Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yuletide Celebration

Hello Pirates!
    It has been a WHILE since I last posted! Things have gotten pretty busy in life and since Wiz has had the most updates lately I tried to focus my free time on that side of my sites. Hopefully we will see some new content within the next couple of months for Pirates! Anyways Santa Baar is back with some goodies to give away!
    Below you will find a contest and then underneath that will be a Rafflecopter for those who want to try their luck that way. Remember he's making a list he's checking It twice, he's gonna find out who's been a naughty pirate ;)
Twitter Contests
Keep your eye out on my Twitter @Jcentral1 ; I might give away some prizes on there this month as well!
    Santa Baar's Mystical Contest
1st Place: 10k Crowns, Forest Tiger Mount, Smuggler Cove House + Elixir
2nd Place: 5k Crowns, Forest Tiger Mount, Smuggler Cove House + Elixir
3rd Place: Octoberpus Pet, Stormtiger Shark
4th Place: Octoberpus Pet
For this Contest you have come up with how you think the first arc of Pirate101 will end. Will we defeat the Armada? Will they get away? Will we find our Parents in El Dorado? So many questions to be answered, how do you think it will pan out? So write at least one paragraph and send it over to (Ask parents/guardian permission first if you are under age 13) This Contest will start today, and run till 12/19/15 at Midnight! :)

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