Thursday, May 26, 2016

Contest Winners!

    Pirate101 has been very busy lately with their Test Realm release of Valencia 2 and Book 15! Have you guys tried it out yet?? Its really fun and should be on the Live Realm soon enough. But I have been reading all of the entries I have received for this contest and my Wizard101 one, now its time to release the winners entries, and codes be sent.
    Just want to thank everyone who entered, and for many unique entries! Maybe the devs will read them and get some ideas for future companions! Good luck and see you peeps in the Spiral! Below are the winners in no particular order!
    Michael Walker
Companion Name: Skully Scarper
Where Pirate was rasied: Marleybone
Class: Witchdoctor
Epics: Mojo Blast, Doomspell, Mojo Echo, Cowards Bane, Witch Hunter
Talents: Spooky, Resistant, Spirited, Rough, Lucky
Scarper is a cross between a Rat and Skeleton so you can say he is a Zombie Rat. This companion was the result of the Armada's doing. His village was once a peaceful place and everyone was happy until the Armada invaded it and destroyed everything and killed everyone. (or so they thought) Skully was left for dead but was found by Vadima and was taken under her wing. With her powerful Hoodoo Powers she revived him as an undead to help her students defeat the Armada!
Companion Name: Uni-Golem-X
Where Pirate was raised: Marleybone
Class: Buccaneer
Appearance: He looks like a unicorn, but with robotic features and weapons such as laster eyes, magical machine guns, rockets, and a blade similar to a light saber. Due to the shear power of his attacks, and strain on his body, he takes time to recharge. However he can still pack a punch while recharging with his sword skills.
Powers: Vengeance Strike, Blade storm, and relentless. He also has the ability to fly with his rocket powered jet pack, but has limited movement of only 3 squares. Also has hold the line. However, he also has Musketeer as a secondary class. Thanks to this, he's capable of making ranged attacks and protect himself from charging enemies from a distance.

Epics: Valor Fortress, Reckless Frenzy, Healing. He also has three unique musket attacks. These are, 1. repeatedly hit specific target within range three times without missing. 2. hit any target on the battlefield in view once, critical guaranteed, 3. Hit 9 Squares (similar to artillery) with damage and also leave fire traps.
Additional Storyline: At first, Uni-Golem-X is an enemy who remembers nothing of his past. He believes his only purpose was to serve his masters, the armada, and complete their every elite plan. However, upon fighting your pirate he regains some of his memories from familiar fighting stances. It is slowly revealed that he wasn't just a simple unicorn but was a longtime friend of your father who parted ways after he grew tired of the sea. Tears fill his eyes for the first time in years and he begins to show emotions. He leaves the armada and joins your crew after proving he is safe enough and mentally stable.
Companion Name: Alister Mclongtail
Where Pirate was raised: Marleybone
Class: Musketeer
Background Story: He is Bonnie Anne's cousin from Albion, who has come to Marleybone to help fellow fox anarchists. Unfortunately, due to his very bad temper he ends up arguing with one of the anarchist leaders so he's being held a prisoner in his lair. After Bonnie Anne finds out about his mishaps, she asks us to return to Marleybone and free her cousin Alister. Once we've freed him, he joins our crew.
Epic Power: Pay the Piper (he plays his pipes and pipe tubes shoot fire) guaranteed Super hit.
Epic heal- "Fox on the Run" (foxes running around team members) gives 50% health to all players and companions within the range of 3 squares.
Epics, up to 6, max level 4: Overwatch, Burstfire, Doubletap, Return Fire, True Grit
Once per turn, when he dodges blocks a melee attack, swords up (similar to riposte) is triggered and then he uses his short sword to strike back, which reduces opponents damage by 5% for 3 rounds.
Epic Hit animation: 3 shot animation - 1st shot he is kneeling and shooting, 2nd shot he stands and shooting with both hands. 3rd shot he is shooting with one hand.
Mega hit: he jumps up and shoots 3 times one hand
Super Hit: he plays his pipes and pip tubes shoot out fire. 
Companion Name: Valgard Goodell
Where Pirate was raised: Mooshu
Class: Swashbuckler
Valgard is from the ancient land of Mooshu. Was once very close friends with your Mother before she left for El Dorado. You meet with him after securing the last few map pieces for El Dorado! You ask him if he has any ideas where your Mother is and he joins your crew to help you find her. When you meet him he tells you he was just visiting the Emperor of Mooshu after an evil wizard placed a curse on him.
Gavin Firebreather
Companion Name: Sarah Blake
Where Pirate was raised: Skull Island
Class: Privateer
Sarah is the first companion in the game that is a human!! She is a new recruit to help fight the armada but Avery thinks you can help her show the way around. She may start out very weak but once trained and is shown the true art of becoming a pirate, she will be a power house with her magic healing and powers. She wears a necklace that is very important later in the story when visiting El Dorado. What secrets Is she keeping from you?
Anne Radcliffe
Companion Name: Tomooe Gozen
Where Pirate was raised: Mooshu
Class: Swashbuckler
My pirate (Anne Radcliffe) was raised in Mooshu, and she would love to meet Tomooe Gozen, known far and wide in Mooshu as a hero samoorai. While most unusual for a female to become a samoorai in Mooshu, Tomooe took on the task to defend her family and maintain family honor. Sadly, the upheavals in Mooshu with the illness of the Emperor led to conflicts that left her home in flames and her family destroyed. Refusing to serve the dishonorable, no matter how powerful they might be, Tomooe wanders as a ronin, a masterless samoorai, but her staunch code of morals and her willingness to aid the needy have earned her considerable respect, and retained her the more honorable title of ‘samoorai’. Those actions however, have earned her many powerful enemies, and the number of fortified towns that she can enter without an arrest attempt on her are becoming fewer and far between…
So, like Kobe, Tomooe has a very strict sense of honor. When drawing her, I used Kobe as my primary inspiration, with adaptations from the softer Cow females KI has designed (such as Moolinda Woo). While somewhat feminized, my Tomooe looks a lot rangier and tougher than the gentle female Cows seen before (well, she has had a tough life!). However, I gave her beautiful hair (as Tomoe was supposed to have), arranged in an elaborate style around a headdress (inspired by illustrations and live interpretation of Tomoe Gozen in Japan).
Tomooe can use the samoorai’s traditional weapons of the katana and wakizashi, but I rather fancy her using the naginata instead, as we don’t have any companions using that weapon as of yet (but KI has the animations for it, as some of our Pig enemies in Moo Manchu’s Tower use it).
As far as her class, since she is a samoorai, Tomooe would certainly be a swashbuckler, and as such would have a choice of desired swashbuckler epics such as riposte, first strike, flanking, and the like. If she uses a katana and wakizashi (instead of a naginata), an interesting new swashbuckler epic could be ‘double sword’, a distinct two strike attack.
Futhermore, she’s earned a lot of experience in her travels, which could justify a Privateer ability in her repertory. I think ‘Fighting Fervor’ might be appropriate. This could replace one of the standard swashbuckler epics.

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