Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Arrrgust!

    Hello there ye landlubbers! Kingsisle has sent out some great prizes to all of the fansites to give away this month to celebrate Arrrgust. Make sure you check out all of the contests running on them here. Keep reading below to see how you could win!
    Captain Avery has been taking care of a pack of Solar Sabers for one of his friends in Zafaria. The other day he noticed that some of the younger ones were missing. He needs your help! He will pay a kings ransom of crowns to those who find the missing kitties. Madame Vadima will assist you all by showing you the Pirate who stole them each day of the week.
    There are 5 missing, so Monday through Friday (August 3rd to August 7th) there will be a hide and seek! The first lucky pirate to find the missing mount will receive a reward from Captain Avery! Below you will find the Dates and other Info! Its time for a Hunt! If you are curious about the Reward, you will receive your very own Solar Saber Mount and 10,000 Crowns! Good luck...
[Monday August 3rd]
Time: 5:00 PM Eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: (Mordekai)
Winner: Dead-Eye Colin
[Wednesday August 5th]
Time: 6:00 PM Eastern
World: Monquista
Realm: (Old Scratch)
Winner: Connor Templeton
[Wednesday August 5th]
Time: 6:30 PM Eastern
World: Valencia
Realm: (Morgan Lafitte)
Winner: Cruel Charles Cog
[Thursday August 6th]
Time: 4:30 PM Eastern
World: Cool Ranch
Realm: (Raven Eye)
Winner: Clumsy Calamity
[Friday, August 7th]
Time: 5:00 PM Eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: (Commodore)
Winner: Michael de Bouf

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