Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spooky Bob has arrived!

    Hello there me hearties! Earlier today Spooky Bob arrived at Pirates of the Spiral just in time for the Halloween and Pirate101 Birthday Celebration! He has some goodies with him that you will sure love! Last year, Captain Blood took over and asked you all to create a Halloween Companion you would like to see in the game. You guys came up with some pretty cool ideas!
    This year we are going to ask you all to bring new Ideas for Pirate101 to use during the Halloween Celebration! This year they have added some cool new Masks, facial paint, and even added in some pumpkins around Skull Island! It's now your chance to share what you hope to see next year! Your entry can be visual or can be written/typed. Whichever you choose is fine. (If you are under the age of 13, please get your parents/guardians permission before sending an email) Send to:
    Above you can see my example of what I would like to see in the future! I think it would be really fun to experience nighttime on Skull Island during the Halloween Celebration! Maybe even have a Holiday Vendor show up on their ship docked on the docks for pirates to come visit them on board. They would sell their holiday goodies like they do on Wizards in Wizard City. Perhaps even sell special Holiday Companions etc.
    After hearing my example, are you ready to enter yet? Have an idea you want Kingsisle to see? Now is the time to share your ideas! :) Spookybob will be choosing 5 lucky winners which will receive a Rainbow Friendship Mask, and 2000 Crowns! With those 2000 crowns, ya could buy the new Black Tiger pet, or even some of the cool new accessories that Tom and Leala showed off the other day!
    There is also another way to enter to win the prize above! Below will be a Rafflecopter, where you can try your luck and see if you have the magic touch. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Pirate101's 2nd Birthday and Halloween time! Both of these contests will start right now, and end on October 23rd! Winners will be posted sometime on October 24th. Goodluck Pirates! See you in the Spiral. :)

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