Monday, May 9, 2016

Our Next Storyline Companions Contest!

    Howdy Pirates! Kingsisle has been teasing the next update to Pirate101! (Be sure to check out other fansites here for their sneek peek teaser and contests!)  Its dubbed Valencia Part 2, and will continue where we last off after Aquila! In Celebration of it, they have given the Fansites some codes to give out with some Contests! Keep reading below to find out how you can win on our site!
    Remember in the beginning of the game when we had to answer some questions? How it effected our stat boost and a companion we met at the Presidio? Well It has been said that where you picked where your pirate grew up also will effect a 2nd companion we meet in the future! For this contest you have to create a companion that you think will be an option. Below you will find a guideline of what you need to come up with!
Name of Companion
Where was your Pirate raised? (Skull Island, Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Mooshu, Or Krok)
What does he or she look like?
What Powers or Epics can it learn?
(Remember, the more details the better!)
    Remember you can add in a picture of it if you want! Some think that where you chose where your pirate was raised, (SI, MB, GH, MO, KT) that it will be a creature from that world. But it could also not be to mix things up! For ex my Witchdoctor was raised in Krokotopia, does that mean the companion that will join my crew in the future will be a mander? or perhaps a krok lizard? The possibilities are endless!!
10,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
    After you create your entry, please send it to with the title "Companion Contest". (Please get your parents or guardians permission to send an email if you are under 13) The deadline to enter this contest will be next Monday, May 16th at Midnight Eastern time. Winners will be chosen sometime next Tuesday. :)
    Ill leave you all to get working on your companions! To end this post Ill be posting an exclusive sneak peek at Valencia Part 2 that Kingsisle has given us to share! What could it be, and where? Enjoy!!!

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