy as he has Riposte x3, First Strike x 2,  Bladestorm x 2, Relentless x 2, charming gaze, drain spells out the wazooo, and has been joined by bats....

    The final battle is against Moo Manchu, who we find at the top, he has made his final creation, Franken Rabbit.  So we have to fight both Moo Manchu, Franken Rabbit, and Terror-Cotta Warriors all at the same time.  Moo Manchu still has all his powers and talents that he has in the Tower Battle, but now he is also joined by Franken Rabbit who has a super amount of health and acts much like the Orthrus does with Follow Through.  Also there are the Terror-Cotta Warriors to deal with.  Not going to be easy, but good luck!

This is the Haunted Mansion, good luck and hope you like it.
By Catherine Ainsley
    My theory is that Moo Manchu is another spy for Kane, the supreme leader of Valancia! Since Kane wants to take over the world, who else can help him spread his forces over the Spiral but Moo Manchu? Since he is a powerful enemy already why not use him to take over Mooshu and thus spread Kane's reign there? Plus, Moo Manchu already hates the pirate player that you play as does Kane.

     The player will meet Moo Manchu again on their journey to find Kane and defeat him, maybe in some part of Valencia. Once you defeat Moo Manchu, he escapes (as does most of the enemies you meet). When you get to Kane and defeat him, Moo Manchu comes back and becomes the new leader of the Valancian nation. Thus being the new nemesis. (Just like when Malistare was defeated and Morganthe became the new enemy.)
    Moo Manchu now has new ideas to build a better army, so the pirate player has a tough time defeating him. (If the player can defeat Kane then Moo Manchu must up his game.) He decides to build a giant Moo Manchu that will be indestructible! The negative part of his plan, and also his weakness, is that it will take time to finish it. This is the pirate players opportunity! They must travel to the secret base where the new weapon is being held and destroy it! In order to do that the pirate must travel back to Valencia and look for the map on how to get there. The reward is a bounty. Since Moo Manchu has traveled far and wide, he has acquired some treasures that will enhance the players experience and maybe include new powers!
By Elijah
    Moo Manchu has just been defeated by the young pirate, but little do we know that the thing just defeated was actually a projection made by one of the enslaved witchdoctors. When he is defeated in the Nefarious Tower, we think we are finally done with him, but little do we know that he always had a plan brewing that we never even heard of. He never planned on taking over Mooshu, but the entire Spiral.

       We never knew it, but Moo Manchu had just left to a little area of Avernus never seen before because is had always been too dangerous to get to, but with the help of two mysterious companions, he gets there without a scratch. Turns out those mysterious companions were summoned and, with the help of the enslaved witchdoctors, two young wizards, a boy a girl, are called forth as the greatest powers in the Spiral.

       But Moo Manchu isn't done yet. With his greatest of companions under his complete control, he sets his eyes on Skull Island because of all the talented young pirates that are almost always appearing. He plans to either enslave them all, or destroy them all.

       You only find out about his plans by accident, when Frogfather sends you to find out why his ships are not returning, and you fight the ships for the supplies, but you notice how all the ships have the same flag, a cow with a red line crossing it out. You go to Madame Vadima, who tells you she cannot tell you exactly who it is, but your Mooshu companion tells you he recognizes it from Mooshu, and you follow that trail to find out he needs a special dragon-ore from the long forgotten land of Dragonspyre, where you go to confront Moo Manchu and his young wizards to prevent them from getting the ore.
By Anne Radcliff
    “I think these bandits are getting stronger. It took us forever to fight our way down to the hold of the ship,” Bonnie Anne commented, somewhat out of breath.
“It is a bandit chieftain’s ship, after all,” Gracie offered pragmatically. “He must be doing very well for himself, for it is a grand vessel.”

    “And I am sure there are more of his associates around. We have to hurry before they regroup.” Captain Anne Radcliffe eyed the surrounding area warily. “How is the lock-picking coming, Fan?”
“Almost – there, got it. We’re in!”

    “Excellent. Fan, Bonnie, come with me. The rest of you stand guard here.”
“Aye, captain.”

    The three climbed down into the dank, fetid hold of the ship, completely unlike the ornamented elegance of classical Mooshuese style that characterized the upper decks of the richly appointed vessel. Anne carried a lantern against the darkness of the foul place, which lit their way but did not penetrate the deep shadows.

