Monday, October 13, 2014

KI Live Chat #2

    How are all ye scallywags doing this fine night? Tomorrow our awesome Community Managers, Tom and Leala will be hosting Kingsisle Live Chat #2! If you didn't see the first one which was Wizard101 based, you can head over here to watch it! This time they will be celebrating Pirate101's 2nd birthday!
    If you are interested in joining this live event, make sure to tune in tomorrow (October, 14th 2014 at 4:00 PM central) at the link here. Tom and Leala will be showing off some new exclusive items coming to the game, give away some prizes, and embark on the recent challenge of the Nefarious Tower! Will they be able to defeat Moo Manchu?
    I hope to see you all tomorrow! It should be a very fun time, they did a great job with the first one! Big thanks to Kingsisle, Tom, and Leala for running these. Its very fun to watch and we are thankful for you being so interactive with the community. :)

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