Tuesday, October 14, 2014

KI Live Chat #2

    Earlier today, Tom and Leala hosted the second KI Live Chat! This time they celebrated Pirate101's 2nd birthday, by showing us some cool new things coming to the game on the internal servers! To top it all off, they gave away 10 hoodoo bundles to the lucky viewers questions that were asked on twitter and the stream.
    Above are some screenshots I took while watching the stream. Tom and Leala showed off a bunch of things that were coming before challenging Moo Manchu. :) From the Black Tiger Pet, to some cool face paints for Halloween, and even some cool new accessories! (Who could resist that horse mask?) Not sure if it was intentional or not, but also saw a picture of Mustang Sally's new promotion while Leala was choosing her companions for the battle.
    After defeating Moo Manchu, they wrapped things up by giving away a cool code that we could redeem on Pirate101.com for a doubloon that summons a black tiger, just like the pet they showed off that will soon be available in the crown shop! They also mentioned before ending the show that soon avery's court will be decorated for the celebration! So stay tuned for a cool renovation! You can watch KI Live 2 here if you missed it!
If you guys have any suggestions for Tom and Leala for the next KI Live, shoot them over a email to Community@Kingsisle.com! Until then, see you in the Spiral!

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