Saturday, September 27, 2014

Talk like a Pirate Winners!

    Hello thar pirates! The time has finally come to announce the winners of the talk like a pirate day contest! Below will be the lucky winners talking like pirates! If you see yours below, go check your email because ye got some treasure in thar waiting for ye! Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for entering everyone!
1. Fearless Matthew Ironside
Yarr! Wishin' ye all the best as ye navigate the skyways with ye maps 'n charts 'n whatnot on this here Talk Like A Pirate Day! Batten down the hatches and shiver me timbers, the taverns are busy with celebratin', me hearties! Our Skull Island Galleon has been from Monquista to Mooshu and Marleybone and every place between, but there's no place like the Kraken Skulls for us Pirates of the Spiral.
2. Jayla
Yar! The bilge of the ship has a hole! Arrg! How is this happened? Cannonball? CANNONBALLS! Lads, move! Release the prisoners in the brig! Take ye goods from the bay! Get off ye hides and get the ladies out of the cabin! Abandon ship! As captain, I shall go down with the ship. Seems we never made it to Cool Ranch after all.
3. Nicm
'tis be full 'o awe! I put grub in me gullet (avast, thar frogfather what be ye doin' in thar ;) ), slumber 'n breathe everythin' to do wit' band 'o pirates ever since I was a wee lass. 'n it reminds me 'o Halloween, me favorite the hour 'n season 'o th' year! It be truly a band 'o pirates life fer me. harrharr care fer a bottle 'o yum all ye pirates?
4. Tommy S
Avast, thar me moniker be tommy i really like scurvy pirate 101 i like how it be make but i have some though 'n how ye could make it even batter like make pet clothes 'n more pet battle like teamin' up 'n fightin' one another 'n ye could make a level whar th' cut trouts attacks skull island to free fin 'n teamin' up wit' th' sea monster 'n one 'o th' cut trout gunna help us defeatin' his kind
5. LB
Ahoy there, Smart Steven Ovingham here talking about Pirate101, Ye crew needs to be a mix of pirates, mostly including Bucks, Muskets, and Swashbucklers. The Bull himself is the Swashbuckler I use, he is the strongest crew mate a buccaneer can have. The buck I use is normally Peter Quint with his powerful streaks of slashing and smashing with his mighty axe. Bonnie Anne is the best musket you can ever have, unless if you have met the Centaur Queen herself Nausica, but this unlucky buck doesn't have her. Bonnie Anne is the "Gal With the Golden Gun" the best shooting Marleybonian you can ever get. So there is thee best crew tips this old buck can give. Maybe we will meet again, when I kick your butt in the Brawlin' Hall, farewell ye scallywags of the spiral
6. Loyal Sean
My favorite part o' th' new update t' Pirate101 be the new Tower o' Moo Manchu! It be a sure-fire way t' team up with other hearties an' make that scurvy scallywag Moo Manchu walk th' plank! Arrr!!!
7. Jack
Yo ho ho! Me name be Jack and may all ye mateys listen to this word about pirate101. Pirate101 has made me relationship wit' me chums much closer 'n be one th' best games I have played in me life.
8. Justin S.
Yar Commodore Johnny, I be just here leavin' a comment to enter ye contest fer some great prizes. woefully I win so I can buy many packs 'o bears. woefully I get Baar or his epic hairstyle. If I do, I ain't wait to take him around 'n 'bout in Grizzleheim win it comes out! lust th' battle! woe I win!
9. Robert
I lust Pirate101 so extra much. But I'd have to shout me favorite part be th' pets we be findin' everywhere. 'o course, th' best part 'o th' pets be th' hybrids we keep on findin'. I wonder what we can get wit' th' Heck Kitty?
10. Aby
Th' treasure 'o th' kracken be buried whar th' lone palm stands against th' wreck 'o an barnacle-covered ship. If ye be clever 'n quick wit' a sword, ye might have a chance 'o survivin' th' long 'n perilous journey to Shell Island. Th' best 'o luck to ye.
11. Brandon
Oh, ahoy thar! I didn't spy wit' ye eye ye! ye have come to interview me 'bout Pirate101, eh? Well get to th' questions already, I be gettin' keal hauled! What is your favorite part about the game? Th' fights, 'o course! All that slashin' 'n dashin' makes me want to keep fightin' some more! And, last but not least, who is your favorite character? Ah, it would have to be my friend Ratbeard! He's one cool rat if I've ever seen one!
12. Belle Morgan
I always check ye site to spy wit' ye eye what contest ye have, because they be th' best around. I woe ye pick me as one o' th' winners. Thank ye kindly, Bloody Belle Morgan
13. DJ
Ahoy mateys! I savvy the Musketeer class as I lurk t' brawlin' hall fer worthy opponents.
14. Brooke Hawkins
Gettin' rat beard his second promotion, wonder what it gunna be. I woe thar's a lot 'o battles.
15. Jamir
Ahoy thar maties, we have to keep lookin' fer th' other pieces to th' map 'o el dorado, 'n get th' rest from kane 'n th' armada. set sail fer th' best quest fer gold since cap'n gunn's gold!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk like a Pirate Day Contest!

    Hello there ye landlubbers! Today is Talk like a Pirate Day! In Celebration, Pirate101 has given us some cool prizes to give out for the occasion. Entering is simple! To enter, all you have to do is leave a blog comment below. The Twist is, that it must be written in Pirate Talk and have something to do with Pirate101! On the 24th, I will pick 15 random entries as the winners! *Please leave your email on the comment also so I can reach you if you are a lucky winner with your code!* (Don't worry, no one else will be seeing your email) Good luck Pirates!
    If you need help changing your words to Pirate, use this nifty generator. Talk Like a Pirate
After you have translated it, copy and paste it into a comment below. The start date for this is today, September 19th, and it will run to September 24th at Midnight Eastern Time! Your wondering about the Prizes eh?
[Large Gold Pile, Pirate Hairstyle, and 10,000 Crowns!]
[Pirate Hairstyle, and 5,000 Crowns!]
[2,000 Crowns!]
    If ye have any other questions be sure to ask em! I'll get back to ya as soon as possible! Safe sailin' pirates!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Test hits Live!

    Hello there Pirates! Kingsisle has released Test realm updates to the Live realm. Yes that means the new Moo Manchu Tower is Live! All of the awesome gear and more is now available for your Pirates if you're brave enough to venture to the top of the Tower.

    Lots of new things in the Crown Shop as well! They sure kept a lot of surprises for Live release! The first batch is a bunch of accessories for us to use like glasses, and even paint on our faces. Which one is your favorite?? Need more? Well look no further! The Grizzly Bear Booster Pack is now available in the Crowns shop for 399 crowns each!
    You have a chance to receive up to 6 bear companions from this pack! There is a specific one for each school, and then there is the main top tier companion (who is shown on the pack itself) named Baar. Also inside of it are a few pets, like the Hecky Kitty, Hedgehog, and more! Pet furniture and gear galore.

    To read all about the new updates, please click here to visit! Their is so much that I cannot blog all about it. From Doubloon trading, to Changing your Flag Design and colors which in turn changes your companions colors! Go check it out and have fun. :)