Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spooktacular Contest Winners!

    Woot, it is now time to reveal the lucky pirates who won this years October Contest! We received lots of cool entries, and I wish I could send prizes to ye all, but only 5 spooktacular ones will be awarded! (Or Ratbeard will make me walk t' plank!) The 5 raffle copter winners will also be chosen during this post. Below will be the entries of the lucky winners, thank you all again for entering, and I hope you have a very Safe and Happy Halloween!
1. Logan Mistspear

Next year, I think we should get Some Spooky Bats everywhere in Avery's Court, With a dark effects through the skyways, Like a night darkmoor, Also with 2 Halloween Vendors, One in the Docks selling Pets, Masks, Mounts, Companions and Gears and Weapons Inside his Very darkmoor own Galleon! While the other should be in Skull Island Shopping District selling Halloween Decroation Items! Not that only, There should a Quest we're getting from Town Crier, Opens a gate leads to a simple area of Darkmoor, Full of Dungeons and bosses, Where they lead to epic prizes and amazing loot! I'd like to see a brand Birth-O-Ween Nightmare Pack, With weird Companions never seen in The Spiral and Mysterious Scary Pets!
2. Ambitious Christina
I hope to see an event called the 'Stolen Pumpkins Recovery', whereby during the event timeframe, players who have reached at least level 5 and above can find Captain Avery for a new quest which is repeatable everyday. Pirates will have to search for specific Troggies with clues from Captain Avery to gain a chance of retrieving the stolen pumpkins. Return the stolen pumpkins back and you will be handsomely rewarded with rare weapons. The Troggies will randomly appear in scenes of Skull Island. They will keep moving to avoid being caught. Only one of them will offer players the robbed pumpkins after they are defeated successfully, so players must depend on their luck. If they are tired of multiple fights, they can just find any Troggy and spend some crowns to gain the robbed pumpkins instantly.
There will also be a Great Bonfire Party at Avery's Court. Pirates can take part in the nighttime Bonfire Gala. Starting at every evening, say, 8p.m., all event related items including a bonfire and a large feast (with chicken drumsticks, cakes, etc) will spawn. All event related items will disappear an hour or so later. The bonfire can be used to get random accessories for your pirate; and the feast will provide you some snacks which you can feed to your pets!
3. Clumsy Calamity
I was recently inspired by the Dr. Who event (The B.O.X.E.S.)  and I think for Halloween it would be fun to introduce a new event.  "The Spooky Door"  (Yes Twilight Zone rip off)

This would be a door that once entered would have a common area similar to the boxes and quests.  In the first door we would be greated by an NPC for training(can be skipped in the future), because in this box we don't fight like pirates...but wait for it, like Wizards.  We would have prebuilt decks that we would use to battle the enemies (Similar to the Chambers of the Mind in Radiance Reborn).

and the best part about this is we could do the same event in Wizard101 too and have them fight like Pirates.  I think it would be a fun way to introduce the game to some wizards and see if we can convert a few more.
4. Blainy Kid
For next year's Halloween, I for one would love to see an amazing quest line that might hint at something bigger than the Armada and El Dorado. I mean at some point, we gotta get over the fact that the Armada are not invincible and some day we will defeat them as we are indeed invincible being human gamers and all :P -and as it is our job as mighty plundering pirates we shall plunder the Avery out of El Dorado- and so, a hint must be dropped upon us like a shrimpy piratical (copyrighted) bomb, and frankly I couldn't think of a better way to hit us with the teasers other than Halloween? Especial if it's something Darkmoore related!
5. Daniel
My idea is to have a new Halloween quest that would open up a new skyway. It would be a totally separate skyway that branches off from the Haunted Skyway and would only be available during the month of October. In the skyway it would sort of be like trick or treating. There would be a variety of enemy ships you can defeat to try to win some Halloween drops. The drops could include pets, mount rentals, the new masks and etc.

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