    “Kiku? Shiro?” Anne called out tentatively into the darkness.
“Miss Anne! Anne-san!” came childish glad cries. Fan Flanders got to work immediately to pick the lock of the children’s cell, and in a moment they were freed and ran into Anne’s waiting arms.
“Are you okay?” she asked them concernedly.

     Shiro, a Bull no more than three years of age, nodded solemnly. “But I was scared.”
“I wasn’t,” his five-year-old sister Kiku maintained boldly, if rather untruthfully.
“I wasn’t either,” the little one quickly changed his tune.

   “What bothers me is why were they kidnapped?” Bonnie Anne mused worriedly. “Their father is a humble ronin, not important enough to threaten and not wealthy enough to pay a good ransom.”
“Sufficient for my purposes, however, to lay a trap and to teach a lesson,” came a deep, powerful voice out of the darkness. An unfortunately very familiar voice! Anne instinctively thrust the little children behind her, and was on her feet and her blades out in the space of a breath, while Fan and Bonnie Anne also were instantly ready for battle.

    However, the other did not attack at once, coming proudly into the light shed by the lantern, standing upon the filthy deck of the hold. “Moo Manchu!” Anne breed, shocked. “What do you want?”

    Moo Manchu’s cold laugh rumbled softly. “You know what I want, pirate . I want revenge. You have dared to thwart me again and again. Only your death can pay for the insult you have given me, the thorn you have proven to be. I discovered one of your contacts in Subata, a poor ronin who would not enter my service. So I took his children to teach him not to defy the will of Moo Manchu. I guessed you would be sentimental enough to seek out the brats, and thus they made the perfect trap for you. Most efficient.”

    “Are ye going to keep talking or are ye going t’ start fighting!” Bonnie Anne interjected with deliberate rudeness.
Moo Manchu haughtily drew himself up in an even more regal posture. “It would give me the greatest pleasure to finish you off personally. However, I have certain allies who also crave that favor. As they have promised a most… interesting… demise for you, I am satisfied by bringing you here for their revenge.”

    “Hello pirate,” a sibilant, eerie voice spoke complacently out of the darkness. Anne’s skin crawled, and a bead of cold sweat trickled down her neck. “We meet again.”
Bishop !
By Crazy Ryan Upham
    Three months have passed since I last saw Moo Manchu in his tower. The tower still stands proudly and boldly in Mooshu, yet it was vacant. Everyone thought it was over until today. A huge rumble from the ground shook as it cracked its way across the spiral.
"An earthquake, huh?" I thought to myself.

    Luckily, I was on my ship magically flying in one of Aquila's scenic skyway. Only I knew that Moo Manchu was alive. He who survived the fierce battle in Tomb of Kow Cheng should have no problem surviving a second time. The earthquake continued to shake the spiral which created a grand opening. The shaking had stopped.
    In front of me, Moo Manchu appeared from the underworld. He looked different though. His ripped kimono I supposed was black with a hint of red left. His favorite hat with a symbol I do not understand was gone. He himself was only made out of bones with no skin left behind.
"Crazy Ryan Upham, are you surprised to see me?" Moo Manchu shouted. "I am now Undead Moo Manchu who will rule the underworld with the help of Hades!"

    "Unbelievable..." I thought. "Hades must had helped him survive a second time and treated him nicely."

    "Come find me in Hades' Lair." he yelled. "I'll be waiting for you and this time I won't lose!"
He vanished.
    A boulder of rocks on both sides with a space in between appeared in front. The sigils were not lit though. I blinked. Looking left to right, my computer in front and my room's walls surrounding me.
"Ryan, time to eat breakfast! Get off whatever game you're playing!" My mom shouted from downstairs.

    "Well, I guess I'll have to wait until test realm comes out again to know what will happen." I thought to myself as I walk downstairs. "Kingsisle better be quick with it. I'll be waiting..." I sighed.
By Allen Gold
    In the next dungeon, there would be a mooshu prison after you completed the last dungeon quest and completed few of the side quest. The mooshu prison will be where there is a prison break, sided with Moo Manchu, and took over the dungeon. And the total rooms would be 3.
In the first room, you would face prison pigs. The prison pigs are swashbucklers that has vengeance strike, and blade storm. In the room, it looks like there are lots of open jail cells. And in the battlefield, there are 6 prison pigs + 3 more per pirate on 2 different corners and 1 table in the middle of the battlefield.

    In the second room, you face 15 prison pigs +4 more per pirate and there are 6 security samoorai in a dungeon cell. For the quest, one of the prison pigs say, "Ah, we got ourselves a pirate, get em boys." Then one of the security samoorai say, "Free us young pirate so we can help you out in battle." Then battle goes on. In the battlefield, it looks like there are a few small tables on different sides of the battlefield, and there is a jail cell that contains 6 security samoorai on the bottom right corner of the battlefield. After victory, one of the security samoorai says, "Thanks for the save, we'll secure the area from here and you can take care of Moo Manchu." 

    In the last room, you would face a boss named Moo Manchu that cheats. At the start of the battle, you would face Moo Manchu and 4 prison pigs. For the cheat, every 3 rounds, he summons 3 more prison pigs into the battle so Moo Manchu has to be defeated quickly. Also, he'll double for every hit he made so it's best to bring in extra heal just in case of emergency. In the battlefield, the room is very long with 4  short tables on different corners, and 2 large tables on the middle of the battlefield that are separated 2 spaces apart. During the quest, Moo Manchu says, "Well well well. We meet again pirate. I shall take you down, but this time, it won't be easy. After victory, he says, "How can this be? I thought I won that time." Then the security samoorai appears and says, "Well done pirate, you stopped Moo Manchu and the prison pigs from prison break. Your our prison hero."

    After the quest is completed and Moo Manchu is defeated, you have a possible chance of getting good gears and a ninja pig pet. Not only that, if it was the first time, you get a badge called "Prison Hero" that puts Moo Manchu companion in crown shop.
By Strong John Ovingham
    The storyline for this quest would be when you go to MooShu the sky turns a blazing red. An explosion on Kato Island. When you go there, you see Manchu on the center statue.

    He first sends brainwashed ronins with a ronin commander. Then he sends a wave of previous bosses(All companions in this battle). Next he sends three waves of dragon people and dragon pets. Finally he jumps down to fight you with you first mate in a 2 on 2 with himself and a Moo Manchu looking Armada General.

    Moo Manchu looks even more warrior looking and less fancy. He has samurai armor and says MooShu conqueror. He has a flaming sword with a gold shield. He also has a pet Ebon Spectre level 65.
By Ashton
    My guess is that when we see Moo Manchu again, it will be as a prisoner in Marleybone or in the next world, and he is the only one who can help.
    We first talk to him when the quest-giver says something along the lines of "There is a fellow who can help you. His cell is in the Isle of the Dogs/the prison in the new world. Find Colonel Benchley, and then ask him for Moo Manchu. He will let you see him." Then Monkey King will reply, saying, "Moo Manchu?! Captain, I don't think he'll want to see us all that much." After, Bonnie Anne will say, "We don't have much of a choice, unfortunately. Let's go, Cap'n."
    We then arrive at the prison, and speak to Colonel Benchley, who leads us to Manchu's cell.
By Bloody Belle Morgan
 I feel that  since I and my crew have defeated Moo in the tower, he is at a point where he has to assure himself in some way that he will be victorious.   He is seething inside and about to explode in a way that we can't comprehend, because we have continued to be the victors.  He has to assure also that we will show up at his next rendevous point in which he plans to defeat us. 
    Being a witchdoctor, he will tap into his abilities and plan this meeting for El Dorado, and use the spirits of my parents to lure us to this point.  He will then try to blackmail us to give up without a fight. Since we have been through all kinds of trials and tribulations together we have become one big family and little does Moo realize that families stick together and protect each other in times of peril. 
    Maybe he will want to change and become one of the crew (wishful thinking)  OR he will dissolve like the witch in Wizard of Oz from his own anger, either way, it is another victory for all the good Pirates out there.
By Shiney
    We will find Moo Manchu in Mirage! he is coming with a new tower where there is a great powerful weapons may destory the world! he is selling them to the Armada and giving them to the Minions to control all over Mirage, Also he is coming with brand new enemys who just trained them a new kind of Dark Magic was Never seen ever in the Spiral, He made everyone who enters the tower gets cursed, everytime a pirate enters a floor he gets more weaker, Moo Manchu will be a bit Stronger and More Tougher then he was!

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