Monday, August 29, 2016

Arrrgust Winners!

    How are ye landlubbers doing these fine days eh? Captain Brody here, and I have looked over all of the entries entered into the Creation Contest. Lets see what kind of Mounts ye came up with! Thank you to ever who entered, and enjoy your prizes if you are lucky enough to win! See you in the Spiral! Winners listed in no particular order
Name: Nicolas
Mount Idea: Peg Leg
Description: I was thinking along the lines of how The Mighty Steed is one of the only mounts with 40% speed, and how it's not on any type of animal it's just the player hopping around with coconuts, I was thinking KI could do something like that! Because every good pirate needs a peg leg, right? Also, I was thinking, since companions like Ratbeard use their pegleg to attack, maybe the mount could have +2% weapon damage.
Name: Logan
Mount Idea: Golden Clockwork Squid
Description: I think the next mount would be super cool and amazing as a Quest
reward, The quest is going to be a hunt in Andalusian Skyway, Back in
Valencia. For a Wonderful Golden Clockwork Squid made by Gazpaccio
himself before his death. It was supposed to be a gift for King Casmir
back in the Golden age of Valencia. But sadly it was all left after
Kane and his Clockworks took over Valencia. The journey here is to
find some missing pieces for a key, This key can activate the Squid
itself. But the parts of the key were all scattered all over The
Spiral. 4 Pieces to find, First is in Skull Island and Bobby Bones has
it Won't be easy! , Second piece is in Valencia in Andalusian Skyway
and Gostaf, Gazpaccio's Assistant has a piece, Third Piece is in
Aquila, Turpio has it.
 Which is going to be absolutely challenging to
get, Unless if you're brave enough with a great courage to face him in
his mighty House. Last piece should be in Polaris with a Bear thug
called Shnikov. Once all pieces are gathered, You go back to Valencia
where the Squid and Gazpaccio's Assistant is, Once you activate the
key, Gostaf won't leave you alone with this Bounty. And you'll have to
fight him with your cunning and brave, Alone in a 1v1 duel! Once it
happens and you defeat him, Gostaf will activate it for you, and You
get your reward. The Golden Squid Clockwork Mount. Shiny, Fast and
Permanent! It comes with exclusive special grant for every class too!
Name: Antonio
Mount Idea: Baby Stormzilla
Ok. So my idea for a mount in pirate101 would be a baby Stormzilla. I think this would be an awesome mount to ride around places with. I think that you would get this mount after fighting the Stormzilla, but you need to do a certain thing while fighting the Stormzilla. While fighting the stormzilla, you need to make your way to a stormzilla egg pre-hatched then you need to stand next to it the entire fight. You need to stay in the spot without moving.
That egg will not hatch while the other ones do. If you so happen to be next to about two eggs only one will stay in it's egg. After the battle An animation starts that shows that stormzilla hatching. Since its mother isnt there, It thinks that you are it's mother. So you get to keep it and ride it around. BAM. Thats my idea for a mount In Pirate101 And I hope you think this is a cool idea :D
Name: Lucas Silver
Mount Idea: Fish Out O' Water
A new mount I would like to see in P101 would be called the Fish Out O' Water! It would cost 5,750 Crowns.

This mount is actually a fishbowl, with cartoonishly small and wobbly wheels on the bottom of it. The bowl would have a tiny sandcastle in it, with some kelp, and even a tiny fish (that happens to be dyeable!) that swims around and around your character. Oh, wait... Did I mention that your pirate is the one inside the bowl? Your pirate, as the mount moves around, makes motions like he or she is swimming, even though their motions have nothing to do with the motions of the bowl. Super funny!
Name: Modest Moira Mainstay
Mount Idea: Miniature Pirate Ship
I would love to see a miniature pirate ship mount! One that would look like a pirate ship but actually have a sail or flag that matched your pirates! You could dye it to match your colors and perhaps wearing it could give you a boost in your stats in some way? What better mount for a Pirate than his or her ship?????
I would also like to see this as a mount that could be dropped by the Regalia or could be bought in the crown shop for only a minimal amount of crowns...say around 2500, that way parents could give their kids this amount as a treat for getting good grades or for doing their chores all week.. or be really nice and offer a gold payment option!..The hardest thing for kids is to come up with crowns!
Name: Strong Steven Percy
Mount Idea: The Armada Palanquin
The 2 Armada soldiers, looking like the "armada sniper," carrying a Palanquin that looks like a steam pipe throne. Like the "Mander Palaquin," One of the Armada soldier will be holding from the front end and the other will be holding from the back end. These soldiers were supposed to be used for fighting with their sniper rifles, but Kane decided to use these 2 armada soldiers to carry him around on his very own Palanquin. With the defeat of Kane, the 2 armada soldiers need a new owner to carry around.  
4990 crowns from crown shop(Must complete the quest,"Razing Kane," to unlock) or a drop of the permament version from farming Kane.
Name: Jack Nightingale
Mount Idea: Gold Chicken War Chariot
It would be a quest reward for doing the
place of hyssarik 100 times. it would be solid gold with etchings of
the battle of troy carved on the sides with gold wheels with jewel
encrusted spikes so you could destroy enemy chariots, it would be
pulled by 6 gold chickens while you steer with a rope made out of the
golden fleece.
The chickens would have armor that looks like the
emperors bundle armor but would have a wwI era German soldier hat (all
armor gold and jewel encrusted, note the mount and chickens would have
different color jewels based on class, ex ruby for buccaneers) the
mount afk animation would be the chickens doing the wave with there
wings you would be standing on the back with your gun/wand/melee
weapon on your back. another thing they could do with this if they add
pvp to more worlds they could use these chariots for chariot races and
try to take each other out. titles would be 1 win gladiator novice 10
wins gladiator beginner 30 wins gladiator survivor 50 wins would be
grand gladiator 100 wins would be Spartacus's rival (reference to the
roman gladiator slave who fought his way to freedom) thats my mount

Monday, August 22, 2016

Arrrgust Week 4 Fan Site Contest!

    Hello Pirates! In Celebration of the 4th week of Arrrrgust, the awesome peeps of KI, have hooked up the Fansites up with some really cool prizes! We will be holding a contest this week for them. To learn all the details on how to enter, keep reading down below! Good luck to ye!
    There will be 2 ways to enter! 1 Will be a contest on here, another way will be Retweeting a tweet on twitter. For the contest on here, you have to come up with a brand new mount you would like to see in Pirate. Captain Brody has tons of Crowns and brand new Pygmy Whales he wants to give away.
    You could draw your new mount, or explain it in great detail, how much it would cost, or perhaps it would be a quest reward? Once you have your idea ready, please send it to (please get your guardians permission if you are under the age of 13). The other day I was thinking of pirate class themed mounts, pretty cool ideas to think of! Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with.
    The 2nd way to enter is via Twitter. Make sure to Follow me at @jcentral1 if you aren't already, and RT this tweet. Winners will be picked for both contests at the end of the Saturday, August 27th. Thanks for participating and good luck to you all! Prizes will be shown below further down.
Prizes for the Mount Contest:
1st place: 1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm + 10k Crowns
2nd place: 1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
3rd place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
4th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
5th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
6th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
7th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Prizes for the Twitter Contest:
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm + 10k Crowns
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns