Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello Pirates!
    I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Weekend! :) I just sent the codes out for the Rafflecopter and am posting the winners of the Santa Baar Contest below! Thank you all for entering and if you didn't win this time, keep trying in the future. Thanks a bunch peeps!
1st Place: Logan MistSpear
    Defeating the Armada won't be easy! I think the First Arc is going to end as the following Captain Avery will send us to recover the Red Windstone that Leads to another Part in Valencia, Cadiz Skyway! But to get this Windstone, We're going back to Marleybone to give a Small Stormgate a Visit, Mirage! A Small island there, Raija Khan has a Windstone leads there! But once we go see him, We're going to get surprised. Someone from Kroktopia took the Windstone and went back to Kroktopia. We gotta find him! So Raija Will give us a Pink Windstone that leads to a Stormgate to Kroktopia in Aquila! After we go and help some folks in Kroktopia, They'll guide us to this person who took the Red Windstone, Mighty Krokhotep. Somone who likes to collect anything shiny. But getting this Windstone is not that easy as we thought, His Minions were helping him to stop us.
After we defeat him, He will gladly give us the Red Windstone, Once we go there to Valencia, The Surprise Begins in Kane's Court. He's Preparing to Invade El Dorado!. While he's telling us his goodbye, We're forced to face his Loyal Master, Phule. Where he's either helping us a time, Or against us at a time!
    Once we defeat Phule we're going to realize that Caligostro will be there in the Machine Prisoned, Once we let him out, He's going luckily to give us the last 3 Pieces, He was able to draw them back before Kane Captures him. Finally we go to El Dorado, City of Gold and Face Kane. Once Kane is defeated, We can see our Parents's Grave. Their souls are calling us. They wanted to let us know that they had all that time a Huge Galleon made from Pure Gold of El Dorado. To seek it out, We gotta go to Polaris, City of Penguins! We thought that going there is simple. But sadly it wasn't, The Black Windstone that leads to Wizard City and Polaris is in Captain Avery's Office! But once we ask him to give us this Windsont, He decided to fight us to get our pieces of the map to get the ship before us
Once Avery is defeated, He surrenders with the Windstone, Wishing us great luck in our journey.
When we go to Polaris, Mysterious Surprise is waiting for us, The Polarian Navy thinks that we're a spymasters came from Valencia! But once Napoleguin Identifies us, He's going to remember that we've rescued him back in Fort Elena and set him free! He is going to ask us to do a lot of favors and Impossible missions, And other problems in Polaris! But once that is done, he is going to tell us that he's ready to help us at anytime. When Bonnie Anne Mentioned The Golden Galleon from El Dorado, Napoleguin will get from his Pocket a Bottled Golden Ship. Giving it to us, Then we Unbottle the Golden Ship, Sailing to Skull Island back to Captain Avery for another Adventures waiting for us in the future!
2nd Place: Wesley
    Well, I think Once we get to El Dorado, half way of talking to people, the armada arrives because they inserted a locater on you, as they arrive, they engage in combat with you, at a boss surprising you, the fight holds while the armada joins the fight, during this, the Armada will overpower you, and supposedly defeat you, with you knocked out, it goes into a dialog, and sends you in a box out in the skyway to dispose of, now, Boochbeard and Gaundry find you on there ship, open up the box, you get out, and you see the class teachers with strong students and Napolequin (Because he see's this as a threat), Now you have a discussion with everyone, (While this is all happening, the ship is an Armada ship, bypassing any checkpoints the Armada has set up, the ship is sailing into the Armada headquarters) you realize that you need to get stronger, by doing quests and errands around the ship.
    By the time you actually get decent(Once you get to decent, and improvement, you are at an outpost god knows where, to set up an army to invade the Armada), you, Boochbeard and Gaundry, and the class teachers depart to go into the headquarters to battle, like the magnificent 7, it will be just them, you, and a companion, you go through the Armada, Blah Blah Blah, before you get to the boss, you destroy all the factory's producing militants,you battle, and you win, the main bosses depart with the remaining men to an unknown world, then starts a whole new line of events, by revisiting old worlds, new worlds, finding men all over the place, gathering clues where the epic final fight will begin.  (There will be a ship to go back to  Skull Island, vice versa, all the class teachers are at the outpost to you and all others who's gotten to that point)
3rd Place: Derek
    For the end of Pirate101, when we finally go to El Dorado, I believe we will find all of Kane's Court waiting for us. However, there is a twist, behind Kane, is our parents, being held hostage. Kane will say: This is it Pirate, give up, and you're parents will be unharmed. However, if you wish to engage in combat, there is no telling the amount of pain they will suffer once I destroy you. (Obviously, being the bold pirate I am, I will confront them). When going into battle, you will fight all of Kane's Court, Phule, Deacon, Bishop, Rooke, the unnamed queen, and Kane. After fighting the epic and extremely difficult battle, the vile clockworks fall and shatter from defeat, our pirate emerges victorious and reunites with our parents. However, in the midst of the dust from the clockworks, Kane still stands!
    He says: ''Ho ... how could this be! This is not over pirate! I may have fallen in defeat today but I will rebuild my army! The Armada shall never fall! The next time we meet you will wish you never interfered with us!'' ( Kane goes on his ship and bombs El Dorado, bringing the whole city of gold to start falling to the outer void). Our parents say: ''Kane got away! El Dorado will soon be destroyed! We have to leave now!'' ( We all escape just in time, looking back at El Dorado on our ship, we can see it crumbling into million of pieces.) Back at Avery's office , Avery says: ''Pirate! Thank the spiral you're safe! I heard what happened to El Dorado, don't worry we'll track down Kane and stop him for good! As for now, you didn't get any gold, but you did reunite with ye long lost parents! This calls for a celebration! Don't worry pirate, I'll always tell ye when I find another exciting adventure for you!''  You earned the badge: Annihilator of the Armada.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yuletide Celebration

Hello Pirates!
    It has been a WHILE since I last posted! Things have gotten pretty busy in life and since Wiz has had the most updates lately I tried to focus my free time on that side of my sites. Hopefully we will see some new content within the next couple of months for Pirates! Anyways Santa Baar is back with some goodies to give away!
    Below you will find a contest and then underneath that will be a Rafflecopter for those who want to try their luck that way. Remember he's making a list he's checking It twice, he's gonna find out who's been a naughty pirate ;)
Twitter Contests
Keep your eye out on my Twitter @Jcentral1 ; I might give away some prizes on there this month as well!
    Santa Baar's Mystical Contest
1st Place: 10k Crowns, Forest Tiger Mount, Smuggler Cove House + Elixir
2nd Place: 5k Crowns, Forest Tiger Mount, Smuggler Cove House + Elixir
3rd Place: Octoberpus Pet, Stormtiger Shark
4th Place: Octoberpus Pet
For this Contest you have come up with how you think the first arc of Pirate101 will end. Will we defeat the Armada? Will they get away? Will we find our Parents in El Dorado? So many questions to be answered, how do you think it will pan out? So write at least one paragraph and send it over to (Ask parents/guardian permission first if you are under age 13) This Contest will start today, and run till 12/19/15 at Midnight! :)